This Is How Headphones Are Worth 6,500 Dollars

In every consumer product there is always a model that stands out above all for its price. Products that, in many cases, have luxurious designs and loaded with diamonds, pearls and other elements of jewelry and that, beyond giving them glamor, even end up bordering on the land of the tacky. However, when it comes to looking for the best and most expensive headphones in the world, the truth is that this is not the case, since its design is quite conventional, as far as its appearance is concerned. So what justifies its price? Well, this is what we are going to talk about.

The Electronic Cigarette Is Less Harmless Than It Seems

When the electronic cigarette was launched, and even today, one of the main selling points used by the brands was the innocuous nature of this product. According to this theory, the use of this type of cigarettes eliminates all the problems of conventional tobacco, such as a good part of the harmful substances that conventional … Read more The Electronic Cigarette Is Less Harmless Than It Seems

The War Of The Jacks For Headphones Is Still Alive

The headphone jack is one of the elements that is never missing in any sound device, including smartphones. Not even the rise of Bluetooth connectivity in mobile phones, MP3 players and all kinds of devices has managed to end this connector … at least so far. And it is that in recent times there are several manufacturers of electronic products that pose to eliminate this type of connections from their devices. A war on the connector that Apple started at the time and now poses to follow Samsung, being likely to produce a waterfall effect, as has happened with other advances of these leading manufacturers.

The Best External Battery For Mobile- Reviews, And Buying Guide In 2020

Having extra energy for our mobile phone is as easy as equipping us with an external mobile battery that meets our needs. A part of the market in which we find products of different capacities, different measures and additional functions that may be interesting for some users, such as the function of double charging port or the included flashlight.

They Used Lasers To Prevent Images Of The Rescue Of Julenrosell√≥’s Body From Being Captured

JulenRoselló was a child who fell into a well in January and, despite the rescue efforts , did not survive. However, the persecution of the media impacted the public, who saw how it was about obtaining the scoop by capturing the moment when the body was removed from the well. However, they were frustrated by the Civil Guard.