Best 13 Cm Car Speakers

The Best 13 Cm Car Speakers Reviews Of 2020

To make the experience of being in the car as tedious as possible, listening to music is a very useful initiative, as well as being the most common. Having adequate speakers is ideal for sounds to play in your car in the best way. However, as choosing is not so easy, we have summarized certain basic elements to help you assess a certain model of best 13 cm car speakers , so that you buy the one that best suits your expectations.


Comparison chart of  The best 13 cm car speakers


Sony XS-FB1330 – 3-Way Coaxial Speakers (240W, 13 cm), Black


This speaker provides a clear sound with 240 W of power and is very easy to install, it is specially designed for Sony equipment with Mega Bass technology. It also has a tweeter to enjoy high frequencies with clarity.

The design is compact and does not include a subwoofer, amplifiers or wiring, however, this does not affect its functionality according to some buyers, since once installed correctly it sounds great.

It has the ability to emit serious sounds with quality, so you can listen to various types of music in your car without any distortion.




Pioneer TS-G1332i – 240W speaker set, black

This is a pair of 240 W power speakers, which will help you to listen to stereo music. In the same way, these car accessories have a frequency range of 34 to 25000 Hz, so you can hear highs and lows clearly.

Because of its high volume, it could represent the fact that the vibrations in the car are problematic for some people, however, the sound is very pleasant and most users agree with them.

In general, it can be said that these speakers have a good bass, medium and treble sound, and they are easy to install in almost any car.



BVC – AV1360 – 80 W stereo car coaxial speakers (2 ways, 90 dB) 13 cm.


The BVC AV1360 are 2 coaxial car speakers with 80 W of power, enough to listen to music at a moderate volume. They have a frequency range of 70 to 18000 Hz, so they sound very clear.

These speakers adapt well to various cars, but you should not turn up the volume too much because they can be distorted, in addition, you must always respect the power limit of the speakers to extend their lifespan.

Among the specifications it stands out that it has a cone edging, this provides greater balance in the sound while listening to music.



What are the best 13 cm car speakers of 2020?


The power becomes the most important element in which you should look because it is what will allow you to estimate the volume level at which the sound can be reproduced. In this case, choose a high power, to enjoy the music to the maximum volume whenever you want.

The number of channels or channels that the speakers have, allow the different levels of sound to be reproduced, between those highs and lows. Thus, there are options of two or three levels, knowing that both have a good level of efficiency, but those of three levels have a more advanced level of reproduction, offering a more complete sound.

The design and structure of the woofers are another elements to consider. Evaluate whether the two are the same size or have a large one and a smaller one, so you can analyze in which areas of the car they will be located.

In the same way, there are structures that occupy more volume than others, so you should assess whether a woofer with a flatter shape or not suits you. Also, look at the type of mesh that has the grid, because sometimes, the grilles can be a bit unsafe if the holes are very large, especially if you have children who could have contact with this device.

Next, we have the installation. In general, all models are easily installed, so verify that the one you are interested in can be placed in a simple way to do it yourself without paying extra money. Now we will review three models of 13 cm car speakers that users have recommended in the comparison.


Recommended Products


Sony XS-FB1330


 It is an optimized model with three channels of reproduction that bring a lot of richness to the sound you hear through them, being able to detect a better presence of acute and serious notes.

On the other hand, you can listen to your favorite songs in a pleasant way, choosing from a good volume range, thanks to its 240 W of power that gives it a good range of music projection.

Its design is focused especially on Sony models and units with Mega Bass circuit, so in many cases, users use them to replace less efficient models that have deteriorated after prolonged use.

This issue was developed since 2015, so we can talk about a relatively new design.

Its dimensions are 32.8 x 18.3 x 9.1 cm, which in combination with a weight of 1.4 kg, allow not only comfortable handling but an installation process that will not be difficult.



Pioneer TS-G1332i


 This Pioneer model has two channels, which are sufficient for the proper assessment of high, serious and medium without major complications.

In addition, they can be installed in a simple way, because the purchase package includes the screws and other elements necessary for it and because it is only to tie the respective cables with the car cables.

They project the music at a good volume level, thanks to its 240 W of power so that you can get the most out of your favorite tracks.

According to their design, they can be installed in different areas of the internal part of the car, either in the front doors or rear doors, as well as in the trunk area.

They have a simple design in black, with a weight that barely reaches 862 g, being compatible with a wide range of cars, especially various Renault models, although it is best to verify their compatibility with the car model you own.




BVC AV1360


 This is another model of easy handling and installation, thanks to its lightweight that reaches 1.2 Kg, being a pair of good performance woofers that you can install in the internal area of the car in a simple way, thanks to its mechanism placement that you can complete in a few steps.

They have a power of 80 W that offers enough level to play your music at an acceptable level, being ideal to liven up your trip without having to invest a lot of money, and without generating that strident sound that can be annoying.

On the other hand, its reproduction system is coaxial, with two ways, so that the different levels of sound variation will be reproduced with an adequate level of quality, appreciating the bass, medium and high, according to the structure of Every track you play


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