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What Is The Best 2.1 Speakers In 2020?

When listening to videos, music and even to watch movies, it is important to have high quality speakers to ensure greater enjoyment of that content. So choosing in the speaker market which one to buy is not easy. That is why we bring you a list with the main characteristics that the best 2.1 Speakers should have, so that you can make a comparison among the many that the market offers and choose in this way the best option.


If we talk about a speaker, the first thing to investigate is the sound quality it offers. Currently the best sound systems are 2.1; These models present a modern technology that helps to avoid and eliminate all kinds of noise that may occur, resulting in the best possible sound.

Based on the fact that it is a sound player, another important element is to take into account the sound power offered by the speaker. This refers to the intensity with which the sound can be heard and is expressed in W, that is, in watts.

Being a wired device, it is important to take into account the range that the cable offers, the greater the range of the speaker,you can place it anywhere and avoid any discomfort. Another factor related to this is the weight and structure of the product, taking into account that depending on where you intend to place it, you have to check if the size coincides with that of the space you have arranged to place it.

Now we invite you to know a 2.1 speaker model that has received good opinions from users.


Hercules 2.1 Gloss

Main Advantage:

Its sharpness and cleanliness of sound, both in treble and bass, allows users to appreciate the sound that plays in a more pleasant and appropriate way.


Main Disadvantage:

Some users have reported that the fact of not having a headphone output is negative in many cases, although remember that it is a device designed to listen to music externally.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The design of these speakers is very well achieved to look pretty good in combination with your desktop or laptop, in addition to offering good sound quality.


Main Features Explained


Audio and control system

The Hercules 2.1 Gloss presents a quality audio system, since it has two channels through which sound travels, eliminating noise that interferes with its correct reproduction, and gaining more clarity to listen to all types of audio in videos, movies or music in general. Despite not having high power, with its 8 W can work properly in a room or at your desk.

To improve the experience of handling the device, include a simple control piece with which you can increase or decrease the volume depending on your preferences at any given time.


Dimensions and design

It is known that users will always look for equipment that manages to occupy the smallest possible dimension in order to have a wider workspace. It is difficult to get on the market wired equipment that meets this condition, but the Hercules 2.1 Gloss is one of them. Despite being wired equipment, it has total dimensions of 29.6 x 17.6 x 26.1 cm, occupying only a small area of ​​the workspace.

On the other hand, the product is presented in a sober black design with some gray stripes, characteristic of this type of equipment, so it will most likely be combined with your computer or the device with which you intend to connect it.


Weight and resistance

The weight is a determining element in this type of equipment because it will give you an idea not only of the degree of location that it can have in the space you allocate for it but also about its mobility when you need to project the sound in a different place.

In this sense, the speakers have a weight of just 998 g, which is absolutely manageable to place it on your desk, or even move it when you need it.

Also, we must mention that the speakers have an internal body made of wood, combining fabrics and plastic for their elaboration together, hence they are resistant at a good level. Another feature praised by customers is the price it has, as users say it is economical in relation to the quality and performance of the equipment.


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