The Best 20w Bluetooth Speakers Reviews Of 2020

Speakers are devices that can transmit sound easily in any type of space. Together with Bluetooth technology, the speakers have been erected as an entertainment tool for users, because now the cables are a thing of the past. Although they seem simple devices, they have many peculiarities that should be taken into account at the time of purchase. Below we will present the basic elements that you should keep in mind to buy a 20W Bluetooth speaker.


Comparison chart OF THE The Best 20w Bluetooth Speakers


VicTsing Premium 20W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with Passive Radiator, Portable Wireless Speaker with 25-30 Hours of Continuous Emission for Huawei, XiaoMi, Nexus, HTC, iPhone and iPad, etc.

  • Almost everything that comes into our hands is destined to fall, even once in this life. For that reason, VicTsing has decided to go ahead and create a speaker that totally impacts resistant.
  • If you are a fan of listening to music as loud as possible, you may find yourself having an inconvenience, as buyers of this device have commented that, by bringing the volume to the maximum, the music can become distorted.
  • Good-sized, robust and shock-resistant speaker, with fast and quality Bluetooth connectivity.



Portable Wireless Speaker, EIVOTOR 11 inch 20W Wireless Speaker 4.1 3D Stereo Sound Wireless Subwoofer with Touch Screen, Dual Stereo, Built-in Driver NFC TF Battery AUX Card for Smartphones TV and Laptops-Black


  • Not everyone has the same tastes, for that reason, EIVOTOR has wanted to adapt to each person to try to satisfy their wishes. This speaker has support for three different sound modes: 3D mode, Bass mode, and Treble mode; Just choose one of your choices and enjoy.
  • According to the opinion of several commentators, it seems that this speaker does not have much variety of volume and goes from the lowest to the highest volume quickly. If you are one of those who prefer intermediate tones, this may not be your best alternative.
  • This new speaker has a touch screen to configure it more easily. In addition, its design will let you place it anywhere without any problem.



Bluetooth Speaker, [20w 30h 4400mAh] PICTEK Portable Bluetooth Speaker [2018 Updated] IPX4 Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker Speaker with USB Cable, Dual Controller

  • If you do not want to stop the party or in the shower, or in the pool, or on the beach, then you will love to know that this speaker is completely waterproof, therefore, it is not necessary that water splashes be a concern for you.
  • The range that Bluetooth has of this speaker is a disadvantage that users have found because, in his opinion, it has occasional interference that interrupts the connection.
  • Compatible with any electronic device that has a Bluetooth connection and manufactured with a waterproof exterior, this is one of the most practical and versatile options on the market.


What are the best 20W Bluetooth speakers in 2020?


When talking about a sound device, the first thing we should consider is precisely the quality of the sound emitted by the device. This can be calculated by checking the power. The 20-watt speakers, which is the category to which the models we will review belong, have an acceptable performance with respect to their size and structure.

However, power is not everything. It is of no use that the sound is loud if the speaker does not have the different components to be able to emit a serious and clear sound, hence you have to check if the speakers reproduce different tones and if they have special noise reduction functions.

Food is another element to consider. As we talk about Bluetooth devices that are usually portable, you have to know what the battery life is at the beginning.

Bluetooth technology is another important feature to consider. This is because there is no single Bluetooth version, although version 4.0 is the most updated. In this, we must also study with precision if the devices of which we want to emit music to the speaker are compatible, so as not to get fiasco in the use of the product. Materials are also very important in products of this type because they need to be resistant to protect against any damage in transport.

Now we present a brief list of those that, according to the comparison made by their buyers, are the best Bluetooth speakers 20 W on the market today, so you can make an informed and safe purchase.


Recommended Products


VicTsing VTIN Black


 This product emits a sound of remarkable quality, which according to users is crisp and strong enough to be appreciated in various spaces.

Thanks to its Dual-Drivers technology the sound is far-reaching, so you don’t have to worry because it is insufficient; It is also complemented by a bass that helps to reproduce the bass better and therefore considerably prevents distortions.

Also, users have thanked the number of hours that can be used, because it reaches 25 continuous hours if the volume is used at 70% intensity. As for the Bluetooth connection, it has version 4.0 that increases its compatibility with other devices, with a reception range of 10 meters, giving you a good level of movement.

The transport capacity of this product is greatly favored because it maintains a level of IPX4 impermeability, which allows splashes to fall on it without causing any damage, in addition to being made of ABS, silicone, and metal, which combine to give good solidity.




 With its touch screen, the 20-watt Bluetooth speaker EIVOTOR HON25LIN146 has managed to conquer its buyers. For them, the ease of using the touch keys to operate the device is unmatched, making it completely intuitive.

On the other hand, its long-lasting 4400mAh battery has been highly valued, allowing it to operate for a total of 6 continuous hours at the predetermined volume.

In addition to the type 4.0 Bluetooth connection that enables it to work with various devices, this speaker has different connections, among which is an auxiliary cable that can be connected directly to a mobile phone or a TV, so you can use it wired in If you need it this way.

With its three sound modes, the 3D, the bass and the treble mode, you can choose the way you want to appreciate the sounds depending on each type of track you are going to listen to.


Pictek PTBH054AB


 Another of the great options available to users is the Pictek PTBH054AB Bluetooth speaker, which with each of its two 10-watt speakers can emit a clear and loud sound to be understood and appreciated.

In addition, its battery allows you to play 30 uninterrupted hours at medium or low volume, so users do not have to worry in this regard. It maintains a Bluetooth 4.0 technology that offers a stable signal with various electronic devices, so you can enjoy the musical pieces.

It also has the power to be waterproof, so you can take it to the beach or the pool without fear that it stops working by receiving splashes. Its signal reception range is 10 meters, which is a good mobilization space from the device where you are playing the sound.

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