Best 6 × 9 Car Speakers

Best 6 × 9 Car Speakers – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

Car speakers allow you to listen to audios more intensely, for this reason, by using them you have the possibility to have more fun when you drive. If you want to make sure that these best 6 × 9 car speakers emit the sounds with high volume, it is necessary that you look at the power offered by each model, in addition, you must ensure that they offer clear audios, so that you better appreciate the sound effects.

 In this sense, to help you select the right product we present some models that might interest you due to its characteristics, among which are the Pioneer TS-A6934I speakers , which have a maximum power of 600 W and have the ability to emit deeper bass, thanks to its mica and multilayer matrix cone. On the other hand, you can consider the Kenwood KFC-M6934A , a three-way speaker system, capable of emitting clear sounds and having a power of 360 W.

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Comparison chart of the Best 6 × 9 car speakers


Pioneer TS-A6934I 4-way coaxial speakers 6 “x9”


  • These speakers have a power of 600 watts, for this reason, they have the ability to perform audio broadcasting with sufficient power, being appropriate for those people who like to listen to music with greater volume intensity.
  • Some users mention that it is necessary to install them with a power cover, to get them a better benefit, although there are several people who argue that they have used them correctly without this complement.
  • It is considered the best team on the list and also one of the most expensive models. Some users say it also offers good sound with very few distortions.


Kenwood KFC-M6934A – 350 W Coaxial Car Speakers, Black


  • They have a midrange speaker, which is tilted at an angle of 5 degrees. This allows them to direct the medium and high sound frequencies directly to the passengers of the car, for this reason, you will be able to enjoy sharper audios.
  • They need a more intense sound in terms of the bass, so the highs stand out more than some buyers expected. However, it fulfills the function for which they were manufactured.
  • They are one of the best speakers of today and several buyers recommend them because of their ability to emit quality sounds.


Mac Audio D1104765 – 3-way speakers, black


  • Since it is a model of speakers that generate up to 91 decibels, they can be qualified as enough to listen to music inside your car, even at a fairly powerful volume. In addition, it has an additional twitter for high-pitched sounds, which allows greater efficiency.
  • Some users consider that the assembly of this model is less simple compared to others, but with an adequate revision of the instruction manual, you could carry it out without problems.
  • They are a pair of speakers that due to their multi-press technology and other acoustic improvements, can provide a balanced and powerful sound without costing too much.


What are the best 6 × 9 car speakers on the market?


If you are looking for a 6 × 9 car speaker it is necessary that before making a product comparison you make sure you know very well the different characteristics that have this type of equipment, because only in this way you will have the possibility to choose a model that suits your style.


One of the most important aspects to review is the level of power offered by these devices. You should consider that the higher this is, the greater the force the team will have when emitting the sounds.

However, the power level can influence the price of the equipment, so if it is very high, it is probably also expensive. If you do not have much budget you can choose less powerful speakers that manage to emit clear and distorted audios.

Also, you should also consider that the speakers usually have different track numbers. There are models that are three-way coaxial and have the ability to emit good quality audios that will be clearly visible regardless of whether the sound range is medium or low.

There are also 4-way coaxial speakers, these are low and medium-range, in addition, they have two tweeters, for this reason, they are suitable for transmitting better sound at high frequencies.

It is also necessary that you review the quality of the equipment, it is important that they are made of quality materials, so you can make sure you use them for several years.

On the other hand, you should consider that to properly install the speakers it is necessary that you have an acoustic box, which will contribute to improving the quality of the audio emitted by these devices and, in addition, will protect them.

Below, you will find several models that might interest you, due to the quality they have and the sound they offer to users who have already purchased them.


Recommended Products


Pioneer TS-A6934I


 By using this Best 6 × 9 car speaker, you will have the possibility to enjoy much more of each of the audios you play. This is because the speakers have an MMM cone, also called a multilayer mica matrix.

This type of cone allows Pioneer speakers to have a wider dispersion of sound. By carrying out this process they manage to emit deeper bass, which helps the songs to be heard better.

In addition, it should be noted that they are high performance and good quality speakers, which have a steel mesh and a heat resistant resin. This makes them durable and you can use them for several years to enjoy powerful sounds.

They are 4-way coaxial and contain an additional tweeter, for this reason, they offer good sound quality at high frequencies.

We invite you to analyze in detail the advantages and possible disadvantages of this model so that you determine if they are the best car speakers of the moment.



Since these speakers are capable of producing 92 dB of sound, you can listen to music at a fairly high volume.


Due to their size of 29 x 14 x 37 cm, they can be adapted to standard-sized holes in several cars.


Because they include a safety grille, cones, and sensitive speaker mechanisms that are less likely to be damaged.


By adding this special component, you can enjoy good sound at high frequencies.


Their appearance can be valued positively, so they can look good.



The model is not offered in other colors, which can be inconvenient for those looking for something to match their car.




Kenwood KFC-M6934A


 These Kenwood speakers are coaxial and have a 3-way system, thanks to this, they have the ability to emit a clear sound and you will be able to appreciate every sound effect present in the audios you hear.

In addition, another of the qualities that will allow you to enjoy a good quality sound is that it has been designed to maintain a power of 360 W, therefore, the audios can be heard with an optimal volume.

To guarantee their durability, manufacturers have made them with a cone of medium frequencies of 70 mm, which is water-resistant. For this reason, you will have less risk of the speakers deteriorating even if there is humidity in the area of the car where you install them.

They have a sensitivity of 90 dB at one meter in length and their impedance is 4 ohms, these characteristics allow them to transmit quality sound.

If you do not know what car speakers to buy, you may want to check again the highlights of this model.



By adding a magnetic protective screen, they can be durable speakers.


Because they are 350-watt speakers, they can offer crisp sound and good volume.


Its medium frequency cone can withstand some splashes, which can be an advantage.

Value for money:

These speakers are offered at an affordable cost and can offer good sound.



You may find other options with greater power, but they can also be higher in cost, so this model is still a good option.




Mac Audio D1104765



Among the most outstanding features of this speaker model, we can mention that being manufactured with multi-pressed paper cones, they can provide good efficiency, which ensures that in a high volume they achieve a well defined acoustics. Furthermore, they are capable of generating up to 91 decibels with their 280 W, so they are considered powerful enough for a car.

In addition, the steel cover allows the sensitive parts of the speaker to be properly protected. But on the other hand, we do not want to notice that they include a 1.3 cm polycarbonate tweeter, to give greater definition to high frequency sounds, so you can enjoy music that emphasizes the highs without major problems.

On the other hand, its design that combines black and red, can give your car a modern and striking appearance, which could also be considered important.

We invite you to analyze the summary of advantages of this model, which will make it easier to decide which car speakers to buy.



Being a 280 W speaker model, they can get a volume suitable for a car.


Because they include this special device, you can have a better reproduction of high-pitched sounds.


Their design allows them to reproduce ranges from 40Hz – 20kHz frequency, enough for a well defined and balanced sound.


 It has black and red color and they can be classified as modern and attractive.


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