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The Best 6×9 Speakers In The World – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

The car speakers amplify the sounds you play, in this way you can listen to your songs with force and clarity, you also have much more fun while traveling. However, to select the appropriate model of the best 6×9 speakers in the world you must look at certain characteristics such as its size, power, impedance, and number of tracks, frequency range and the quality of the materials that have been used in its manufacture.

As we want to help you choose speakers that adapt to your needs, we have selected some models that stand out more than others. One of them is the Pioneer TS-A6934I which has, in terms of input, 600 W of power and 100 W of output, in addition, it has an MMM cone that improves the audios it emits. Another option is the Kenwood KFC-M6934A, a three-way system that reproduces sounds clear, has an inclination of 5 degrees and directs the sound frequency in the direction of the passengers of the car.

Comparison chart of the best 6×9 speakers in the world

Pioneer TS-A6934I 4-way coaxial speakers 6 “x9”

  • It has a multilayer mica matrix cone, also called MMM, that makes a wider dispersion of the sounds to transmit deeper bass. In addition, it adequately amplifies the audios, because it has an impedance of 4Ω and its sensitivity is 92 dB.
  • Some buyers argue that to improve the quality of the audios it emits it is necessary to use them with a power cap, however, it will work correctly even if you do not use this product.
  • It is the best model on the list since its frequency response is 27 – 38,000 Hz, which contributes to improving its sound capacity.

Kenwood KFC-M6934A – 350 W Coaxial Car Speakers, Black

  • It is a speaker system that has three ways, for this reason, it manages to transmit a high-quality sound that can be seen clearly. It is also capable of maintaining a peak power of 360 W, which allows it to emit audios with optimum intensity.
  • Although they manage to transmit audios with good volume, serious sounds could be improved a bit, since these tend to sound a little weak. However, its sound is acceptable.
  • They are one of the best speakers in the table, because they emit a good sound, thanks to their RMS power of 80 W and the frequency range of 28 – 25000 Hz.


  • According to the manufacturer, these boxes are made of high-quality MDF and have been coated with a material that provides greater resistance, so that you will have a good product, and you can probably use them for several years to protect your speakers.
  • You must make sure to install the speakers correctly, otherwise, the sound quality will not be the best, some buyers have had problems in this process.
  • They are one of the loudspeaker boxes with the best value for money, because they are economical, in addition, being acoustic, they improve the sound capacity of the speakers.

What are the best 6×9 speakers in the world?

To reinforce your car’s audio system, you need to install speakers that transmit the sounds without deteriorating their quality. Due to the variety of equipment there is, it is difficult to choose a model, especially if you do not know its characteristics, for this reason, we will talk a little about them.

When you are going to make your speaker comparison one of the main qualities that you should consider is the level of power they have. It should be noted that the output power will indicate the maximum intensity that the speakers support, without distorting the sounds.

On the other hand, the input power will indicate the signal that manages to support the product, while the peak refers to the maximum output that these devices maintain. Each of them will give you an idea of the sound intensity at which the audios are transmitted.

Another feature that you should take into consideration is the number of routes that these products have. Those of three transmit clear audios through all ranks. On the other hand, the four have two tweeters that contribute to improving the sounds at high frequencies.

The impedance level of the loudspeakers, which is expressed in ohms, is an indication of the opposition to the passage of alternating current and the resonance that each model maintains. In addition, you should also consider the frequency range of the equipment, as you will know the variety of low and high audios they will emit.

It is necessary that you also evaluate the quality of the materials that have been used in the manufacture of these products since they must be resistant, so you can use them for several years.

If you are looking for cheap 6 × 9 car speakers, you will be interested to know the advantages and disadvantages of some of the best models of the moment, which we present below.

What are the best 6×9 speakers in the world in 2020?

Recommended Products

Pioneer TS-A6934I

 This Pioneer model has been designed to offer you a good sound quality, for this reason, you can clearly appreciate all the songs you play while you are traveling in your car. This is because it is a 4-way speaker, which has an additional tweeter that improves audios at high frequencies.

This product maintains a maximum output power of 100 W, which helps you to listen to all the songs with a good intensity level so that you will be able to enjoy them much more.

Its design includes a mesh made of steel and a grid made of heat-resistant resin, which allows the speakers to have a robust appearance, contributing to their resistance.

Also, the manufacturer argues that it is high-performance equipment, for this reason, it is likely that you can use it for several years.

Kenwood KFC-M6934A

 If you want to properly enjoy your songs while traveling in your car, a good option could be to install these 6 × 9 Kenwood speakers, which have a number of features that allow you to emit good quality audios.

It is a direct sound system that has an inclination of 5 degrees, for this reason, it directs the sound frequencies of the medium and high range towards the position of the passengers, this best 6×9 speakers in the world allows them to listen to all audios with a higher level of clarity.

It should also be noted that these speakers have an impedance of 4 Ω, while their sensitivity level is 90 dB; these characteristics, together with the power they have, contribute to the sounds being better appreciated and to an adequate intensity.

In addition, they are designed to last, because they have a waterproof cone and have a protective magnetic screen, which helps prevent rapid deterioration.

Dynavin CJ-UNI.01.6 × 9

 It is not a speaker system, but some boxes where you can install it to prevent this type of equipment from deteriorating, in addition, due to its design they contribute to improving the sound emitted by these devices.

These boxes are designed to install all 6 x 9 car speaker models because according to the manufacturer they are universal and you can use them regardless of the brand of equipment you own.

It is also possible to install them in different types of cars, they are suitable for the boot area, for this reason, you will be able to place them on the sides without much inconvenience.

They are manufactured by the German brand Dynavin, who specializes in manufacturing products compatible with vehicles such as Opel, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, that is, they could be the right model for you if you have one of these cars.

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