The Best Active Speakers- Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

If you usually have meetings with friends and family or just like to enjoy a good sound, you probably want to have a speaker system that enhances each of the sounds you hear, allowing them to be seen clearly and clearly throughout the room where you make your meetings in the company of your loved ones. In order to choose the appropriate speakers, you need to analyze certain characteristics related to their design and operation. Your system must be designed to emit the sounds at a good level of power, in addition to that, they must be able to reproduce the different tones clearly.

These best active speakers will allow you to better appreciate all the music audios or movies you play. Therefore, they must have a connection system compatible with different equipment. Its size usually varies and the one you choose should be one that you can move and install in different places, without any complications. The attractive design, 700W speaker and the possibility of recharging your battery are qualities that make the speaker stand outBM SONIC FUZZY12-LED-BT + PIED . While the Ibiza Sound S0030027B model stands out for its 800W power and ability to emit sounds with an intensity of 106 dB, thanks to its 25 cm medium, 10 cm tweeter and 30 cm woofer.

Comparison chart of the best active speakers

 Karma Fuzzy 12 – Portable Sound System

  • The model offers you an output power of 700 watts with an autonomous battery that supports 3 to 5 hours of uninterrupted use depending on the power chosen. Perfect to take the party wherever you want.
  • Despite its theoretical output of 700 watts, the amplification level sometimes causes the audio to fall short, especially in areas where there is a lot of noise or where it is necessary to use it over large distances.
  • With this speaker, you will not need anything else to enjoy your music wherever you are

Ibiza Sound – Amplified active speaker 800 w ibiza sound disco-15-amp

  • This pair of speakers has an output power of 800 watts, with a system of 38 centimeters of buffer for low frequencies, a medium of 25 centimeters and a tweeter of 10 centimeters for high frequencies, with balanced performance and quality.
  • In case of raising the bass above the usual, it is possible that the speakers distort, although not much more than other models that we usually see in the market.
  • A high-performance model and easy installation with which to enjoy more of your music anywhere.

Presonus Eris E5 – Active monitor speaker

  • This active loudspeaker incorporates a system of protection against interference, which not only protects it against possible voltage spikes but also avoids problems when playing music from any source.
  • Due to the presence of an area for equalization settings, it is not possible to install them on the wall unless you do not want to touch them again since these controls are located on the back of the speaker.
  • This active speaker is light, compact and has a power of about 100 decibels so that the party does not stop.

What is the best active speaker of 2020?

Speakers are one of the electronic devices that we use most in our lives.  The speakers give us great utility since they allow to be combined with a great diversity of devices to reproduce a huge variety of sounds.

We can use them as the best option to enjoy listening to music from our computer, put it next to our projector or TV and enjoy the soundtrack of a good movie or the sound of a video game. And for those who have artistic creativity, speakers are indispensable when it comes to creating songs.

Choosing a speaker is not an easy matter, we are subject to many variables: first, the budget we have, the limitations of space in our room or the comfort we have and the sound quality that it can offer us. Based on these factors we must decide between active monitors or passive monitors.

The speakers are mostly passive. They get that name because they don’t have a built-in amplifier and they need to be connected to an external amplifier through the typical two-wire speaker cable.

An active speaker or monitor is a sound device that has a built-in amplifier, which provides a more powerful signal by having the shorter speaker cable and the amplifier right next to its components. They are also often called self-powered speakers.

If you are determined to buy active speakers, you should take into consideration some aspects that will help you in your comparison. As a first aspect, make sure it is a simple equipment to use and install. The active speakers are powered by electric currents, so they need to be close to an outlet in order to plug them in.

Choose a model that is easy to move, if you are thinking of taking it from one place to another. It is important that your team can reproduce the sounds faithfully, in a real and precise way, with power and in an enveloping way.

We know that the market has a wide variety of brands and models, however for your purchase to be successful, you must establish the specific use that you will give to your speakers, to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Recommended Products


Main Advantage:

Users stand out among the virtues of this speaker, its excellent value for money. Being a high-quality device, its price is very affordable, which guarantees access to any budget.

Main Disadvantage:

Some users have left their comments on the network where they point out that with low volume the sound quality can be improved. However, with high volume, it fulfills what it promises.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Its power, which offers a clear and strong sound, the variety of accessories that it includes, in addition to its portable and functional design, is an accumulation of virtues valued by buyers who highly recommend it.

Main Features Explained

Built-in amplifier and autonomy

If you like to organize parties with your friends you should already know the importance of having a speaker that offers you high-quality sound, since it is not only about the power, although it is fundamental, the clarity and sharpness of all the music you play

Whether you set up your party outdoors or at home, it is worth betting on a device that gives you additional autonomy, a device with all these qualities is the FUZZY12-LED-BT + PIED of the BM SONIC brand. It is an active speaker with a built-in 30 cm amplifier that boosts sound sharply.

It can work perfectly with cable and with an outlet, but you can also take it with you and mount the party with your friends anywhere since it also has a rechargeable battery that offers autonomy for 3 or 5 hours of fun.

Power and functionality

When it comes to amplifying the sound we always use a speaker. Thanks to a speaker we can fully enjoy our TV, a sound system or our computer; That is why we must look for devices that give us power, sharpness, and clarity.

With this speaker model you will have up to 700 W of power, and thanks to its integrated woofer you can amplify it in 100 W, so that all your meetings, parties, animations and even your dance or exercise classes, are heard with high quality.

It integrates into its structure a USB port that allows you to connect mass storage devices, also includes an SD card reader and the Bluetooth function allows you to enjoy the music stored on your smartphone. It also has an equalizer composed of 5 bands with which you can reach a powerful volume of up to 97 dB.

Design and accessories

It is a modern speaker that integrates striking blue, red and green LED lights, which you can easily activate or deactivate; They are particularly suitable for lighting at a party in the style of disco.

Its compact and robust body has measures of 36 x 45 x 65 cm and although it has a weight of 14 kg, moving it anywhere is not a problem, since it integrates into its design two sets of double wheels, which favor a smooth sliding and a telescopic handle that allows an easy grip.

This model includes various accessories for your convenience, you will receive a wireless microphone, with which you can give talks or conferences, or simply conduct a physical education class. It also includes a wireless remote control to easily control the speaker remotely. In addition, it has a metal tripod to install the microphone at your conferences.

Ibiza Sound S0030027B

 If you are looking for a pair of speakers with quality and excellent price, do not hesitate, this Ibiza Sound model is the best option to enjoy music at another level and without spending a fortune. Users classify it as a good investment and because it is two speakers, the purchase decision is really right.

The Ibiza Sound S0030027B, is an amplified speaker model, is strong, robust and weighs 22 kilograms, measures 48 x 92 x 74 cm. It has a power of 800W that gives you strong and clear sound in closed or outdoor environments.

It also has a 38cm woofer for low frequencies, a medium of 25 cm for medium frequencies and a Tweeter of 10 cm for reproducing high frequencies. It provides sounds with an intensity of 106 dB.

Its design allows you to mount it on a standard 35mm base and thanks to its upper handles, you can move them more easily. It has a metal grid that gives complete protection to the equipment. Its corners are made of metal to offer greater security to the speakers.

The second product we want to describe in this comparative guide has been manufactured by the best brand of active speakers and could become the best option of what you are looking for at the moment.


Sound: It has a power of 800W that provides a strong and crisp sound. Technology: It has the technology that provides a 38cm woofer for low frequencies, a medium of 25 cm for medium frequencies and a Tweeter of 10 cm for reproducing high frequencies. It provides sounds with an intensity of 106 dB.

Design: It is a strong and robust speaker. Its weight reaches 22 kilograms and measures 48 x 92 x 72 centimeters. Its design allows it to be mounted on a standard 35mm base and thanks to its upper handles, it can be easily moved.

Material: It has a metal grid that gives complete protection to the equipment. Its corners are made of metal to offer greater security to the speakers.


Power: In general it does not present any complaints. Some users have stated that the device may not sound at a maximum when the bass sounds.

Presonus Eris E5

 This magnificent speaker is designed with sound reproduction in a clean, crisp, powerful and simple way. The Presonus Eris E5 is a very easy model to manipulate.

You don’t need to make an effort to move it from one place to another. Its weight reaches only 4.6 kilograms and measures 19.5 x 17.8 x 26 cm. You can put it anywhere or take it with you and enjoy music with your friends or family.

This model has an RF interference protection system, which prevents damage to the equipment in case of high temperature or voltage spikes. The sound level can produce reaches 102 dB. You will have sound to animate a party in a big way.

The Eris E5 from Presonus is ideal when it comes to recording your own songs. Whether it’s your first production or your most recent song. This studio monitor model features a variety of easy-to-adjust acoustic controls and the woofer along with the tweeter offers a refined and smooth sound that reproduces high and low frequencies with great precision.

It is equipped with ¼ ”stereo and RCA inputs. You can connect your Eris 5 speaker with any source and its powerful and compact design makes it a great ally, both for a home studio and professional.

To close this comparison that will surely help you select a product of excellent performance, we mention the positive and negative aspects of a model that many have pointed out as the best active speaker for 150 euros.


Dimensions: It is easy to transport, since its weight reaches only 4.6 kilograms and measures 19.5 x 17.8 x 26 cm, so it can be located anywhere.

System: It has an RF interference protection system, which prevents damage to the equipment in case of high temperature or voltage spikes.

Sound: The sound level it can produce reaches 102 dB.

Connectivity: It is equipped with ¼ ”stereo and RCA inputs, XLR inputs, Jack and can also be connected to any source.


Advertising: This is a quality product, but to promote it they have published an image with a pair of speakers, and users have complained that they only receive one, so some users expected something else.

How to use an active speaker

Among the most efficient and best-designed sound systems that you can install in your home, active speakers are products of excellent performance that are growing in popularity among today’s users. We hope that by this time you have decided to buy yours, which is why we will proceed to create a quick-use guide that allows even the most inexperienced users to take their first steps in using this technology.

Security considerations

Before you even think about using your new device, it is important that you pay attention to a few important security issues. The points to be treated here will allow you not only to take care of your physical integrity but also to the proper functioning of the product.

The first thing is that, when handling the cables of your speaker, try not to disconnect the plug or plug by pulling directly on the cord; This bad habit can affect the operation of the product and spoil it over time.

When looking for a place to install, do not use those spaces with excess humidity, places that receive direct sunlight for long periods of time, or extremely cold or poorly ventilated places.

Get familiar with the product

Your speaker set must have a master speaker, which in turn includes a control panel through which it is possible to manipulate most functions. Your obligation is to familiarize yourself with each part of the panel to know where and how you should connect the complementary elements.

This panel usually also includes volume control, as well as the power switch. To know exactly how to manipulate your device, carefully read the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

Choose the installation site

When installing the speakers in a room, be sure to place them in such a way that there is uniform coverage of the sound and it reaches every corner. It is very important, in addition, that the power outlet is in a nearby place and easily accessible, because logically you will have to make the relevant connections.

Many new models on the market facilitate a long-length cable that allows more space to be covered and the speakers to be placed in farther positions to achieve a higher quality sound.


To install your speakers it is necessary to use wall fixings that have the capacity to support the weight of the product. Although these units are usually quite light, always look for the strongest supports you can afford.

Once the support is placed, mount the main speaker, also known as the master speaker, then mount the secondary speakers and proceed to make the necessary connections to leave the system ready. Before making such connections, you should verify that the power switch is off to avoid any possible accident.

The most popular brands 

Buying speakers can become a complicated mission due to the many options available in the market; Before investing your money you should pay attention to the qualities of the product with the intention of looking for those models of higher quality and with good prices. To achieve this mission a good starting point will be the search for the most popular brands of active speakers, you can do your own research or read the information we have collected for you.

In 1989 Uli Behringer founded in Germany the company that would bear his name, it is a company of global reach highly influential in international markets and that is dedicated, above all, to the manufacture of audio equipment and musical instruments of great performance and quality

What started in the 80s as a small industry, quickly became a group of companies with active presence in 8 countries and at least 3 continents; As we could see, its products are actively sold in Europe, its main factories are in China and, on the other hand, in Latin America, it is one of the most established and respected brands.

Due to its commitment to quality, Behringer is one of the specialized companies that all users looking to buy the best active speakers on the web should consider; Its products stand out for offering a particular design combined with an extremely attractive purchase price.

For its part, M-Audio is one of the most respected names on the web when it comes to the development of audio equipment and studio integration solutions; The company develops all kinds of high-quality musical hardware such as high-end keyboards and controllers, microphones, studio monitors and, of course, active speakers.

According to official data, the company was founded in 1998 under the name of Midiman, although at the beginning they were only dedicated to the development of hardware equipment and software solutions, these solutions were focused on facilitating musical composition and production in digital format; It would be his constant concern for the creation of quality products that would lead them to develop great articles and gain the sympathy of a fairly demanding market segment.

In 2000, with the development of a new line of audio products, the company officially debuted with the name of M-Audio; Since then it has continued to grow, bringing to the market a growing product line and able to distinguish itself by a sophisticated design and a strong emphasis on versatility.

Woxter Technology is one of the most innovative companies in the market, capable of developing its own technological systems as a result of its more than 60 years invested in research and development.

It is a team of specialists dedicated to the creation and engineering of consumer electronic products that also maintain a constant focus on innovation; This fact has led them to produce a range of audio and video articles with a distinctive seal that, today, has an excellent acceptance by the public.

As a brand, they handle a clear concept and know that users, beyond just products, look for new experiences in their articles; For this reason, the company pays special attention to the design process of its articles to achieve the best results. Woxter has official offices in Spain and Hong Kong from where they distribute their products throughout Europe; They also have a license to distribute their articles in Latin America.

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