The Best Bluetooth TV Speaker – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

If you want to substantially improve how you appreciate your favorite music videos or movies on your TV, these best Bluetooth TV speakers are a good purchase option. These devices allow you to increase the volume, enjoy more powerful bass and greater sharpness in the high tones, but with so many options available to find the most suitable one may not be so easy.

 If you want our advice, let us first recommend the Wavemaster 66211 Bluetooth TV speaker, a set that has a power of 46W RMS and compact dimensions even taking into account the subwoofer so you can accommodate it without problems. Second, we have the ZoeeTree S4-Black model, which works with a power of 10W and has an attractive and practical design to easily combine with any style in your room or room. You can also link it to your phone to receive speaker calls and it has an AUX port and memory card slot.


Comparison Chart Of The Best Bluetooth TV Speakers


WavemasterStax BT – 2.1 Active speaker system (46 Watts) with Bluetooth – ideal for use with TV / Tablet / Smartphone / PC, color black (66211)

  • The 66211 is a subwoofer set and two speakers, which can be mounted on the same wall, combining easily with your TV. They have a power of 46W and its remote control facilitates its handling so you should not get up from the sofa.
  • In some comments it was noted that a couple of users are not entirely satisfied with the ability of the speakers to reproduce high-pitched sounds since they lack sharpness.
  • The Wavemaster 2.1 system can significantly improve the volume of your TV so you don’t miss any detail when listening to music or watching a movie.


ZoeeTree S4 Wireless Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 4.2 with 10W Dual Driver, Hands-free Calls 3.5mm, AUX / Cards and TF Card Slot, Black


  • It is the smallest Bluetooth TV speaker in this list that also has multiple inputs and connectivity systems so you can link it with all types of audio player devices. It is robust, easy to use and portable.
  • Buyers let us know that the instructions for using the speaker are in English, although this is not limiting to use thanks to its intuitive design and easy pairing system.
  • If you want to invest in a Bluetooth speaker that is practical for you and that you can take with you if you wish, this ZoeeTree model could be the best option.


Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Channel 2.0 TV Soundbar with 3.5mm Aux TF Card LED Indicator, 10W Stereo Speaker with Built-in Clear Treble Microphone

  • This speaker has soundbar design, 10W power, and high connectivity so you can use it with all types of devices. It combines well with any TV model and you can manage its functions remotely thanks to the integration of remote control.
  • It seems that if the speaker is idle for a few hours it turns itself off for no apparent reason, which can be annoying when watching a long movie.
  • This model of Bluetooth speaker is very striking for home consumption and also as an alternative to listening to music in the room from your phone or computer.


What are the best Bluetooth TV speakers on the market?


Certain television models can offer great image quality, but their sound leaves much to be desired. If you want to increase the volume or enjoy more sharpness, Bluetooth TV speakers are a good alternative. In this comparison, you will find information about these devices, as well as a careful selection of three models that meet the basic requirements of any buyer.


One of the weaknesses of many high-end televisions today is sound. Although they offer high definition images and even playback of 3D content, some have poor quality speakers that do not let you appreciate the depth of the voices and sounds.

However, the audio market offers you some practical solutions so that you can solve this discomfort and one of them is the external speakers. These devices can be connected by wiring or wirelessly but their price is affected by it. In addition, many consider that to be wireless, they must have good connection technology to avoid audio delays.

If you are interested in acquiring speakers with which you should not worry too much about working with wiring, the Bluetooth models may be the most suitable for you. Thanks to the popularity of these products, there are many alternatives in which you can invest and, if you want to make the most of your money, we recommend you take into account some essential aspects that could guarantee the best performance.

Look at the compatibility of Bluetooth. Some televisions can only work with certain versions of wireless connectivity, so it is an essential aspect to analyze before choosing which one to buy. Also consider its design, that is, size and weight so that it is not difficult for you to find the right place in your entertainment center. Another important feature is its power. We advise you to study the power of any model that interests you before deciding on it to avoid disappointment in terms of volume or sound clarity.


What are the best Bluetooth TV speakers in 2020?



  1. Wavemaster STAX BT 2.1 Speaker System


Model 66211 is a set consisting of a subwoofer and two speakers, that is, it is a 2.1 system. Combined they have a power of 46W and are very practical to improve the integrated sound of the TV.

One of its most striking features is that they have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which increases its practicality so you can enjoy its benefits with different devices, be it computers, phones, tablets, consoles and more.

They can be operated through a remote control that will allow you to control the volume, turn the equipment on or off and even connect headphones in case you don’t want to disturb anyone.

They have a very attractive design in black, good finishes for long service life and the base of the speakers allows them to be anchored to the wall, looking pretty good together with the TV.


  1. ZoeeTree S4-black Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If what you want is a Bluetooth TV speaker that you can easily hide, this ZoeeTree model may catch your attention. This small device has dimensions of 20 x 5.5 x 6.5 centimeters and weighs just 417 grams. Being so portable, you can also take advantage outside the home, either to accompany a camping trip or to go to the park and enjoy some music.

Its power is 10W and is equipped with Bluetooth, AUX input for 3.5 mm Jack cables and a TF card slot. This gives you a lot of freedom to choose the playback source that, thanks to the speaker compatibility, does not give you inconvenience.

If the speaker is damaged for no apparent reason or does not perform as it should, you can make any claim to your customer service, since the purchase includes a warranty certificate for a total of 24 months.


  1. Xingddoz Sound Bar TV Channel 2.0 Bluetooth


This model may be one of the most popular options for those looking to improve the sound of their TV since the LP-08 speaker comes in the form of a bar. In recent years, soundbars like this one have led the market in this category, thanks to the fact that they can easily camouflage themselves with the TV and look pretty good if they are visible.

In particular, the LP-08 speaker has 10W of power, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX input, TF card port and LED indicators on and off. You can also operate it with its remote control for convenience.

The dimensions of the bar are 40 x 5.5 x 6 centimeters and have an approximate weight of 599 grams. Its construction is robust and its design is a combination of black and silver with a matt finish.


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