What Is The Best Cheap Electronic Cigarette Of 2020?


In these times when smoking normal tobacco has become an almost impossible mission, the option of vaping is a good alternative. Therefore, cheap electronic cigarettes have become interesting alternatives for smoking, even with different flavors beyond the traditional ones.


If you want to know what moves in the market we will see the most prominent model of our comparison of cheap electronic cigarettes , as well as some tips that will help you make a better decision to equip yourself with these modern cigarettes.

When it comes to vaping, the first issue of importance is the liquid ignition system, as well as steam generation. This system must be able to reach a high temperature in a short time so that the results are as effective and only inhale quality smoke. It is something that, although we talk about a cheap product we must always keep in mind.

Also check the product charging system. Generally electronic cigarettes are charged by USB, with a system where the cigar is introduced and allows charging in a short time. Check the capacity of the battery, the time it needs to charge and the performance of the battery, so that the time you need can accompany you until you can recharge it.

Finally we analyze the liquid reservoir and the refill process. It is convenient that this process be as clean as possible, so that we do not spill liquid, do not stain and make the most of it. Also check that this deposit is easy to place once refilled to make the process easier. And if this deposit also has a level indicator or we can see it with the naked eye, even better.



Exit eGo-T CE4


Main Advantage:

The battery has a capacity of 1100 milliamps and a high quality that prevents it from losing charge, even if they spend long periods in which we do not use the product.


Main Disadvantage:

According to the users, the activation button must be used with care to prevent it from being blocked in the product body, activating the protection against overheating and over-spending the battery.


Verdict: 9.6 / 10

Thanks to the fact that it has a marked scale on the body of the container, the liquid level can be observed at any time, so you can fill it when necessary.

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Main Features Explained


Usage system

This Salcar product is designed to offer a simple and effective vaping system, for which it has an internal burner and a high quality claromizer capable of achieving a high temperature and a pleasant vaping level. This vaping is activated directly with the button included in the body of the product, so that the use of the product is simple and very effective.

The included coils obtain an immediate heating system so that the liquid evaporates completely avoiding the risk of swallowing it and achieving a high quality steam, provided that adequate and compatible liquids are used with the product. However, most liquids on the market are compatible with the system, so this is not a problem either.


Battery and charging system

The Salgar eGo-T CE4 cigarette battery has a nominal capacity of 1100 milliamps with which we can maintain proper use for one or two days depending on the intensity of use of the product. And if for a casual we do not use the product for a while it keeps the load practically without loss.

The charging process is very simple, counting the cigarette with a light indicator that remains red while charging and turns green when it is completed. Something in which just a few hours are necessary to have the product at full capacity, including the kit the cable to be able to make such a charge directly with any USB port you have at home.


Deposit and loading of the same

Compared to other models on the market, the Salgar eGo-T CE4 cigarette charging system is very easy to fill, also preventing spills from other products thanks to the high-wall format of the equipment. This system has a capacity of 1.6 milliliters of liquid, which helps reduce the need to recharge the equipment while we can enjoy the vaping for longer.

For this load, simply unscrew the tank, turn it a little to let the air out and fill the tank. Once screwed we can start smoking at the moment, without risk of staining or losing liquid along the way. In addition, the deposit is regulated so that you see at every moment its load level.



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