The 5 Best Commercial Battery Chargers – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis Of 2020

Many devices such as mobile phones, laptops or cameras have their own batteries today. However, another large number still uses regular batteries to function. In this sense, the battery charger is a fast and economical solution that saves and protects the environment, since it works with rechargeable batteries, so they are not discarded, but are recharged for use several times.

 Therefore, you should know the fundamental characteristics of battery chargers, such as capacity, type of batteries that you charge, safety, charging time and extras. In the market there is a wide offer, however, we will focus on the most prominent models of the best commercial battery chargers.

The first is the Technoline BC 700, with capacity for four AA or AAA batteries independently and information display. The next model is the EBL EB-641781112ER , which is capable of charging up to eight AA or AAA batteries and has LEDs that indicate the progress of the charge.

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Comparison chart of the best commercial battery chargers

Technoline BC 700 – Charger for photographic equipment for batteries (NiCd, NiMH)

This model is quite practical since it allows you to charge four batteries independently and these can be AA or AAA. In addition, having an informative screen is very useful to know at what stage of the loading process you are.

For some users, it is difficult to interpret the amount of information provided by this device. However, to the extent that it is used, it is possible to learn to use all its options.

While it is the most expensive on the list, it is also true that it offers many functions and adapts to the needs of any user.

EBL 808A 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger with 8 Pieces of AA 2300mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

This model stands out for the number of cargo spaces, supporting up to eight batteries, which can be AA or AAA. In addition, at the end of the process, the slow mode is automatically activated to extend the life of the batteries.

Charging the batteries in pairs can be a limitation, especially for users who need to charge only one at a time. In addition, some users explain how long it takes to charge the batteries.

If you have many devices that use batteries and want to have them always charged and to the maximum of their benefits, then this model may be the one. In addition, it is not very expensive.

AmazonBasics – Ni-MH AA and AAA battery charger with USB port

It is a simple model, but it does not fail to have outstanding features and compatibility, since it supports up to four batteries, be they AA or AAA and is one of the few that offers a USB port to connect and charge any device.

One of the criticisms that this model has had is that it only works with two batteries at a time. You can charge two or four, but you can’t do it with one or three.

It is the cheapest model on our list, but it is also the most versatile and modern, so it is a good purchase option.


Top 5 Battery Chargers – 2020 Reviews

When we are looking for a battery charger that allows us to save money and at the same time collaborate in the conservation of the environment, it is advisable to take into account the most important characteristics of each model, such as capacity, type of batteries, safety, charging time and extras, which allows us to determine the utilities that each one offers, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a list of the best commercial battery chargers of 2019, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Technoline BC 700 Battery Charger

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Main Advantage:

This product is extremely sophisticated, as it allows you to charge four batteries independently of both the AA and AAA type. In addition, it has a valuable information screen that lets you know the state of charge at all times.

Main Disadvantage:

One of the inconveniences mentioned by users is the lack of an off button or that automatically turns off when the battery charge is complete because although it stops charging, it continues to consume power because the screen is still active.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is an expensive product, but it has excellent features and is highly recommended because it offers a variety of functions and is adaptable to the requirements of any user.

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Main Features Explained


This charger has a program that is previously responsible for completely discharging the battery, then proceeds to start recharging. This is because this process reduces the known memory effect, so common in rechargeable batteries, that when they have some charge left, they gradually reduce the recharge when you recharge, because the battery establishes as required charge only the one that is missing, canceling the cells that have a load.

It is also possible to select the type of charging intensity to start the cycle, which can be standard, medium or fast for each of our rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you can choose between charging at 200, 500 or 700 mAh. 

After the battery is fully charged, the device proceeds to make a so-called drip charge, which is intended to keep the battery at its maximum capacity, thus avoiding battery overload and also possible overheating of the battery. unity.

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Within the functions of this model, it has a function called “Test”, which is used to check the actual capacity of the battery. For this, the charger makes a first charge that makes it in its entirety but then proceeds to also perform a complete download to make a new charging process.

This procedure is ideal as a recovery program for old or long-term batteries. During this program, this unit performs several procedures of complete charge and discharge cycles with the sole purpose of being able to reach the maximum capacity of the battery.

That means that if you have rechargeable batteries that you have no time to use, with this device you can restore the life of the battery and proceed to optimize its charge and discharge cycle. You can control this whole process through the four small screens, where you can observe the values of capacity, voltage, current, charging time and, finally, the termination of the load with the word “FULL”.


This model has the peculiarity that not only allows you to charge four batteries at the same time, but they can be some AA other AAA since you can charge them all simultaneously or go placing the batteries at different times. 

With this charger, each battery is given a differentiated and specific treatment for the user’s needs. In addition, you can choose the level of intensity of the charge for each of the batteries separately or charge them all in the same way, all this with the individual control of each of the charging channels.

For this property, this charger is qualified as intelligent, since it has a microprocessor that handles the controls of each channel. Each of the inserted rechargeable batteries can be individually verified through 4 screens that will show you: the voltage, the accumulated intensity mAh, current, charge over discharge time and the capacity in mAh at the end of the test mode; and each of the channels can be configured with different modes of upload, update, download, Test.

  1. Ebl 808A 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger

 This model could answer the question about which is the best commercial battery charger, especially if what you are looking for is capacity and compatibility since this product is capable of charging up to eight batteries in pairs and works for both AA and AAA batteries.

Each pair of batteries has an LED that indicates the level of charge, starting with a strong red, which becomes weaker and weaker. Also, once the charging is completed, it automatically switches to the slow mode, thus protecting the battery life.

This rechargeable battery charger includes eight AA batteries, so you don’t need to buy them separately. In addition, it is a very safe model, since it is designed to reduce heat and stops the load when it reaches 3.4v.

It is one of the cheapest battery chargers on the market, so if you have a low budget, this could be the most suitable product for you.


Package: The package includes 8 rechargeable AA batteries, so you won’t have to buy these separately to start using the charger.

Lights: It has 4 LED lights that inform the state of the charge, so it is very easy to use the charger.

Functionality: It is used for rechargeable batteries of toys, remote controls, PDAs, flashlights, alarm clocks, among other things.

Protection: Offers protection against short circuits and overloads, so that your batteries will not suffer any damage with this charger.


Charging: Cannot be charged in odd numbers, for example, 1, 3, 5 or 7 batteries at the same time. This task should always be done in pairs, 2 batteries per LED light.

  1. AmazonBasics Ni-MH battery charger

 This could be the best price-quality battery charger of the moment since its charging time is only four hours. In addition, it is compatible with AA and AAA batteries, you just need to place them in their proper position to charge them.

It has the capacity to charge four batteries and the process is carried out in pairs. In addition, despite being one of the cheapest battery chargers on the market, it offers safety measures such as protection against incorrect polarity charging and overload. It also has a USB port to connect any device.

Finally, this model has three LEDs, two to indicate the level of charge of the batteries and another for the USB port.

This could be the best commercial battery charger for 10 euros, so we invite you to review the following positive and negative characteristics. Maybe it’s the accessory you’re looking for.


Batteries: It works to charge Ni-MH batteries, a process that lasts approximately 4 hours.

USB: It has a 500 mA USB port, through which you can charge various compatible devices, such as PDA, phone, iPod or any other portable device.

Light: It has a green LED that indicates when the USB port is available or is charging some equipment.

Safety: This charger has protection against incorrect polarity, that is, in the event that, by mistake, you place the batteries in the opposite direction.


Port: If you are charging some batteries you will not be able to use the USB port, which is good to know before making the purchase.

  1. Duracell Battery Charger in 45 minutes


The Duracell CEF14 battery charger is a product manufactured by one of the largest companies in this sector, so we are not talking about a model of unknown origin and doubtful quality.

This charger has two modes of use. The first of them just need 45 minutes of charging to give you up to four hours of autonomy, being ideal when the rush squeezes. If you can wait, you will hardly need to reach four hours of use to charge a 1300 mAh battery. A process that is dual, so you can charge both AA and AAA batteries at the same time.

And if that were not enough, the charger is also accompanied by two pairs of batteries, one of each type indicated, so you can start using it immediately. Although obviously you can use it with all types of compatible batteries and that is rechargeable.

So that the energy is not lacking, you only have to use this Duracell charger, which we analyze in detail below.


Process: The charging process works at high speed, so you will not have to wait more than 45 minutes to have power for four hours of battery use, depending on the device where they are used.

Batteries: Includes two AA batteries, as well as two AAA batteries, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Warranty: The charger offers you a five-year warranty, as proof of the high quality that this manufacturer gives its products.


Pins: The pins of the plug are somewhat weak, according to users, so you should treat the product carefully.

  1. Ansmann 5107543 MaxE Power Set Table Charger

 If you are looking for a normal battery charger, this may be a good option, since it has only two spaces for batteries, but it is compatible with both AAA and AA batteries, of which it includes a pair. In addition, being able to charge them independently makes it quite practical for those occasions when you need to charge a single battery.

To know the level of charge, each space has an LED light and, to avoid incidents and extend the life of the batteries, this model goes on a slow charge when necessary. In addition, it has a reverse polarity protection system.

The batteries included in this model are discharged ten times less than the regular ones, so it is very useful that you already include them in the package.

If you do not know which the best brand of battery chargers is, Ansmann could be the most appropriate answer, since it has experience in manufacturing such devices. Here are the main features of one of their products.


Portability: It is a compact product that will be used anywhere, either in your backpack or handbag.

Charge: Offers a charge of 200 mA for AA batteries and 100 mA with AAA, providing energy efficiency and balance.

Package: It not only comes with the charger but also brings 2 rechargeable batteries maxE of 2100 mAh.


Batteries: It would be nice if you could charge more batteries at once since you only do this task with 2.

Color: It only comes in yellow with black, so you cannot choose this model in other shades.

How to use a battery charger

Currently, almost all the accessories we use are battery operated, therefore, to avoid excessive spending and constant contamination, it is highly recommended to use rechargeable batteries, as this is possible.

The use of rechargeable batteries brings a lot of benefits since in the long term we will save money on the purchase of traditional batteries and, on the other hand, we all know how highly polluting the compounds with which they are manufactured become. Of course, we must also know very well how to use our charger, so that we guarantee the life of the rechargeable batteries.

Unpack the charger

The first step is to remove the charger and the instruction from the packaging, which is highly recommended to read since each charger has different characteristics that you must take into account when proceeding to use it.

Those that work with light indicators emit small pulses of light, of different colors, that indicates that the charger is in proper operation and that the battery is already fully charged. Other more updated models have small screens that give all this information in detail.

Before connecting the charger

Make sure you have read the instructions correctly, having the charger disconnected before inserting the batteries and putting it into operation. Many times, due to ignorance, we leave the chargers connected, so they do not have any battery inside charging, this being a very big error, since although the charger is empty, it still consumes electricity, increasing the bill of our electricity bill and running the risk of possible overheating.

Use the right batteries

It is recommended to know the charger well and know what type of rechargeable batteries it accepts, since there are many variations of compounds and sizes of batteries, so it is easy to get confused if you are not attentive to this suggestion, causing irreparable damage to your device. Always use batteries marked with the word “rechargeable” and never try to charge the traditional single-use.

Insert the batteries correctly

It is very important, for proper operation, that the batteries are placed correctly, following the indications of the positive and negative contacts. The vast majority of chargers have diagrams or indicators on how to correctly orient the batteries, for proper charging. 

 Plug the charger into an outlet

With the batteries inserted in your device, proceed to connect it to an outlet to start charging. It is recommended that the plug is not overloaded with devices to prevent a drop in the electrical system. Make sure the charge indicator lights come on if your model is automatic. If instead, it is manual, you must activate the power switch to start its operation.

Let the batteries fully charge

It is suggested that the batteries be fully charged before removing them. In this way, it is possible to prolong their useful life. It is very important that you wait for the indicator to announce the full charge of the battery without interrupting the process or taking it out early.

Remove the charger and batteries

After the charging process is completely finished, proceed to remove the device from the outlet and then carefully remove the batteries. Then store the charger in a protected place until you need it again.

Buying Guide – What is the best commercial battery charger on the market?

A battery charger is a very useful tool to save money in the purchase of regular batteries and, in addition, it represents a step forward in environmental protection since it is not necessary to dispose of the batteries the first time they run out of energy, So the damage to nature is less.

This being our starting point, we prepare the following guide to buy the best commercial battery charger, so that you can have all your devices that work with AA or AAA batteries always ready for use, without spending too much money.



If you are making a comparison of battery chargers and you are interested in a particular model, it is good that you check its capacity, that is, the number of batteries that can be recharged at the same time, since in this way you will know if it adapts to your needs. In general, battery chargers usually set their capacity in pairs, that is, two, four and up to eight batteries, so you should take into account how many devices at home use this type of batteries so that you can determine how many you will need load.

In addition, it is convenient that you look at the way of using the charger, for example, some are able to recharge the batteries individually, while others only work in pairs; Look closely at this feature because if you need to recharge them individually, one that loads two by two will not be very useful.

Type of batteries

Very close to the previous feature is one that you should also take into account since not all devices use the same type of battery. Some use AA batteries, while others require AAA batteries and, depending on the need, you should choose a charger that allows you to recharge that specific type of battery.

However, some models play in favor of the user and come to offer a duality in their compatibility with these types of batteries, since they have the possibility of charging both. Although this directly influences how much the battery charger costs, it also generates a positive impact on the family budget, since with a single charger it is possible to charge the two most used types of batteries.

These types of dual chargers are very practical and easy to use, because they have a design that allows you to enter the two types of batteries, adapting to the size of each.


Because we are dealing with electricity and devices that are responsible for storing energy, it is very important to have chargers that have safety measures that ensure the integrity of the batteries, the charger itself and the user itself, because in this way they are avoided short circuits or other incidents associated with the handling of electric current.

On the one hand, we have the most common safety device and it is the one that is responsible for stopping the charge when the battery reaches its maximum level, thus preventing overheating of the assembly.

In other cases, we find models capable of detecting the type of battery that has been placed to charge, instantly determining the required charging time and can even indicate if the battery has any type of fault that makes its recharge unsafe. This also applies to when placing regular batteries that do not support recharges; In these cases, these types of chargers simply do not initiate any loading process to avoid accidents.


A characteristic that differentiates the different models of battery chargers is the time it takes for each one to complete the process of charging the batteries, especially since this is directly associated with the current consumed by the charger, since the longer the current demand, the shorter the charging time.

Now, at a higher current, there is also a higher temperature, so you should pay attention to safety devices if you want a fast charger.

The most recommended is a charging time of six to eight hours since if the process is not so fast the risk of overheating is less. In addition, if you are looking for an economical battery charger, you can also opt for a slower one, since these models are not very expensive and extend the life of the batteries.

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Additional features

While the main purpose of a battery charger is to regenerate the charge, some models offer additional features that make them more attractive and easy to use. For example, some chargers have screens that indicate exactly the level of charge of each battery and allow more accurate process monitoring compared to LED indicators.

Other models include USB ports that will allow you to charge smartphones and other devices, so they adapt very well to our current lifestyle.

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