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The Best Desktop PC Speakers Reviews In 2020

Although your computer includes a sound system, sometimes you want to have a better fidelity in the sound to increase the volume to your favorite song or better enjoy your games of video games. For these cases, it is best to have a pair of best desktop PC speakers, since with them connected to the computer the experience improves considerably.

The location of the desktop speakers improves the perception of sound so that it can reach your ears from a better angle. On the other hand, it helps to perceive the surround sound with better effects which are very attractive in the case of video games or movies since they are recorded with different audio channels and offer bass that does not play with quality unless you have the necessary resources.

Comparison chart of the best desktop PC speakers

Trust Argo – PC 2.1 Speakers with 18W Subwoofer, Black

  • It is one of the most complete products in its range, offering an output in a 2.1 format with a maximum power of 18 watts and generating pleasant sensations of surround sound by the built-in subwoofer.
  • Because the product incorporates a subwoofer, the speaker set will take up more space on your desk than other simpler models.
  • A pleasant surprise with which to give the sound of your equipment the power it needs.

Gogroove PC Computer Speakers / Gaming 2.0 Speakers / LED Speaker Set / USB Audio Speakers System for PC games such as Overwatch Origins Sims 4 Destiny 2 Minecraft Fifa 17 Call of Duty WoW

  • This pair of speakers has a compact tower-shaped design, where we find two active elements and a passive subwoofer that generate good sound quality with a power of up to 22 watts.
  • Some comments indicate that the lights have a tendency to stop looking sooner than they should, although it is something that does not affect the sound output of the product at any time.
  • Speakers of stylized design and remarkable power so you can enjoy a clear and strong sound.

Tacens Anima AS1 – Computer speakers (8W, 2.0 channel system, USB power, 3.5mm Jack connection, small size) black

  • If you need a compact product that you can take anywhere, this model has what you need. We are talking about 7 cm side speakers with a square design and a weight of 240 grams that makes it easy to take them anywhere.
  • The speakers have a total power of about 8 watts, which is suitable for basic use but may fall short in case you need extra power.
  • A compact proposal and cost adjusted to listening to the audio of your computer or any other source.

What are the best desktop PC speakers of 2020?

To fully enjoy the sound you require for your computer, we offer you the following comparison, in which you will find not only important aspects to observe in your purchase options but also some models that will surely be of interest to you.

Depending on the space you have, choose the speakers that best suit your needs. You will find small options with great sound quality, but if on the contrary space is not a limitation, then you can find some tower type models, which distribute the sound and amplify the serious sounds to offer you better fidelity.

On the other hand, versatility is an important aspect, since if you want to amplify the sound of the computer, but also use them on other occasions for the mobile or other devices that play music, the ideal is to verify if they have a connection for both cases.

The computers have USB ports, while the mobile or the tablet usually has a 3.5 mm connection. Finally, choose the design that best represents your personal tastes to complement and combine with your laptop or desktop computer.

Recommended Products

Trust Argo 2.1

 With a great output power of 9 Watts, this pair of PC speakers have a Woofer that will make you vibrate with its sound. It is manufactured in a compact 18 x 50 x 15 cm design, so you can easily locate it on the desk or next to your monitor or laptop without taking up too much space. On the other hand, its weight is only 1.5 Kg so they are quite portable.

The power supply is done through a USB port, which is quite practical, so you can connect it to the computer and transmit sound and power at the same time without having to use more cables.

It offers a modern and careful finish and its speakers are tilted upwards to give you a better perception.

For your convenience, it has controls to calibrate the bass and volume on the woofer speaker. It offers 2.1 audio channels with which you can perceive the most serious bass and get excited with its sound experience.

Gogroove Acc9126

 With an attractive tower-shaped design, polished metal finishes and built-in LED lights, this model will give you a great sound experience.

It also has two drivers and a passive subwoofer, which faithfully amplifies the sound of video games and in general any application on your computer that implies sound, so you can have even more fun.

It includes a practical additional control to regulate the brightness of the LEDs incorporated in the base of the speakers.

With its height of approximately 23 cm high, you can perceive the sound with a better location. In addition, it connects to the computer through the USB port, but also offers a 3.5 mm audio jack to amplify the sound of any MP3 player, laptop or tablet.

It offers you the possibility to control the volume directly from the speakers and they are compatible with both desktop and laptop computers and to offer you more confidence, the manufacturer grants a 3-year warranty.

Tacens Anima AS1

 If you want a small model to amplify the sound of your laptop or your computer, this best desktop PC speaker model will be really interesting.

Designed taking care of the minimalist line with slightly rounded edges and raised speakers, it will look great and will not involve too much space, since they are really portable. You can take them with you effortlessly due to their low weight of only 240 g and their small dimensions of 7xr 7 cm.

You can also use them to amplify the sound of your mobile or your music player since it includes a Jack 3.5 connector in addition to a USB connector, so you can use it where you need it.

It offers a power of 4 watts and is compatible with most devices. Undoubtedly a small option that offers you great benefits to enjoy your music and improve your sound experience while you work or relax and the best thing is that it does it for an attractive price.

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