The 6 Best Electronic Cigarettes To Quit Smoking – Reviews, Analysis And Purchase Guide Of 2020

The electronic cigarette has become a good alternative to the conventional cigarette, generally healthier. That is why, more and more users are diving among the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking of 2020 either to live their first vaping experience or to renew their device. Whatever your case, surely look for quality models that offer pleasant sensations. Some sensations like those generated by the Monvap M50 model .

We talk about a complete electronic cigarette, presenting in a kit that does not lack any accessories, not even liquids. It has a power of 55 watts and a compact and easy to carry design. Also interesting is the Joyetech Ego AIO model, a simple and tightly priced cigarette that is very suitable for newcomers to this world.

Comparison chart of the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking

Joyetech - Ego AIO - Complete kit - Tobacco Free - Nicotine Free - Color: Black

•This model has everything you need for those who want to start in this world without spending too much, offering a 1,500 mAh battery and an adjustable output system with which to customize its performance. •It is possible that those users who require more control capacity are disappointed with the product because of the simplicity of the same that we have already mentioned. •It is a proposal of adjusted price with which to cover the most basic demands of those who do not smoke in excess.

Vaper Electronic Cigars 50W, MONVAP M50 Vape Pen and Liquid, Top Refill Vaporizer 0.5ohm 2ml, 1500mah Rechargeable Battery Electronic Cigar, E Cigarette Without Nicotine 0.0mg

•This product has a compact size and easy to carry, thanks to its efficient pen type design. So you can keep it comfortably in your pocket and smoke anywhere. •The battery has a capacity of 1,500 mAh, enough for most users, but it may be scarce for those who smoke with greater intensity. •It is a very complete kit with which to enjoy the sensations of this type of cigars with hardly any complications.


•Unlike most models on the market, this product has a system that loads tobacco and does not burn it, but warms it, to obtain a new experience when smoking. •Some user says they have received the product with a three-pin English plug charger, and not the European plug that should be included with the product. •It is a solution halfway between the electronic liquid cigarette and the usual cigarette, for those who do not want such a drastic change.

Comparison chart of the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking


The 6 Best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking – Reviews 2020

When it comes to quitting tobacco, all help is little. And there are many smokers who have managed to quit thanks to electronic cigarettes. Obviously, it is not enough to buy one of these products, but it is true that with willpower and your help everything will be much easier. Surely that’s why you’re interested in knowing what is the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking you can find. And as we care about you, we make it easy for you with this selection in which you may come across the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking according to your preferences.

  1. Monvap M50 Vaper Electronic Cigars

The Monvap M50 electronic cigarette is a complete kit ideal for both newcomers to this world and for those who do not want to complicate when smoking. It is a product consisting of a central pen-type unit, small in size and easy to carry.

Inside we have a 1,500 mAh battery capacity, as well as 50 watts of power, with which to enjoy a good amount of smoke. The kit also has a filling system that simplifies the process and does not require removal of the lid, thus avoiding liquid losses during the process.

It is finished off with all the necessary safety measures such as protection against overheating, overload or short circuit, as well as a USB cable charging system, for greater tranquility and comfort during the process of using the device.

To be clear about everything that this product offers you, we give you some more details about it.


Complete kit: This model has everything you need to get started, even vaping liquids.

Power: Its 55 watts of power offers a good amount of steam when using the product.

Safety: This cigarette includes protection against overheating, overload and short circuit, among others.


A USB cable: Although the device includes USB charging cable, it is somewhat short, so you will have to have the connection port nearby.

Battery: The battery is 1,500 mAh, perhaps scarce for more intensive smokers.

  1. Joyetech Ego AIO Complete Kit Without Tobacco

 Among the cheapest options we have found in the market we have the electronic cigarette Ego AIO from Joyetech. It is A complete set that has a 1,500 milliampere battery and a 2-milliliter atomizer with an anti-leak design that avoids the inconvenience of liquid losses.

Therefore, we are facing a cheap electronic cigarette on the market, is highly recommended for beginners who want to start successfully in this world. For this, it also has a simple mounting and loading system, which avoids the complications of the most advanced models. Regarding the charge, it is done with the usual USB cable, taking about four or five hours to fully charge.

If you do not know what electronic cigarette to buy and prefer to start with the cheap models, read the characteristics of this product, which just stands out in this segment.


Design without leaks: The design of the cigarette has a total tightness so that you will not have problems with the leaks of liquid, as it happens with other models of the market.

Adjustable output: This model allows, in a simple way, to regulate the amount of smoke we want to generate when vaping, thus customizing the process behavior.

Compact: This cigarette is very compact and you can comfortably take it wherever you want.


For beginners: Due to its characteristics, it is possible that the product falls somewhat short for those users who already have some experience in this type of device.

Power: Some user comments that the power of the product is somewhat tighter than it should, although this is rather a personal matter of each person.

  1. Iqos 2.4 Plus Navy Kit

 Compared to models based on liquids and other similar elements, the electronic cigarette IQOS 2.4 PLUS offers an intermediate solution. And this product is still using tobacco inside, but with the proviso that it does not burn, but warms.

This translates into sensations similar to those of conventional cigarettes but with a lower load of elements harmful to health. To achieve this, this product has a patented technology and an efficient design, which allow smoking differently, without smoke or discomfort.

This kit includes all the necessary elements to smoke and keep your cigarette in perfect condition, such as batteries, cleaning kit and even the case to keep it when you are not using it. Therefore, you will not lack anything to continue enjoying your favorite tobacco.

Smoke differently with this electronic cigarette, which we analyze in detail below.


Taste: If you like the taste of tobacco, this is the best option to preserve it.

Smoke-free: This product eliminates fumes and a good part of the smell of conventional cigarettes.

Complete kit: Includes everything you need to start smoking, having to buy only the loads of tobacco.


Health effects: This model maintains nicotine and other harmful elements, which are not present in liquid-based cigarettes.

Duration: Some user comments that each load does not allow more than two or three puffs, which may not be enough.

  1. Exit V60 Mod kit / Electronic Cigarette

 When smoking, there are people who prefer to have everything at hand. And for these users, the electronic cigarette kit Salcar V60 Mod has everything you need. This complete batch incorporates two complete cigarettes, with their batteries and their other elements, as well as five bottles of liquid with different fruit flavors, a carrying case and a wipe for cleaning.

As for the technical details, the model has a power of 60 watts, which you can properly regulate using the keypad and the screen included in the device. It is also possible to regulate the airflow, also including a design that prevents spillage and makes the process of filling the tank easier. It is topped with a 2,200 milliampere battery that surely gives you enough energy to endure throughout the day.

Designed for those who want to have everything they need to vape with quality, let’s know some more details about what is complete kit offers us.


Complete kit: We are facing one of the most complete kits on the market, where we find two cigarettes, six liquids, as well as the rest of the accessories to start enjoying at the moment.

Power: Cigarettes have a power of 60 watts, which you can adjust as it suits you to improve your user experience.

Control screen: The control screen offers you all the necessary data at a glance, to make the process of managing the different product options easier.


Base design: The base design is square format, which can be annoying for certain users.

Charger: As usual in these models, the product only includes the charging cable but not the head, so you will have to use one that you have at home.

  1. Smok Vape Band Tobacco-Free

 This electronic cigarette Smok is one of the most recommended, having a delicate, portable and compact appearance, which can be carried comfortably in a pocket and is also easy to load, through ergonomic design.

The alternative has been built with a stainless steel body and removable cylindrical figure, being its silver color, with orange-colored details. It has compact dimensions of 2.2 cm in diameter by 11 cm high.

It has an integrated battery that works with 1650 mAh and has a capacity of 40 watts, with a resistance of 0.15 ohms, so that its steam production is standard and convenient, to be a mid-range equipment.

On the other hand, it has an LED indicator light that is activated when it is turned on and when the battery is running low. Its use is simple and for vaping, it is only necessary to press a button.

Smok Vape Pen 22 has an attractive price and high-end features. Learn more below.


Design: It has a cylindrical and elongated design that is light and ergonomic. In addition, it is available in silver color, having an elegant appearance.

Construction: It has a resistant but delicate construction, made of stainless steel.

Battery: The cigarette comes with a built-in 1650 mAh battery, with 40-watt power and standard steam output.

Liquid: In addition to the vaper, this model includes a liquid without nicotine, for immediate use.


Adjustment: It is a simple model, so it is not possible to regulate the amount of steam output.

  1. Ixiger Electronic Cigarette S40 E-Cigarette 40W

 Despite its price, the truth is that the Ixiger IXG-S40T is a firm candidate to become the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking of value for money in our comparison. And this cigarette is included in one of the most complete kits we have seen. Specifically, the kit includes the main body of the cigarette, which has a power of 40 watts, adjustable in three different levels.

It is also accompanied by five burning elements, so you can forget the spare parts for a long time. And for you to start smoking at the moment, if you wish, six bottles of liquid of different flavors are also included, so that you can make your first sessions of use without complications. It is a very complete and intuitive product that will surely delight almost any vaper.

Thanks to this complete kit, whose characteristics we analyze below, you will have everything you need to smoke without having to buy anything else. Let’s look at its highlights.


Complete kit: As we have commented, it is one of the most complete kits on the market. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about buying spare parts for a long time.

Adjustable power: The operating power can be adjusted to 20, 30 or 40 watts depending on what you prefer.

Adjustable flow: The air inlet flow is adjustable, in order to choose the intensity and amount of steam you want to generate at each moment.


Cigarette base: The base of this cigarette is square in design, compared to the circular bases of other models. It is something that can be annoying for certain users.

Durability and consumption: Even if it is obvious if the product is used intensively at maximum power, an increase in liquid consumption is perceived and the battery life is reduced.

Accessories for electronic cigarette

Liquids for electronic cigarette

E-Liquid 12 x 10 ml

 For those who wish to vape it is necessary that, in addition to the equipment, they have electronic cigarette liquids, since, otherwise, they will not be able to do so. In this sense, the manufacturer E-Liquid presents liquids without nicotine that is available in different flavors and in a presentation of 12 units of 10 ml each.

They come in a portable bottle, with a small dropper to facilitate filling, also having child safety. Some flavors include some like cherry, strawberry, mango, pineapple, blueberry, vanilla, mint, apple, melon, among other alternatives, making combinations possible. Liquids have been made with high standards, from fruits and plant extracts.

Electronic cigarette battery

l Vestmon Golisi S35

The battery for electronic cigarette lā Vestmon Golisi S35 is all you need for your cigarette to recover the power and autonomy of always. An efficient product made of lithium, so that it maintains the charge properly and generates high performance in all types of cigarettes.

It also has all the necessary safety measures to avoid overloading or overheating, both during use and charging.

In addition, the battery offers you a capacity of 3,750 mAh, so you will not have to worry about the duration of the battery and you can smoke for longer without having to recharge the product so often.

Shopping guide

The electronic cigarette has become an alternative to the conventional cigarette thus eliminating the harmful nicotine inside. In addition, it has opened a world of flavors for smoking or vaping, thanks to the wide existing offer. Therefore, it is smart to use a guide to buy the best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking and be clear about exactly what we should look for in these products. So if you want a quality electronic cigarette, keep in mind the following aspects that we analyze below.

Operating power and control

One of the most important aspects of an electronic cigarette is the power that is able to develop its resistance. A power that varies depending on the different models that we find in the market and that is responsible for obtaining a greater amount of steam every time we inhale through the mouthpiece. So if we want to take a drag with enough smoke, surely we are interested in having a powerful product.

But since power without control does not help much, it is also important to have a product that we can regulate according to our preferences. It is something that we can find in a good part of the current electronic cigarettes, in which the desired operating power can be established by means of a keypad and a control screen.

What is important to know, regarding the power, is that the larger it is, the greater the amount of liquid burned in each draft and the shorter the battery life. As a reference, a power of about 50 to 75 watts may be sufficient to obtain a good amount of smoke and is the basis on which economic cut models usually work. If you are looking for the maximum, there are models with powers that reach an incredible 225 watts.


Although we have already dropped it when talking about power, the battery is another aspect that we have to consider when making our purchase. The good news is that, as with other products that work with this battery, the battery capacity of the product is generally in line with the power of the device, so that the higher that power, the greater the battery capacity of the device.

As a reference, when it comes to not very high powers, this power starts from about 500 mAh reaching about 1000 mAh in the models located in the upper part of the range mentioned above. It is a power that grows in larger models, reaching approximately 200 mAh. Something that also obviously influences how much the model we are valuing costs.

However, it is important to know that there are several electronic cigarettes that do not include batteries, but that they must be purchased separately. This gives us the advantage of choosing those whose capacity suits us, although the total cost exceeds that of the models that include that battery, generally cheaper. If the product includes the battery, it will always be better to bring two, which you can change while one is charging.

 Cigarette size

The last aspect we will discuss in this guide is the size of the electronic cigarette. Something fundamental, given that if we have to take it with us, we will surely be interested in a more compact product, while if we want to use it at home it will not matter the size, provided it is not exaggerated to save the gym, of course.

If we take a look at any comparison of electronic cigarettes, we will see that the variety of sizes and sizes is remarkable. The lighter models are similar in size to a pen, although somewhat thicker, with a nozzle and atomizer properly positioned to give you a good feeling. Many of them include straps to be able to hang them around the neck and carry them comfortably.

Also compact are the baby-type square battery models. These models are somewhat heavier but not especially bulky. Generally, they are the most powerful and highest battery models, so it is not at all strange that their weight is higher.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, electronic cigarette or vaper?

To begin, we must know what is the difference between an electronic cigarette and a vaper. And the truth is that there is no difference between the devices, but in the liquid, we use to burn. And the definition of vaper implies that it is used with liquids that include nicotine in its composition.

Since all liquids, with very few exceptions, can be used in any model, it is enough to use a product with nicotine to convert an electronic cigarette into a vaper. However, if you are worried about your health , an electronic cigarette will always be better since the liquid will not contain nicotine, compared to those who turn the product into a vaper.

Q2: How to charge the electronic cigarette?

If it is about loading the liquid inside the cigarette, we must open this tank and carefully pour the liquid inside. It is a process in which it is essential not to exceed the load limit of the product to avoid spills and other inconveniences.

But if we refer to the electrical charge necessary for the device to work, the process is as simple as connecting the USB charging cable and plugging it into a mobile charger, an external battery or any other similar port such as the USB port of your computer.

Q3: How to fix an electronic cigarette?

One of the advantages of electronic cigarettes is that we can keep it ourselves. Among these maintenance tasks are the change of resistance, the repair of leaks in the tank or the change of the soaps that are used in some models to proceed to vaporization.

It is even possible to change the batteries in those models that include this function. Anyway, all these options vary between different models, so you should see the product instruction manual to know what you can do.

Q4: Who invented the electronic cigarette?

Although the electronic cigarette seems like a recent invention, this product was invented in 1968 by Herbert A. Gilbert, who presented a product with which to vape liquids and enjoy pleasant flavors but without nicotine.

This product was not very successful and fell into oblivion until Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik launched a similar product in 2003 with the “advantage” of including nicotine, which gave him an extra in order to win the market. The rest of the story is already known, to the point that this product today has millions of users worldwide.

Q5: Can you take an electronic cigarette on the plane?

The main reason why an electronic cigarette can be a problem on board an airplane is because of its battery. However, the current technology of these products has advanced so much that IATA, the body that controls flight safety, allows electronic cigarettes to travel in the passenger’s hand luggage, as well as carrying them with them during the flight . But yes, with the express prohibition of using them as is not allowed to smoke conventional cigarettes.

How to use an electronic cigarette

Although electronic cigarette kits are becoming easier to use today, it doesn’t hurt to have some guidance in this regard. So if the vaping process generates doubts, you just have to read our guide to use an electronic cigarette and you can solve them on the fly.

Charge the battery

The first step we must take when we are going to use an electronic cigarette is to charge the battery. This process is key the first time we use the product, having to make a full charge of the battery, so that we get more out of it. For charging we can use the USB port that virtually all electronic cigarettes have, plugging it into a port of our computer or a mobile charger, for example.

Mount the claromizer and the resistance

In order for the cigarette to function properly, it is necessary to mount the claromizer inside, as well as the resistance. These two elements are responsible for the vaping is correct and the liquid is consumed properly. For this, it will be necessary that we take the resistance and wet it slightly with the chosen liquid.

These cotton should not drip, as the idea is to avoid dry heating, which can cause a bad taste and even destroy the resistance before use. Once moistened, it will be time to place this resistance in the cartomizer according to the product instructions and with great care to avoid deterioration.

Loading the liquid

If we already have these elements in place, it is time to load the liquid. This load must be made on the sides of the pouring hole of the tank but never on its central part, as this can cause air to be introduced into it. It is also important not to exceed the carrying capacity of the tank or leave liquid out of place, as it will end up leaking or spilling. Once the process is complete, it is essential to close everything correctly and leave it well mounted.

Activating the cigarette

If we have come here, it is time to enjoy it. To light our cigarette, we must press the activation button several times or use the switch included in the product, depending on what the instructions tell you. Once in operation, we will have to adjust the power, if the product allows, then proceed to press the button and inhale the cigarette for about five seconds.

As we practice with the technique, we can vary the time or power of vaping. Wait at least 30 seconds between draft and draft.


It is important to know that once the electronic cigarette is activated, it is necessary to perform certain maintenance tasks. Among them, the most important is the change in resistance, which we must do when we begin to notice a burning flavor in the vaping. It is also advisable to keep the battery always charged, as well as clean the product, deposit included, from time to time. This prevents the mixture of flavors from generating unpleasant results during use.

How to quit smoking with electronic cigarette

Despite the existing controversy, more and more users are turning to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to conventional cigarettes, but also as a starting point for a life without tobacco. However, it is necessary to have some discipline and know-how to use these types of products so that we are able to eliminate conventional tobacco from our lives and enjoy life without nicotine. And although we are not medical professionals, we can offer you some tips and guidelines to make this path easier for you.

Know the product well

Although it is logical, an electronic cigarette has a somewhat more complex operation than a normal cigarette. That is, it is not something as easy as taking out the cigarette, a cigarette lighter and starting to smoke. In the case of the electronic cigarette, it is necessary to fill the tank, charge the battery and know how to use the product. Therefore, starting knowing how it works and how to get the most out of this device is key.

The good news is that it is not too complicated and that, for those who seek simplicity, there are starter kits whose use is almost as easy as that of conventional cigarettes. Anyway, as you know what the most advanced models offer you when it comes to personalizing your experience, you probably want to make the leap and control your consumption even better.

Choosing the liquid

In addition to choosing an electronic cigarette appropriate to our preferences, in the choice of the liquid for smoking, we also have part of the success of the operation. It is important to know that most of the liquids that we find in the market do not contain nicotine, so if you want to take the radical step of eliminating this component of your cigarette and you have the willpower to do it, the product will accompany you . The wide range of existing flavors makes the change more tasty and enjoyable.

However, if you prefer a not-so-radical change, you also have liquids with nicotine. The advantage of the latter is that its concentration of nicotine is variable so that you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine present until it is eliminated. Something that helps eliminate the withdrawal caused by the lack of this component in the body.

Use only electronic cigarettes

One of the reasons why users of electronic cigarettes fail is because of their lack of discipline when it comes to staying away from conventional tobacco. Therefore, it is essential that from the moment you decide to start on the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, be firm in your decision and eliminate the usual tobacco from your life. As we have said, some liquids have varying amounts of nicotine, so eliminating it progressively from your body will be easy without resorting to conventional cigarettes.

Respect the rules

As a last tip, it is important that you respect the rules related to the limitation of tobacco use. One of the main reasons why smoking has been reduced is due to the limitations that have been imposed on tobacco in public places such as leisure establishments or public buildings.

For the electronic cigarette to be efficient, it is necessary to maintain this same discipline with this product in these places. In fact, the regulations of many autonomous communities already prevent the use of electronic cigarettes in these places, so if you respect them and “endure” the desire to take a drag, you will be adding health and reducing risks of relapse in tobacco.

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