The Best External Battery For Mobile- Reviews, And Buying Guide In 2020


Having extra energy for our mobile phone is as easy as equipping us with an external mobile battery that meets our needs. A part of the market in which we find products of different capacities, different measures and additional functions that may be interesting for some users, such as the function of double charging port or the included flashlight.

All this is without forgetting the necessary safety measures that the product must have, to avoid risks of overload or short circuit. If you are looking for a complete product, the Poweradd Pilot X7 battery offers you a capacity of 20,000 milliamps together with a dual output system and optimized charging according to what each device needs. Also interesting is the GRDE YN-025 model, which increases the capacity to 25,000 milliamps and has a size similar to that of your own mobile, which facilitates its transport.



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[Enhanced Version] Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank Portable Mobile Charger External Battery with 2 USB Outputs 3.1A for iPhone iPad Samsung Android Devices Tablets and More, Color-Black and Red




This battery has a charging capacity of 20,000 milliamps, combined with an intelligent charging system that offers maximum power output depending on what the device accepts.


In case you need to charge Apple devices, you will have to buy the corresponding cable separately or use one you have at home, since it is not included with the battery.


A quality battery that has the favor of users and with which to charge your devices about seven times.


 € 21.99




Power Bank External Battery 25000mAh Portable Charger with Ultra High Capacity, Dual Ports and 4 Way LED Flashlight for iPhone X 8 7 6 Puls, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android and Other Devices




This battery increases the total charge to 25,000 milliamps, with which to charge any device about 8 times. In addition, it has two ports with different output levels to charge your devices even faster.


The LEDs that indicate the state of charge of the product are located on one side of the battery and do not have a very large size, which makes it harder to see them clearly.


A compact battery with which to charge all kinds of devices at a good speed and with all the security you need.


 € 19.99




[Quick Charge 3.0] 10000mAh External Battery, BlitzWolf Qualcomm Portable Charger Quick Charge 3.0 2 Ports Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Android iPad Mobile PSP Tablets Cameras




This model incorporates Qualcomm’s fast charging system, with which it is possible to accelerate this process up to 40% compared to a conventional charger without this technology.


Since the load of the product is 10,000 mAh, it should be clear that this amount of energy will be sufficient for the needs of your devices without inconvenience.


A solution of tight load and high efficiency for those who do not need so much energy.







Opinions about the best external mobile batteries in the market


Keeping your mobile phone or any device active and charged is easy, even when you don’t have a plug nearby. A task in which to know which is the best external battery for mobile is important, so that you can optimize its characteristics to what you need. A task in which you can use our list of the best external batteries for mobile of 2019, with models of different capacities and characteristics for all tastes.


Poweradd Pilot X7



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Considered by many users as the best external mobile battery of the moment, the Poweradd Pilot X7 is an efficient product with which to keep your mobile or any other well-charged device. This model has a load capacity of 20,000 milliamps, enough to charge any current mobile 6 to 7 times. A product that performs this load at maximum speed, with an adjustable output system that seeks the optimal loading speed for each device.

The battery also has other quality details, such as its double USB charging port or the integrated flashlight, for when there is not much light nearby. A complete model that, as if that were not enough, is among the cheapest options, being considered the best external battery for mobile of value for money for many users.

If you are looking for cheap but quality external mobile batteries, as soon as you read what this model offers you, you will surely find out what you needed.



Capacity: Its 20,000 mAh allow you to charge your terminal almost seven times with a single charge.

Optimized output : Optimized output reduces charging time efficiently.

LED light : The LED light that indicates the state of charge has a nice circular format that makes it easier to see.

Double output: Its double USB output makes it possible to connect two devices at the same time and charge them in parallel

Flashlight: The battery also has a headlamp, with which to see everything clearer if the light is low.



Charging cable : The charging cable included with the battery is somewhat shorter than desirable, although you can use any USB to micro USB cable.

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If you are looking for the best external mobile battery with a capacity of 25,000 milliamps, this model would be close to that level. A model with that capacity, also having two charging ports with output speeds of 1 and 2.1 A, which allows optimizing the loading speed on those devices that accept it. This capacity of 25,000 milliamps is enough to charge almost any mobile up to 8 times, although you can also charge cameras, game consoles or tablets to name a few devices.

A complete model that is finished off with a compact size, similar to that of your smartphone and weighing 449 grams, in line with other models of this type. A battery that is finished off with details such as LED indicators that inform you of its state of charge, located on the side of the product.

To make it clearer what external battery for mobile to buy, we give you some more clues about what this product has to offer.



Charge : The total charge of this device is 25,000 milliamps, being enough to load up to 8 times some terminals.

Size : The size of the product is similar to that of any smartphone, so you will not have problems to take it with you wherever you want.

Ports : The battery has two different ports and allows the parallel charging of two devices.

Double speed: The model has a port with a maximum output of 1 A and another of 2.1 A, which accelerates the load on compatible models.



Charging indicators : The LED charging indicators are located on one side, which makes it difficult, in part, to see them clearly.

Flashlight : The included flashlight can serve an emergency but does not offer a particularly noticeable amount of light.

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BlitzWolf BW-P6



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The external battery for mobile BlitzWolf BW-P6 is an interesting alternative for those who do not have large charging needs. And this model offers you a total load of 10,000 milliamps, so you can charge your phone about three times with each load. This adjusted capacity does not affect its efficiency, since the battery has Qualcomm’s fast charging system that speeds up this process up to 40% faster than a conventional model would take.

It also helps the battery to be ready and charged in just 3 hours. This model also stands out for other class details, such as an LED indicator located on the front where to see the remaining charge or the double USB port with different charging capacities. Details of models of greater capacity that you will not have to give up with this device.

Designed for those who have somewhat more tight load needs, this model combines an interesting price with an efficient charging system.



Load capacity: Thanks to its compatibility with the Qualcomm system, this model offers you a faster charge than other conventional models.

Charging time: If you use the included charger and connected to the network, the battery is ready and fully charged in about 3 hours.

Double port: The double charging port allows you to choose the one that suits you, in addition to loading in parallel at high speed.



Capacity : As we have indicated, this model has a capacity of 10,000 milliamps, adjusted for users with greater need for loading.

External cover: Some user comments that the outer cover tends to scratch easily, so it should be treated with care.

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Wisman Q90



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Within the batteries we have analyzed, we also have models that take advantage of the sun’s energy to charge themselves. Models such as the Wisman Q90 battery, which has a solar panel with a conversion capacity of 8% with which to gradually add energy. In total, this model has a load capacity of 24,000 milliamps with which to charge almost any mobile up to eight times.

This charging can be done in parallel, thanks to the three ports ports included in the device with different speeds and a total load of 5A. And so you do not have problems to see everything clearer, this model includes two side LED lights that give extra lighting when necessary. Problems that you will not have when using it, thanks to its complete security system that avoids any risk during loading.

So you can properly use the power of the sun when charging your devices, this battery includes an efficient system of integrated solar panels.



Solar panel : The included solar panel has an 8% conversion rate, which gradually adds an extra charge to the battery.

Security : The model has considerable quality both in terms of the process of charging your devices and in the process of solar charging.

Fan : A practical USB fan is included as a gift with which to refresh your summer days.



Initial charge: Since the solar charge capacity is adjusted, it is recommended to carry the battery fully charged beforehand so as not to have later problems.

Apple Cables : As with other batteries, this model does not include the necessary charging cable for iPhone devices.

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Samsung EB-PG850B



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The Samsung EB-PG850B battery is another of the models that we wanted to highlight, since it is a simple and quality solution for those users who do not have great energy needs. This model has a capacity of 8400 milliamps, accompanied by a compact and lightweight design, just 210 grams, so taking it wherever you want is quite comfortable.

Its use is also convenient, with a USB connection port as well as a cable with micro USB output included, in case you do not want to carry cables over it. It also has a charge indicator by means of LED light located on the front. It is topped with a quality design with pastel finishes and all the security of Samsung cells, so you do not worry about any risk during the charging process.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of external batteries for mobile of the moment, this Samsung model adds points to be done with such honor.



Size : It is one of the most compact models we have analyzed, so it will not be annoying to take the battery with you wherever you need it.

Security : Thanks to the use of Samsung SDI cells inside this model, the product gives you extra security when executing any load.

Finishes: Its pastel finishes with synthetic leather base give this model an extra elegance.



Capacity : The load capacity is quite tight, 8400 milliamps, being enough for just 3 charges of any mobile.

Built-in cable: Although the built-in cable is quite practical, its curved finish is somewhat more cumbersome than a conventional straight cable would be.

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