External Hard Drive For Gaming Laptop

The Best External Hard Drive For Gaming Laptop- Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2020

When storing such important data for our company, it is necessary to have tools that give us the necessary security and capacity. So having an external 2 TB hard drive, in which to save all this data without complications, is not a bad idea. This is an improved technology that we can find in products such as Toshiba Canvio Basics hard drive.

This is a model widely recognized by users both for its efficiency in moving data and for the security it offers, especially if you have to move the disk. Another interesting option is the WD Elements Portable model, compatible with that 3.0 connectivity with which to obtain speeds of about 120 MB / s in write mode so that everything is even faster.

Comparison chart of the best external hard drive for a gaming laptop

Toshiba Canvio Basics – 2.5 inch (2TB) USB 3.0 portable external hard drive black

This hard drive combines USB 3.0 connectivity, with which to accelerate data transfer by up to 10, with good performance that helps you move data securely for both backup and conventional storage.

The connection cable of the device is somewhat short, around 40 centimeters, so you will have to replace it with a longer one in case the ports are poorly accessible.

This is a complete hard disk with which to store large amounts of data and move them efficiently thanks to its 3.0 connectivity.

WD Elements – 2 TB portable external hard drive with USB 3.0, black color

Following the line of the current models, this hard disk does not require external power but obtains the power directly from the USB port to which it is connected, thus simplifying the assembly.

Some user comments that the outer casing is not excessively resistant, so you must be careful when moving the device to prevent it from deteriorating due to a blow.

This is an already classic solution of the market with which to obtain safe and efficient storage for your data.

Seagate STEA2000400 – 2 TB hard drive, black color

This disc has a design and additional functions very suitable to accompany your laptop, such as its weight and adjusted size or its intelligent energy management that extends the life of your computer.

The product does not include the rubber bases that we find in other models of the market, so the product can move due to vibrations. If this is the case, it is not difficult to solve with “domestic” rubber bases.

This model has an elegant exterior design complemented by the usual quality of Seagate products.

The best external hard drive for gaming laptops on the market

When it comes to keeping the data of our company or our home safe, it is essential not to skimp on expenses or quality. That is why we want to help you find the best external hard drive for gaming laptops in which to store that data without risk. A task in which you can use our selection of the best external 2 TB hard drives of 2019, in which we include models from different manufacturers so you know what moves in the current market.

Toshiba Canvio Basics

 When deciding which the best external 2 TB hard drive is, the Toshiba Canvio Basics model is one of those that are always present. And this manufacturer is considered by many users as the best brand of external hard drives of 2 TB of the moment. This is something that we can easily perceive in detail such as the USB 3.0 connectivity of this model, which significantly accelerates the transfer of data with compatible devices.

Also in the hard drive resistance, which adds extra peace of mind when storing your data or its compact size that makes it easy to take it with you wherever you want as well as when placing it in your office? A product located among our cheap models, so for a good part of the market the best external hard drive of 2 TB for the price-quality ratio of the ones we have analyzed.

If you do not know which best external hard drive for gaming laptops to buy, this model is one of the cheapest and most efficient when saving your data.


Connectivity: Thanks to its USB 3.0 connectivity this device generates transfer speeds up to 10 times higher than 2.0 models.

Compact: The disc has measures of 13, 8 centimeters long by 12.5 wide and 3.8 deep, completed with a weight of 149 grams. All this makes it easy to take it with you wherever you want.

Elegant: The matte black exterior finish gives an extra elegance to the product, which does not attract attention once we have placed it.

Warranty: The product is guaranteed to come from one of the best known and most famous manufacturers in the sector such as Toshiba.

Installation: The installation process is as simple as connecting the device to your device and waiting for it to be configured automatically.


Cable: The included USB cable is somewhat short, so if the device ports are far away you will probably need a somewhat longer cable.

WD Elements Portable

The WD Elements Portable range is another classic product within the external hard drives of the market. A hard drive of 2 TB capacities and that has been improved with modern 3.0 connectivity so you don’t have problems when it comes to speeding up the transfer of your files. A simple device that does not need external power since it comes directly from the USB port to make its use easier.

This device has the advantage of being compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems, just formatting the disk for use under Mac OS X. as with the models of this brand; the size is compact, almost entering the palm of the hand also having a weight of approximately 231 grams.  These are functions that lead this model to approach the title of the best external hard drive of 2 TB of the moment.

For those who do not know what best external hard drive for gaming laptops to buy, this model is a versatile solution suitable for all types of uses.


3.0 Connectivity: USB 3.0 connectivity speeds up data transfer on devices compatible with this technology significantly.

Rubber feet: The housing includes small rubber feet that absorb the vibrations in operation.

No power: Thanks to its design, the product takes power directly from the USB port, without the need for additional power.


The resistance of the port: Some user comments that the USB port has a certain fragility, being recommended to treat it with care.

Housing: The housing has an improved resistance according to certain comments, so it is recommended to be careful when it comes to protecting the device.

Seagate STEA2000400

Since Seagate is one of the best-known brands in terms of hard drives, a model of the brand could not be missing. We talk about products like the 2 TB external hard drive Seagate STEA2000400. This disc has all the usual details, such as USB 3.0 connectivity and direct USB power that simplifies the installation process. All this while maintaining 2.0 connectivity for older devices, although obviously operating at a lower speed.

Anyway, its capacity for rotation at 5,400 rpm helps to maintain this speed. This is a complete product that also includes the software with which to make the backup process easy as well as to use basic functions such as drag and drop files as you would with any other device.

Let’s discover some more details of this model and everything it can do to properly take care of your precious data.


Exterior: The exterior finish is not only sturdy but also elegant, so you look stylish when moving your data.

Simple use: The device does not need complex installation, being able to use drag and drop functions to save discomfort in the process.

Own software: The included and proprietary backup software makes it easier for you to keep your data safe when necessary.


Total space: As with other models, it loses around 7% of its nominal capacity, being somewhat more than is reduced in other models.

Rubber feet: Another common problem we find in this model is the lack of rubber feet with which we can maintain the stability of the device.


Within our selection, there is also room for cheap or tight cost options. In this case, the chosen one is the Maxtor STSHX-M201TCBM model, which has the aforementioned 2 GB capacity without neglecting the details of the higher cost devices.

All this is a device that, in part, has technology and elements manufactured by Seagate, which gives extra peace of mind when trusting the device and its functions. So if you are looking for the best external 2 TB hard drive, in this model you will find a good candidate without neglecting the quality of the device.

If you still do not know what 2 TB external hard drive to buy and prefer to know the cheapest proposals on the market, this model has practically everything you need.


USB compatibility: The model has high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity, also being compatible with devices that use USB 2.0 connections

Resistance: The outer cover has a good resistance against shocks and scratches, thus preventing damage to the device.

Seagate Technology: To have more peace of mind when storing your data, this model has many elements manufactured by Seagate, including backup software.


Use on Mac: To use the product on Mac computers it is necessary to format the product or use the included drivers, compared to the Plug & Play use it has on Windows.

Speed: Although the performance complies with USB 3.0 connectivity, in USB 2.0 connectivity it is somewhat slower than expected.

Transcend StoreJet 25M3S

When it comes to taking our data with us when working, sometimes we have problems with the resistance of the product. Something we can solve with the Transcend StoreJet 25M3S model. This hard drive is one of the few that have a military-type outer shell, which gives the device high resistance when used.

This does not prevent it from performing like conventional models since it has details such as the high transfer speed of products based on USB 3.0 connectivity. or the installation system without drivers or drivers that is usual on these disks. This is a complete model with which to store up to 2 TB of data, make backup copies and keep them safe even in the most complicated conditions.

If you need a hard disk of high resistance, this model has that extra protection that your data needs.


Resistant: This hard disk has a housing with military-type resistance, to adequately withstand the toughest uses you want to give it.

Multifunctional button: This button is used to reconnect the device or make backup copies by simply pressing it.

Speed: Following the approach of modern hard drives, this model also has USB 3.1 connectivity to further accelerate the performance of the computer.


Copy software: Some user comments that the included copy software is improvable, although its use is not mandatory.

Dimensions: Due to the protection of the housing the product is somewhat more bulky and heavy than conventional discs.

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