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What Are The Best Hifi JBL Speakers Of 2020?

When you feel like staying at home to enjoy your days off while watching a movie, on many occasions the sound of your TV does not give you all the sensitivity of the effects that are included in the format, so to complement the experience is a good idea to add a speaker that amplifies the sound.

A good option is the HiFi JBL speakers since they have the sound quality that characterizes the brand and provide comfortable dimensions to place in your home and thus enjoy a clear sound in those special situations. However, when in a comparison you are analyzing several models, you can face the question of what makes a speaker efficient? To help you answer this question, we provide some interesting information below.

First of all, they must be devices that can provide sound without distortion when the volume is raised, for this, at least two types of sound players are normally required to perform it efficiently. On the one hand, you must have a system to play high-pitched sounds and also provide a cone specializing in low sounds that are those that provide those deep effects in the audio.

Now, to provide a three-dimensional effect of sound and that your ears can interpret the location from which the sound comes and make you feel within the action, it is important to be able to place the speaker system in a suitable place and at an appropriate height, for What these devices normally offer a tower-shaped design, to offer a more real experience.

On the other hand, we recommend that you analyze the type of connection they provide to analyze whether it will be compatible with the audio outputs of the sound emitting device and thus ensure that it will reach the speaker properly.

JBL Arena 130

Main Advantage:

This speaker set offers high-quality output, in which JBL technology is combined with the good work of Harman, which also adds its experience to further improve the quality of this audio.

Main Disadvantage:

The working range of the speakers is somewhat adjusted in the bass zone, although this is compensated with a good configuration in its reflection system, to achieve deeper and more enveloping sensations.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

A quality product, like all of JBL, so you do not worry about enjoying a high-quality sound and considerable fidelity, regardless of the source you use.

Main Features Explained

Sound quality

To enjoy a quality more than considerable when it comes to enjoying your music or your favorite programs, this model has a really complex and high fidelity approach. So much so that the working range of the speakers ranges from 55 to 40,000 hertz, covering the entire usual sound range of these devices.

So that the product also improves the output in the bass line, these speakers incorporate a bass reflection system through ports operated by the rear area, which gives better enveloping and more pleasant sensations. All this without forgetting the sensitivity that they have, which reach 87 decibels, to further improve that audio output.

Sound settings

To achieve those good sound results that we are assessing, there are some important aspects. One of them is a 7-inch polycellulose woofer, which offers remarkable fidelity and a pleasant enveloping sensation. For its part, the 25 mm tweeter generates powerful high-quality treble. As for the low, the key is in the reflection system that we have already mentioned.

The other important aspect has to do with the HDI or High Definition Imaging technology on which the speakers are based. A technology of the brand with which to achieve that high fidelity, which is also reinforced with the additional adjustments provided by Harman, so that the sound profile still achieves greater quality and performance.

Exterior design

To finish off this model, the speakers have a pleasant exterior design and quality construction, so that they fit perfectly anywhere. Specifically, we talk about two separate pieces with one of them covered with a layer of quality foam, while the other is seen.

This exterior appearance is manufactured mainly in black tones, although in that finish we also find some details in silver, to give even more elegance to the product. Something to which also contribute panels with angled finishes at the top, thus obtaining a modern and really sophisticated finish for what is a high-level model, in terms of design.

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