The 5 Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020


When it comes to improving the sound of your stereo or your TV, a good subwoofer allows you to improve the output and sensations, especially at lower frequencies. To optimize the final result, it is key that you look for products with ample power, quality materials and construction that offers you excellent performance. The Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 of the moment, according to users, is the Mivoc Hype 10 G2 model, a device with a bass reflector that has a compact size and manageable weight of nine kilos. In addition, it consists of the cut-off frequency with a continuous regulation between 40 to 180 Hz. Next, another model that stands out among the preferences of users for its quality is the Jamo SUB 210, a classic style subwoofer that is available in brown and has a square design, similar to that of a box, added to that it works with a power of 200 W.



Comparison chart

mivoc Hype 10 G2 black Subwoofer active bass reflector

  • This subwoofer model has been recognized for its high power and ability to emit a pleasant sound and with low distortion. This thanks to the fact that it has been equipped by its manufacturer with a maximum power of 300 watts.
  • Although its operation and performance are of high quality, its design can be a bit of a mess and with careless details.
  • This model works with high power and has a compact and portable structure of the low weight. In addition, it has a frequency range of 20 to 180 Hz.


Jamo SUB 210 – 200W Subwoofer, brown

  • This model is an efficient alternative in sound amplification. However, it is its design that stands out in the structure, since it has wood finishes and a base with non-slip supports that improve its stability.
  • The model includes instructions that facilitate its use. However, these indications are concise in relation to the subsequent connections of the equipment.
  • It is a subwoofer that is made of quality materials and resistance, with a classic design and a pleasant sound power, its simple operation.


Bass Face BASS10.1 – 1100 W (10 “) subwoofer, black

  • Its cylindrical cut design, compared to the usual linear models, allows it to have a special cone with higher performance, generating a much cleaner signal in terms of audio quality and power.
  • Compared to other more advanced models, this subwoofer does not have an integrated amplifier system, so the audio power, although high, is not as much as it could be with that accessory.
  • A different product in its image, ideal to enjoy high-quality audio, also considered as the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 for the price-quality ratio of the moment.



Buying Guide – What is the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 on the market?


The subwoofer is an essential element in any sound; They have great sound equipment, car audio systems and are increasingly common in homes where there is home cinema or Home Cinema. But buying a subwoofer is not an easy task. It can become a whole story if we do not pay attention to the main features, for this reason we have created this guide to buy the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 in the current market, with the aim of selecting an economic one, but that it fully fulfills its function.


What function does a subwoofer play?

Subwoofers are speakers that reproduce low or low frequencies. This is important for every sound system, not just to listen to the so-called “heavy metal,” as some think; In reality, subwoofers are needed in almost all existing musical styles. Without them, we are not listening to music in its entirety.

But, currently, they are essential when building a Home Theater. They allow the soundtrack of a movie to be heard practically as if we were inside a commercial movie theater. Only with a subwoofer is it possible to reproduce sounds with very low decibels.

As for the cinema, subwoofers not only improve audio quality in general but also bring realism to the effects. High fidelity and surround sound, achieved by technologies such as Dolby Digital and DTS, would not be what they are without the help of subwoofers.

When we make a comparison of subwoofers, we can realize that there are too many options, of different sizes, functionality, and price. But before asking how much it costs, we invite you to know some important details.



As with all speakers, the power of the subwoofers is expressed in watts. If you are putting together a sound system for home theater, a subwoofer of 100 to 200 W of power will be more than enough, at least in a room of about 25 square meters. The truth is that the soundtracks demand a lot of power, but it is also true that we do not want to disturb the neighbors with the usual vibrations of walls. The position of the subwoofer and the isolation of the room will greatly influence the final result, so it is a matter of testing how you organize your sound system.

If you have good speakers that support bass, you can distribute the frequency more evenly and, in that case, all the load does not have to go to the subwoofer. We take this opportunity to reiterate what we all somehow intuit: if we exceed the volume, we can reduce the useful life not only of the subwoofer, but of the entire sound system.



In this case, capacity and power are not the same things. We refer to the ability to reproduce low frequencies. We can say that a good subwoofer can reproduce with good quality about 20 or 30 Hz, which is a fairly low level, but that will not vibrate the objects around, ideal if it is for our room.



This usually influences capacity and price. The more inches the subwoofer has the more impact and thrust it will have, in addition to better air displacement. It will also be more expensive, but everything will depend on your needs and preferences. The most recommended are those that come in a sealed box and those that have a cylindrical shape but are also sealed.

If it is a small bedroom, 12 inches is more than enough to have a high-quality sound.


Coil type

Finally, we want to clarify that the number of coils does not affect the real power of the subwoofer. Do not think that if we buy double coil subwoofers we will have twice the power. You may have more options in terms of impedance settings, but the power will be the same; The double and even quadruple coil can be more expensive and not represent a great advantage.

As you can see, it’s not about buying the most compact, prettiest or best-suited subwoofer with the Blu-ray. The truth is that it is a decision that requires study and meditation. You have to be very sure of what we need to not make an unnecessary or exaggerated purchase, but it is not good to fall short, so we invite you to take these basic characteristics into account.

If you care about brands, you will find models of JBL, Yamaha or Pioneer at good prices, but we recommend not being afraid of other brands; yes, try to review very well the comments on the Internet about the subwoofer you want to buy.


The 5 Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 – 2020 Reviews


When it comes to putting together a good sound, the speaker called the subwoofer is a fundamental piece because it corresponds to the reproduction of approximately the first two octaves, that is, the most serious, usually between 20 and 80 Hz. Especially if you like to listen to music like metal or funk, you will need a good subwoofer for optimal sound. But we know that there are so many brands of speakers in the market that it is difficult to decide which one to buy, that’s why we have prepared this small selection of the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 of 2019. Our main objective is that you can choose a good and economical one.


  1. Mivoc Hype 10 G2 Active Subwoofer


Main Advantage:

If this subwoofer model stands out for something, it is because it has a practical, manageable and functional design that improves the sound through its properties, being powerful equipment for its range, which works properly in large spaces of 30 square meters.


Main Disadvantage:

Although this model has high-end attributes, the finishes in its design may seem neglected, by incorporating the logo of the brand attached in an aesthetic way.


Verdict: 9.6 / 10

This subwoofer model has a functional and practical performance to improve the sound through a voltage in positions of 220-230 VAC, with 50Hz and for 110-1150 VAC, with 60 Hz, according to the requirements. In addition, its size is compact and its weight relatively light.






Before making a purchase decision, it is important that the user pay attention to the attributes of the subwoofer design, as this will allow proper handling and portability of the equipment. In this sense, the Mivoc Hype 10 G2 model has a classic rectangular design. It is built with high standards of quality and resistance, from robust materials, but worked in a delicate and technological way to be light.

Therefore, this alternative weighs nine kilos, but because of its compact form, it is easy to transport without requiring additional help. It is available in an elegant black color, while its structure includes four bases that guarantee its stability and prevent slippage.


Power and sound

Subwoofers have been designed to improve the sound. Therefore, they are equipped with high-end performance in relation to power. This Mivoc model is no exception and meets high standards for the reproduction of the sound of each of the audio tracks. This is because it has been equipped by its manufacturer with an improved active module with powerful properties, which when mounted on the toroidal transformer emits a louder sound, devoid of hum and distortion.

Thanks to these characteristics, the model is capable of operating at a maximum of 300 watts, emitting a sound that many users describe as “beautiful”, since, when doing a correct manipulation of the Hertz, the powerful echo can reach all the room.


Frequency and operation

There is a wide variety of subwoofer options on the market in relation to quality, brand, frequency, and performance. Among all the alternatives, this Mivoc model is one of those that stands out for its high-end operating mechanism. 

In addition, it has an on and off system that works properly and is compatible with amplifiers of different brands. On the other hand, it has a frequency range between 20 to 180 Hz. In turn, it has a voltage suitable for two positions. On the one hand, it can be used on the left area for 220 and 230 V of alternating current and 50 Hz, while on the right it can be configured for 110 and 115 volts of alternating current with 60 Hz. So, according to the place where connect, as well as the frequency and voltage of the power supply, an option must be selected.


  1. Jamo SUB 210 200W Subwoofer


Those who want to get a subwoofer model that is functional and has high performance, with adequate power to improve sound quality, should take a look at the attributes presented by this model of the manufacturer Jamo. This alternative has a conventional design, which is available in brown, with delicate wood finishes.

In addition, it has a base with four non-slip feet that keep the device firm on the surfaces. Its height is 31.3 cm, while its weight is a lightweight of 7.5 kg, so it is easy to handle.

As for its performance, it works with a constant power or average square root of 200 watts. In addition, it has a frequency that goes between 38 and 200 Hertz. On the other hand, it works with an input voltage between 220 and 240 volts. Due to its characteristics, it emits sounds with a low level of distortion.

Before making a purchase, you should thoroughly know the positive properties and disadvantages of each model. Read the corresponding ones for this option.



Power: It works with a constant power of 200 watts, so its sound is clear and without distortion.

Design: Unlike other models, this one has elegant wood finishes, being also portable.

Frequency: It can be used with a frequency between 38 and 200 Hertz, allowing versatility in reproduction.

Weight: Despite being built with quality materials, its weight is relatively light, being 7.5 kilos.



Instructions: Although it includes instructions, these are insufficient when explaining subsequent connections.


  1. Bass Face BASS10.1 Subwoofer 1100 W


 Although not in the first place, the Bass Face BASS10.1 is considered one of the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 on the market. It has been designed to provide a more powerful bass output while maintaining a small format.

This model has double-stitched foam surround sound in its novel cylindrical shape. It also has a light and rigid cone that provides excellent sensitivity and high output capabilities. All these design features are not only for a more modern exterior shape but also offer a significant increase in the performance of traditional technologies.

The Bass Face BASS10.1 is very sensitive, which makes it compatible with a wide range of amplifiers and assemblies. A large sound plant is not necessary to obtain a highly satisfactory bass tone.

If you are wondering what is the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 for bass depth and output energy this may be the perfect answer for you since it has been developed precisely to provide these advantages, all in a very compact, lightweight and low-cost package.

It is likely that you have not yet decided on any of the devices we have presented on the list, and you are wondering which subwoofer to buy. Dare to read the advantages offered by this option.



Design: It attracts attention to its cylindrical shape, but this is also to offer very high sensitivity and power output. It incorporates light and rigid cone with a double foam seam that makes up its structure.

Power: It offers an output power of 1100 W, something that few people expect from such a peculiar subwoofer.

Basses: On the back, it incorporates a special port to improve the performance of the bass and its responsiveness with other components.

Dimensions and weight: It was designed to optimize the space it requires while offering unmatched power: its dimensions are 50.6 x 31 x 31 cm and it weighs 6 kg.



Amplifier: Customers miss that this subwoofer does not have the capacity of the amplifier, like some others existing in the market.


  1. Yamaha YST-FSW050 Subwoofer 100 W


 The Japanese brand Yamaha does not need a great presentation either. In the market since 1887, Yamaha is among the most important developers of musical instruments and electronic devices.

The Yamaha YST-FSW050 subwoofer is considered one of the best in the market in its value for money. It has a power of 100W sufficient to cover an entire room in even an entire floor.

It has the exclusive Advanced YST system of the Yamaha brand, in which the loudspeaker and amplifier work together to cancel the impedance of the loudspeaker so that the unit has a perfectly linear movement. This advanced system guarantees the highest levels of sound pressure and overall performance.

This model includes a 3.5 mm connector compatible with any device, so that its installation is simple, for example, you can connect it to a soundbar and the other cable to the electric current and you can already enjoy your favorite music with spectacular sound.

When we run into traditional manufacturers, we generally tend to assume that their products are good. That is why many believe that the best brand of subwoofers is Yamaha and its model offers us qualities that deserve to be reviewed below.



YST Advance: It is a Yamaha technology that allows joint work between the speaker and the amplifier, offering greater control over the bass, as well as enhancing them and improving their sound quality.

Power: It offers an output power of 100 W, which is suitable to offer an ideal experience in rooms of normal size, and even an entire apartment, according to some opinions.

Connectivity: It has a 3.5 mm connector with which you can connect it to almost any other compatible device to improve or complement its performance.

Dimensions: It is a bit compact, so you will have no problem accommodating it in the space you have for it.

Its measurements are: 16.3 x 35 x 35 cm and it is designed to be in a horizontal position preferably.



Remote control: You need to be connected to another Yamaha device in order to control it with remote control, users say.

  1. Yamaha NS-SW300 250W Subwoofer


With a modern and elegant design that denotes the quality, this subwoofer model of the Yamaha brand is one of the best options that can be achieved in the market. It is manufactured with materials of good resistance, with a robust body, being its square shape and easy to handle. In addition, it incorporates small supports that slightly separate the equipment from the ground, while preventing its sliding.

The product works with a constant power or root mean square 250W, suitable for rooms and lounges of 30m 2 without exceeding the maximum volume, or causing distortion or movement of windows.

On the other hand, its sound quality is accompanied by an intuitive use mechanism, with a front panel that facilitates its adjustments and control. Similarly, it works with a frequency range between 20 and 160 Hertz.

This Yamaha model stands out for its design, operation, and price. Learn more about its pros and cons.



Design: It consists of a modern and elegant design that is available in black, being its compact size.

Power: It has a powerful operation, with an average square root of 250 watts, as well as a convenient sound.

Panel: For handling and control it is equipped with a front panel that facilitates its adjustments.

Frequency: The equipment operates with a frequency range between 20 and 160 Hertz, admitting a good variety of sounds.



Weight: Although it has adequate size, its weight is much higher than other models.


How to use a subwoofer


You don’t have to be an audiophile to be able to appreciate and want to have this speaker that emits, in great detail, the most serious frequencies (the lowest spectrum) of the sound. For example, the soundtrack of any movie wins in realism when we add this product to our audio equipment


What is the subwoofer for?

The subwoofer allows you to perceive those decibels of the lower range, lavishing that surround sound in which you feel immersed every time you attend a movie theater or a live concert. That is, you give it professional sound wherever you install it.

The subwoofer has the particularity of providing “face-to-face sound”: everything that sounds (music, vocals, effects) constitutes an auditory presence that physically permeates the environment, since the subwoofer, while sounding, “moves” air masses that They reach our auditory sense.


Why use a subwoofer?

Because it adds excitement and forcefulness to what we hear (it is almost a sound that is seen), both in movies and TV series (explosions, impacts, collisions, earthquakes, tsunamis), as in concerts (those virtuous bass punctures, determined percussions that bounce like a tennis ball in our rib cage).

Without going any further, the subwoofer allows you to appreciate, in the foreground, that vital and vital sound of the heart rhythm. Do you hear it resonating – serious, deep – inside? That is your own subwoofer!


Choose the right subwoofer for what you are looking for

In order to choose the right one for your requirements, take into account the available space of the enclosure where you are going to locate it. An area, for example, of 24 square meters, perfectly supports the vibration of 160 watts of power. The golden rule is that the more space, the more power the team should possess and vice versa.


Where to place the subwoofer?

Some manufacturers recommend placing the subwoofer in a corner, as the walls can help bounce the sound waves towards the seating areas. This is a good option, however, if you have several location options, you should try after connecting the subwoofer.

How to connect the subwoofer

All subwoofers require two connections: power and signal. For the power supply, you only need a nearby outlet. We recommend connecting the subwoofer in a power protection device to protect against surges.

For the signal connection, the simplest and most common option is to connect the subwoofer to the LFE connection of a home theater. It works for any receiver or amplifier with a subwoofer output.


How to optimize subwoofer performance

Your receiver may include a calibration microphone to optimize the performance of your speakers. In general, these self-calibration systems do a very good job of adapting the sound to your environment.

To manage the bass, go to the receiver settings menu and look for the speaker settings. There will be a size adjustment for the front left and right speakers. Set the speakers to “small”, even if you are using standing speakers. This is because the “small” setting will send the low frequencies to the subwoofer.

This is good for three reasons: it releases the front speakers to focus on the medium and high frequencies, allows your receiver to devote more power to the medium and high frequencies; and can prevent low frequencies from damaging the speakers.

Once you have set up the speakers as “small”, you may not need to tune the crossover. But if you want more accuracy, you can set the precise crossing point, measured in Hertz. All signals below the crossing point will be sent to the subwoofer. For bookshelf speakers, you can adjust the crossing point near 120 hertz. For large tower speakers, try 60 Hz. Most of the default receivers somewhere in the middle, usually fit around 80 Hz.


The most popular brands


We have made a review of the Best Home Theater Subwoofers Under 500 available in the current market, comparing its features and benefits with the opinions and comments of users on the Internet, and to help you choose the best product, we have selected some of the best brands, such as Pioneer, Yamaha, and JBL.


The Pioneer Company was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto, an engineer passionate about music whose purpose was to create high-quality audio technology for the full enjoyment of the nascent world of audio reproduction. It started as a small radio repair shop and speaker manufacturing in the Matsumoto garage. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the world’s leading brands in the manufacture of audio and video products for home use, in cars, events, and businesses.

The initial motivation has not changed in its more than 70 years of history as a company, which is to offer advanced technology solutions for full enjoyment of sound and image, with the determination to constantly innovate, based on high-quality standards. Currently, the brand has a commercial presence worldwide and can be found in most technology stores globally.

Among the products marketed by the company, we can highlight car devices such as radios, CD and DVD players, MP3, GPS navigators, speakers, Subwoofers, sound plants, amplifiers, as well as accessories for bicycles and motorcycles, disc burners, external readers, home sound equipment, home cinema, soundbars, Blu-ray players, headphones, among many other products.


The Yamaha brand was born thanks to the great passion of its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, for music. The company was born as Nippon Gakki Co. 1897 in Tokyo, Japan, as a small keyboard instrument manufacturing workshop. During the first years of the twentieth century, the company’s products begin to gain notoriety, in particular, its pianos and organs, and the expansion of the brand begins with the introduction to the market of its high-fidelity audio players.

In 1955, another milestone is marked, with the establishment of the Yamaha Motor Co branch, with which motorcycle manufacturing begins. After the second half of the century, the company expands its marketing range, establishing subsidiaries in Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania, with the creation of its first digital instruments, wind, strings, toys, and electronic devices, among other products.

Currently, Yamaha products cover a wide variety of keyboard instruments, strings, wind, electronic keyboards, percussion instruments, music production equipment, home cinema equipment, Blu-ray players, speakers, amplifiers, headphones, consoles of sound, among many other products.


The JBL brand belongs to the American company Harman, which offers technological solutions of various kinds for the regular consumer and for industries and companies. It is responsible, through its various brands, for the design and manufacture of innovative products and solutions in the field of audio and video technology, car systems, automated systems for industries and other facilities. For more than 60 years, its products have been used in more than 30 million vehicles and in many homes and businesses.

Currently, the JBL brand has a worldwide commercial presence, especially in Europe and America, marketing a wide variety of audio and video products, including various headphones, speakers, soundbars, home theater, Subwoofer, speakers and car amplifiers, Bluetooth bugles, among other products.

Its various Subwoofers offer exclusive designs and great power and sharpness in bass reproduction, with high power and clarity.

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