The 5 Best Micro USB Cables of 2020

The best micro USB cable has become a staple in our home. For a while only our mobile used it, but today the list of devices that use it is almost endless. That is why it is so important to find the best micro USB cable of the moment since a low-quality cable not only will not perform properly but can also end up deteriorating the connections of our equipment.

This can be avoided by acquiring the AmazonBasics L6LU2024-CS-R , a cable with a load capacity of up to 2100 mAh, which supports speeds up to 480 Mbps for data transmission, making it an alternative suitable for the charge of mobile phones, tablets, among other devices. Also interesting is the Gritin G1069 model which, despite being among the cheapest micro USB cables we have analyzed, offers us a set of three cables of different sizes and with a maximum load of 2.4 A with which to charge any device at a good speed.

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Comparison chart of the Best Micro USB Cables

AmazonBasics – USB 2.0 A to micro USB B cable with double braid | 1.8 m, Dark Gray

This model is notable for being made of resistant materials, including in its construction nylon fiber with double braiding for greater robustness and a gold plating resistant to corrosion.

This USB cable has no negative properties, beyond that it can be more rigid than traditional models. However, this does not affect its performance and functionality.

It is a cable recognized among the best for its high degree of robustness, being a suitable alternative to charge different devices quickly and safely.

Gritin Micro USB Cable 3 Pack-1M / 1.5M / 2M, Fast Nylon Braided Charging Micro USB Charger for Galaxy, Kindle, Nexus and more

This set of cables combine a load capacity of 2.4 A with a data transfer speed that reaches 480 MB /s so that you take better advantage of the time when charging your device or moving data.

Due to the outer braiding of the cables, you may find it somewhat more difficult to adjust them if necessary, although at least they will last longer.

This is a very practical cable at an adjusted price, which nevertheless has all the quality and efficiency of the highest-priced models.

AUKEY Micro USB Cable [1.2m * 3] USB 2.0 Quick Charge and Synchronization for Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge +, HUAWEI Honor 6, HTC Desire, Sony, etc. – black

This micro USB cable is an appropriate option because for a single price it includes three high-quality cables, with a length of 1.2 meters each, which can be used to charge devices or transfer data, which provides the versatility of use.

Although it has a fast operation, with some devices it is complex to fit the plug in the mobile, being necessary to make pressure to connect it.

It is an optimized operating cable that is available in black and works with adequate load capacity and transfer speed, being suitable for its universal properties.

The 5 Best Micro USB Cables – Reviews 2020

Having a quality micro USB cable is the best decision you can make if you want to take care of your devices. And it is that a good cable not only charges and takes better care of your battery, but also keeps the connectors in good condition. That is why it is key to spend some time looking for the best micro USB cable you can find, depending on the specific needs of your devices. And although in the current market there is no consensus on what is the best brand of micro USB cables in the market, the truth is that, with the models we have selected for you, you will not need to know, thanks to its quality and efficiency.

  1. AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A to micro USB cable

The resistance and elegance are two characteristics that are present in this Amazon 2.0 USB 2.0 cable, since it has been delicately constructed with strong materials such as nylon fiber and velcro, with double braiding.

Its design is modern, because it has a type A connector on one end and a type B connector on the other. It is available in dark gray and its connectors have been gold plated, while the head is compatible with different housings, even being corrosion resistant.

Its length is 1.8 meters and includes a strap that allows you to adjust the length for ease of use. In addition, it works with a data transmission rate of 480 Mbps, with a load capacity of 2100 mAh. Due to its specifications, the model is suitable for charging almost any device, such as tablets, mobiles, power banks, headphones and other equipment of different brands, with optimized performance.

Some models stand out from the rest, such as this option, and their positive and negative details need to be reviewed.


Capacity: It is equipped with a capacity for data transmission of 480 Mbps and 2100 mAh.

Construction: Its construction is strong, made with nylon fiber and double-braided, as well as corrosion-resistant plating.

Length: It has a length of 1.8 meters and has a strap to adjust this length.

Compatibility: It is suitable for use in almost any device that requires a micro USB for charging.


Rigidity: Unlike other models, this one is more rigid, being solid but not very flexible.

  1. Gritin Micro USB Cable 3 Pack-1M

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Located within the range of cheap micro USB cables, the Gritin G1069 lot has everything you need to properly connect and charge all your devices. A lot consisting of three different cables, with measures of 1, 1.5 and 2 meters respectively, that adjust to different situations in which you may need them.

Cables that have adequate performance both in terms of charging mode and data transfer speed. Being precise, the cables generate 2.4 A in load and have speeds of 480 MB / s when moving data.

A good performance that is topped with quality details, such as the braiding of the cable that generates greater resistance when using it. A typical finish of a product that would be close to being the best price-quality micro USB cable we have analyzed.

If you don’t know what micro USB cable to buy, this batch of cables that we analyze below can be an interesting idea.


Load capacity: Its load capacity reaches 2.4 A, thus generating a faster load than other smaller capacity cables.

Data transfer: The cable adequately complies with the current standard, with transfer speeds reaching 480 MB / s.

External braiding: External braiding adds extra resistance to the cables against the torsion of the use.

Variety: This lot includes a cable of 1 meter, another of 1.5 meters and a third of 2 meters, so you always have the one that suits you best.


Eyelashes: As with other models, it is important to be careful with the connection tabs since they can be damaged with use.

Rigidity: Due to the outer braiding you may have some problems when folding the cable.

  1. Aukey Micro USB 2.0 Cable


The price-quality ratio in this micro USB cable is convenient because for a single cost the user will get a pack of three cables with a length of 1.2 cm each, being a suitable alternative. This model of the manufacturer Aukey is available in black color, with a highly reinforced PVC surface that provides greater robustness and protection inside the cables and connectors.

In addition, it is capable of transmitting data at a maximum speed of 480 Mbits, which means an efficient transmission of data, added that you should not wait long for the process to complete.

On the other hand, it is considered as a universal charger, since it is compatible with smartphones and tablets of brands such as LG, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC and more. All this means that the product can be used in various work or academic environments.

For an insured purchase, it would be nice if you know more about the attributes of this Aukey model.


Pack: For a single price, three cables with an adequate length of 1.2 meters per unit are included.

Compatibility: It is suitable for use in a wide range of mobile devices and devices.

Construction: Its construction is robust, with a reinforced PVC surface that resists bending without complications.

Capacity: It works with a favorable transmission capacity since it allows data to circulate at a speed of 480 Mbits.


Plug: When connecting to certain devices, you have to put some pressure on the plug to fit.

  1. Choetech Micro USB Charging Cable & Sync


If you are looking for a cable that gives you the greatest comfort, the CHOETECH XAC-0012-101-2BK is all you need. And this micro USB cable has various details that make it a very interesting model.

Among them we have double connectivity, so you can use it as a USB or C port as you prefer. It is also new in terms of wiring, which changes the flat and twisted cable to a spiral cable that is much more comfortable when it comes to charging and also when it is stored.

 This is a set of two 1.2 meter cables, which also incorporates a conventional cable model if you prefer. A complete set with which to load everything you need with remarkable comfort and safety.

Designed to give you greater comfort and versatility, let’s see some more detail about this interesting set.


Double connection: The double connection of this model, USB, and C, helps you always have the charger you need for any device.

Spiral cable: The spiral cable gives you greater comfort when connecting your devices while preventing the cable from being wound.

Gold connectors: Following the line of the best products, the connectors of this model are gold, for better data or energy transfer.


Compatibility: The cable has some incompatibility with the fast charging of models such as the Nexus 5X or some Lumia models, although it charges them at normal speed.

Data and USB 3.0: According to some users, the cable is not capable of transferring data if it is connected to USB 3.0 ports.

  1. Aviwis Magnetic Micro USB Cable


If you do not want to worry about the good condition of the connectors of your devices while simplifying the cable connection process, the Tuoya C001 model brings you a pleasant novelty such as its interesting magnetic head. This head connects directly to your terminal without risks, without tabs and staying in place even if you use it to charge your mobile while driving.

A new system that does not harm its performance, offering good speed both in terms of loading and data flow, with fast loading thanks to its 2.4 A capacity.

A cable that ends with a high-quality braid that does not deteriorate over time. A product that is compatible with all types of devices, both mobile and tablets, power banks and any other that uses this type of connection.

If you want to know more about this new connection system for the micro USB port, we give you some more details about the features of this modern cable.


Magnetic: This magnetic micro USB cable directly connects the head to the connector without the need to fret it.

Smoothness: In case you use the cable to charge your devices in the car, the magnetic head reduces the tension on the charging port.

Optimum performance: The equipment has optimal performance both in terms of energy load and data transfer.


Heat: The connector may become hot during the charging process, which should be taken into account when using it.

LED: The cable includes an LED that is really useless since it is always on.

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