The Best PC Speakers Under 200 – Reviews And Buying Guide In 2020

Having a good sound system connected to the computer can allow you to enjoy all kinds of music, movies, video games, applications and more. If you don’t want to have to deal with annoying cables that take up more space than they should, you may be interested in the best pc speakers under 200.

 Luckily, the market offers multiple options to meet the needs of its buyers, such as the Vooki F5 model, a very compact size device, compatible with other devices besides the computer, waterproof and with a 3,000 mAh battery so you can use it without having it plugged into an outlet. Another good option could be the Logitech Z207 speakers, modern and attractive design with a power of 10W, 3.5 mm jack input and independent volume controls. They use batteries as a power source and the purchase includes a spare pair so you should not purchase them separately.


Comparison chart of the best PC speakers under 200

Bluetooth speaker, VOOKI Wireless speakers UZOPI 10W IP67

  • It is a wireless speaker of compact size that, in addition to working with the PC, you can also use it with phones, tablets, and even SD memories thanks to the built-in slot. It is waterproof and has high compatibility with various audio formats.
  • Apparently, it has been mentioned in the review sections that when the speaker is manipulated when turning it on or off, it produces a sharp beep that can be really annoying for some users.
  • It is a practical alternative for those who do not have space on their desk or want to invest in a speaker that they can take out of the home without worries to encourage any small meeting.


Logitech Z207 – Bluetooth speakers for PC, white

  • Logitech speakers have a power of 10W, modern and attractive design and practical and versatile connectivity so you can link them with all kinds of music player devices and enjoy great sound quality without sacrificing too much space.
  • They do not have an integrated equalizer system, which is why you should adjust the highs and lows through your computer or the playback equipment you are using. Automatic applications are recommended to expedite it.
  • The Z207 is a good option to equip your computer with a pair of speakers that allow you to watch videos, movies or play video games without headphones.

Muzili Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker

  • This model is portable, has a battery of 6 hours of autonomy and connectivity by Bluetooth and 3.5 mm Jack. It is easy to master and you can link it with many computers besides the computer so you can get more out of your investment.
  • Although the equipment is capable of reproducing free broadcast radio, its buyers consider reception to be quite poor and it is difficult to find stations that reproduce clearly and without interference.
  • It can be a basic complement to the home computer, as well as a good companion for meetings at home or a relaxing afternoon with music in the garden.


 What are the best PC speakers under 200 on the market?


The wireless PC speakers are there for a couple of years so that today you can find hundreds of models of different brands, shapes, sizes, colors, and available capacity. In this comparison, we will study what are the most important characteristics to consider when you want to invest in this type of products and we will present three competitive models that have good valuations in the purchase sites and meet the basic requirements of any buyer.

The use of the best pc speakers under 200 is quite wide. Being sound reproduction systems, its application is found in virtually any electronic entertainment equipment, be it televisions, phones, tablets, etc. However, computers do not usually include this equipment but must be purchased separately and connected via cables to the sound card.

Although there are many alternatives in speakers, having them connected by cables limits their mobility and, therefore, their practicality. If you want to avoid wiring clutter in your home or office, wireless models may be the right solution.

When you are studying the market proposals in this category, you can evaluate some aspects that are probably very influential in the performance and overall satisfaction that the wireless speakers of your interest bring you.

First, you should consider the design of the speakers. Keep in mind their size and weight, since you may want to place them near the computer to enjoy surround sound when you see that movie that interests you so much or you are exceeding levels in your favorite video game.

Second, study connectivity. Some models may be more practical than others, either because they can link with more equipment besides the PC, which is very useful for you to get the most out of that money invested.

And, thirdly, since these speakers usually work using Bluetooth connectivity, carefully analyze the capacity of your battery. After all, grace is that they do not need to be connected, but that means that they require energy from another source in order to function.


What are the best PC speakers under 200 of 2019?



  1. VOOKI UZOPI 10W Wireless Speakers IP67

Vooki offers you a very striking option both for use at home and outside it: the F5 speaker. This model stands out for being very portable. It has dimensions of 12.8 x 5.2 x 6.5 centimeters and the purchase includes a small buckle with which you can secure it to any bag, strap or keychain you want.

It has a sound power of 10W and its buyers are satisfied and even some surprised with its performance. Another highlight is that it has IP67 impermeability, so you won’t have to worry about it getting wet with rain and it can function as an emergency battery for you to charge your USB devices.

It is capable of playing different audio formats, among which are MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC to avoid compatibility problems between your files. And, as if that weren’t enough, it also has an SD card slot for you to play the songs stored on your phone without the need for an outlet thanks to its 3,000 mAh battery.


  1. Logitech Z207 Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Logitech could be one of the best brands in wireless speakers and a good representative of why the Z207 would be. It is a set of speakers that can be purchased in black or white to combine with your computer.

They can reach a sound power of 10W and have a design with four transducers to balance the tones of different musical styles and offer sharpness and clarity. In the main speaker, you will find a knob to adjust the volume easily and indicator lights that will let you know if it is paired with other equipment or not.

They can be connected via Bluetooth 4.1 or 3.5 mm jack, giving you freedom of use so you can also link them with phones, tablets, and MP3 players. The cable is included with the purchase and the range of its signal is approximately 20 meters.

  1. Vigorun Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Speaker123 of Vigorum is a very compact and portable wireless model. It has dimensions of 18 x 4.4 x 6.3 centimeters and weighs 340 grams. You can take it to many places without worrying about energy since it has a lithium polymer battery that will allow you to enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous playback without problems.

The receiving antenna of this model allows you to receive signals that are up to 10 meters away and its Bluetooth technology is 4.0 to be compatible with multiple devices wirelessly. In addition, this best pc speakers under 200  also have a 3.5 mm Jack port for physical connections.

As for its power, the Speaker123 has a combined 6W performance. Its sharpness seems to be sufficient for domestic consumption and the buttons on the control panel are fully identified for ease of operation by any user.


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