The Best Portable Speakers-Reviews In 2020

 For your PC, for your car, for your mobile… there are many situations in which good portable speakers can give you the power you need to enjoy your music. So you know what to look for when buying, we offer some clues about the items you should consider. And to make your purchase even easier you can check our comparison of the best portable speakers with three products selected for their quality and their good valuation by consumers.

Comparison chart of The best portable speakers

Archeer Portable Speaker

  • The equipment has different quality details such as its two 5-watt output elements with 2.0 format, its A2DP connectivity, as well as through 3.5 connectivity and the beautiful aluminum alloy exterior design that offers a very interesting image.
  • To cite a “but”, the product is not accompanied by instructions in Spanish, although given the simplicity of use of the equipment this is not a serious problem either.
  • An interesting model to enjoy a powerful sound and for longer, with an autonomy of up to 8 hours.

Sony SRSX2B – Portable speakers

  • This model has a power of 20 watts, which combined with the brand’s own ClearAudio + system generates a much more pleasant and higher quality sound than other devices on the market.
  • This product has compatibility with the Bluetooth 3.0 system but does not take full advantage of the performance of the modern 4.0 system, although at least its compatibility is guaranteed.
  • A pleasant surprise with which to enjoy a higher quality sound than of most conventional speakers.

JBL Go – Portable Speaker for Smartphones

  • As a product of JBL, this equipment offers high-quality sound with clean treble and bass of remarkable power, allowing you to properly enjoy any sound source that includes Bluetooth.
  • The nominal power of this equipment is 3 watts so that it can be somewhat short in noisy environments or in case you want to use it in large rooms.
  • A very compact portable speaker with remarkable sound quality as it corresponds to the brand.

What are the best portable speakers in 2020?

As with conventional speakers, the first aspect to consider is the output power. This power establishes how loud the speakers are going to be able to sound and therefore must adjust to the specific needs you may have. Obviously we do not talk about great powers to be portable models but there are notable differences between products.

The second important aspect is the weight and dimensions of the product. Because the fact that a portable product weighs half that others obviously implies greater comfort from the light compared to the heavier. Therefore, do not forget to consider checking all the weight of the loudspeaker to see that it is truly portable and does not become an excessive weight during its transport.

To conclude you can check the power and battery life of the product. The portable speakers usually work both plugged in and using batteries that can be recharged with the same cable with which they are plugged. The difference is marked by the lifetime of the battery, usually a few hours. The longer this time the more you can use the speakers without looking for a plug

Recommended Products

Archer A240

 The Archer A240 speaker is a compact product that despite its size offers a full output of 10 watts on two channels of 5 watts each, which puts it at the forefront of these models. It also has a bass control system similar to the operation of a 2.1 system that generates surround sound and higher quality.

All this in a product that barely weighs 400 grams and has a compact design which makes it easy to take it anywhere. The long-range Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to your music from anywhere, while the control buttons included allowing you to pause or change songs without having to go to the source of the sound.

As for its battery, it has a capacity of 1050 milliamps, with charging via mini USB port offering a range of up to 8 hours with very low consumption.


 From a big manufacturer like Sony, we can only get great speakers like the Sony SRSX2B model.

This product has a total output power of 20 watts on two channels of 10 watts each, together with the ClearAudio + audio management system that improves the sound quality obtained.

Its elegant design in rounded black tones and its weight of just 500 grams make it an easily portable product to take wherever you want. Equally easy to carry is to configure thanks to its Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and NFC one-touch technology so you only need to read the code to connect it.

As for its battery, made of Lithium-Ion, this guarantees an approximate autonomy of about 5 hours. Its integrated control system inside the speaker allows you to manage the volume, playback and even receive calls and use the product as a traditional hands-free for your mobile.

JBL Go black

 Adjusted price and traditional design. These are the two main attractions of the JBL Go portable speaker. Inside this speaker has a global power of 3 watts, somewhat adjusted but more than enough to enjoy the sound quality of JBL products.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect the speaker to any compatible device such as your mobile, tablet or PC without any difficulty.

As for its battery, this allows you to have up to 5 hours of autonomy, just to recharge it a simple mini USB cable. As for its portability, the product has a weight of only 132 grams, being by far the lightest of all.

It also includes a belt clip so you can take it with you whenever you want with maximum comfort.

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