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What Is The Best Sony Car Speaker Review Of 2020?

Sony is one of the brands that has won the most supporters over the years, offering sound solutions for its users, with products such as Sony car speakers. That is, you have already taken a good step in choosing it, even when selecting a specific model of the best Sony car speaker is still a pending task. So that you can decide, we compile here a series of basic elements to evaluate in a model to consider which is the one that best suits what you are looking for.


Initially, it is advisable to check if the model in question is compatible with your car model; This is evidenced in aspects such as its design and dimensions, making sure that these coincide with those of the hole arranged in the car to place the speaker.

Also, the power of the speaker is an important value, because it is what allows the sound to be played with enough force to be enjoyed. In this case, prefer the model that has the highest power.

In the same way, another element that directly influences the sound quality is the number of channels that it incorporates, taking into account that for this type of speakers, the most common are those of two or three channels, which would offer a good level of reproduction of high, low and medium.

As for the assembly of the speakers, make sure it is as simple as possible so that it can be done by yourself and in a short time. In addition, it values ​​the type of design, taking into account that some have shapes that cover more or less space inside the car and admit its location at various points inside it, being more versatile.

Now we present an option developed by Sony, so that you determine if it fits what you are looking for, always guided by the opinion of the users in the comparison.



Sony XS-FB6930


Main Advantage:

The 450 W of power with which this model is equipped, give it enough strength to reproduce various types of sound with a good level of volume and quality, providing a good playback experience while driving.


Main Disadvantage:

Some users mention that the structure of the case is not favorable either for reproduction, nor for its handling in general since they consider that the woofer is very exposed, but this is a variable factor from one user to another that does not limit the performance of the device


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Thanks to the fact that it is compatible with Sony’s Mega Bass technology, it is possible to make better use of the bass sounds of music or any type of audio you play.


Main Features Explained


Power and channels

Power is the backbone of a speaker’s performance because it is what allows the sound to be projected on a larger or smaller scale. Therefore, the developers of this model endowed it with 450 W of power, which allows it to offer a sound not only with reproduction quality, but with a good range of volume selection, so you can choose the level of sound intensity according to your mood.

To complement their performance, these devices have been configured to work with three-channel playback, which greatly improves the quality of the sound that is reproduced through them, because it can make a better reading of the bass, treble, and media, presenting a piece of crisp music that will enhance your entertainment experience in the car.


Design and weight

They are designed in black, one of the most profitable tones for these devices, which make them go unnoticed and at the same time harmonize with the other elements inside the car. In addition, the oval structure achieves a better projection of music.

On the other hand, they have a weight that favors both their handling in the installation process, and their location in various internal areas of the car, either in the side doors, front, or in the rear of the car, thanks to its few 4.6 kg Those who wish to take the audio projection to a higher level can combine them with amplifiers, which would further improve the projection of the music.


Compatibility and size

In addition to having a good level of compatibility with several car models known in the market, this specific model is designed to work correctly with the entire range belonging to the Sony line with Mega Bass circuit, so that they become an ideal option either to replace some of the older versions of the line or to give better power to the sounds in your car.

Another element that provides efficiency for listening to your favorite music is its dimensions since they measure 16 x 24 centimeters so that they can be considered to have a medium-high type size, which brings another positive point to their level of efficiency.

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