The 5 Best USB Bluetooth Adapter For PC – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

We all like to have our electronic devices connected to each other, more now with the emergence of new technologies and devices that make the connectivity system more attractive. But it turns out that not all electronic equipment incorporates Bluetooth technology. To solve this, there are Best usb bluetooth adapter for pc that come to interconnect those devices that do not have this technology with those that do.

But if you are thinking of buying an adapter of these, it is important that you are attentive to important aspects such as functionality, design, autonomy and connectivity and reach, so that you buy the one that best suits you and that has the best features . After having reviewed some of the best models of Bluetooth adapters on the market, we found that theLogitech Bluebox stands out for its wide connection range and for its lightweight design. The CSL-Computer Nano  is another adapter that also stands out for being one of the lightest and for its considerable connection range.

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Comparison chart

 Logitech Bluebox – Bluetooth Audio Adapter (Bridge function) Black

It is one of the easiest models to use since it is only necessary to press the button included in the device so that the pairing with the device you need automatically occurs, without the need for cables or other complications.

The sound quality obtained with the product is improved, especially when playing sounds from sources that do not have too much quality or whose connectivity does not take full advantage of this Bluetooth system.

A team of high compatibility and easy installation, with which to connect what you need without worries.

CSL – USB Nano Bluetooth V4.0 Adapter with LED | Class 4.0 Technology | The most modern standard | Plug & Play | Windows 10 compatible

It is the most basic and simple solution that you will find in the market to connect any Bluetooth device or add this connectivity, for example, to a PC that lacks conventional Bluetooth connectivity.

The product may have certain compatibility lacks depending on the devices to be connected. Among them, users comment on problems with the PS3 controls, so check the compatibility of your devices first.

One of the simplest and easiest products to assemble to have the Bluetooth connectivity that is so necessary today.

1mii Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Hi-Fi Audio Adapter, B06 Bluetooth 4.2 Adapter with 3D Surround aptX Low latency for Streaming Sound. Advanced CRS Bluetooth 4.2 chip

It stands out for being able to optimize the signal of Bluetooth 4.1 technology towards devices that do not have it, being a receiver with a range of up to 50 meters in open spaces, as well as 20 to 30 meters indoors.

This model does not include the adapter that allows you to connect to the household electrical network, so it is necessary to purchase it separately, which means an additional investment.

This device has an efficient operation, with favorable range distance. In addition, its design is compact, being easy to handle and install.

The 5 Best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc- 2020 Reviews

Bluetooth adapters are devices that function as transmitters and receivers to synchronize your electronic equipment and play your music wirelessly, below we show you the recommendations of our users to ensure that you make a smart investment when acquiring the best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc according to your requirements.

  1. Logitech 933 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Main Advantage:

The most outstanding quality of this Bluetooth adapter is its compatibility. It allows pairing with the vast majority of electronic devices that have Bluetooth technology, such as laptops, tablets, computers, phones and more.

Main Disadvantage:

Users miss a switch that allows them to turn off the device since if it is not being used they have to unplug it from the power outlet.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is an adapter with great connectivity that allows you to take the sound from your electronic devices, to your speakers wirelessly and without annoying cables. Many users have rated it with the highest score and recommend it as an excellent purchase option.

Main Features Explained

Connection capacity

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the sound you have stored on your Smartphone, laptop or tablet, with high quality on your speakers, and you do not know how to achieve it, you will not have to worry, since technology always gives us an option for each situation, and Bluetooth adapters have arrived to make our lives easier.

The Logitech Bluebox offers you a stable and secure connection for all your electronic devices that have Bluetooth, with those audio systems that do not have it. This device uses the Bluetooth connection to serve as a bridge between your personal devices and your speakers.

Its great connection capacity allows you to use virtually any audio system, such as home stereo systems, PC speaker systems and also with AV receivers; All this is possible thanks to the fact that it integrates RCA and audio cable inputs in its rear.

Autonomy and simple connection

Your phone, laptop, tablet, iPods and all electronic audio devices equipped with Bluetooth technology can easily be paired with Bluetooth adapter, as it has multipoint connectivity so you can pair two devices simultaneously. It has a range of up to 15 meters, enough distance so you can enjoy high-quality acoustics.

The pairing technique is otherwise simple, you just have to enter the menu of your device and connect it with the Logitech Bluebox. And for future connections, just press the big button of the adapter and you will have an automatic reconnection. It is very easy to use, without problems or complications; unlike other similar models offered by the market.

Compact and wireless

The Logitech Bluebox makes your dream of listening to the movies you have stored on your laptop, computer or tablet come true. You can connect to the speaker system you have at home and get high-quality wireless sound.

This adapter has an elegant presence and a compact body. It weighs only 177 g and measures 15 x 11 x 5.2 cm, so you do not need much space to mount it anywhere, you can also move it and take it wherever you want with total comfort so you can listen to music or movies at your home Friends, and best of all, you won’t have to deal with annoying and clogging cables.

It includes for your convenience and savings, a power cable and a 3.5 mm RCA audio cable. Both musics, such as videos or movies can be heard clearly on your favorite speakers. In addition, for its quality, you have a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

  1. Csl USB Nano Bluetooth V4.0 Adapter

 The recommendations that we present in this list will help you decide which is the best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc that meets the connectivity needs you have and that is why we suggest you evaluate this mini USB adapter, with just 41 grams of weight and a tiny size account With USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 interface which translates into a fast data transmission of up to 3 Mbit per second. The CSL is characterized by its easy installation and effective communication with all Bluetooth devices.

This CSL device is ideal for connecting your computer with your Smartphone or Tablet, as well as connecting other Bluetooth devices, for example, modern headphones or video game remote controls with a long-range of up to 10 meters.

Users point out that this adapter performs a minimum energy consumption that does not influence the battery level of the computer, it also has an excellent value for money that complement its features and good reputation among users.

When you get up and go to bed, the question of which Bluetooth adapter to buy still goes around in your head? We want to help you and we describe details of this high-quality model that can be very useful for you and even cover everything you are really looking for.


Modern: It has a modern design that gives you the opportunity to establish a great connection thanks to its advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Scope: It has a range that will surely be enough for you because it extends up to 10 meters away.

Versatility: In addition to its scope it gives you the possibility of establishing a connection with different equipment at the same time for greater versatility.

Battery : The battery of this product has great protection since this model has been designed to have a fairly low power consumption.


Compatibility : This great model of Bluetooth adapter that you are detailing is compatible with PS4 controller but not with the PS3 controller.

  1. 1mii B06 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Receiver

Those who seek quality at a reasonable price cannot ignore this 1mii alternative that stands out as one of the best options that can be achieved in the market. This Bluetooth adapter has been equipped by its manufacturer with Class 1 technology and is capable of reaching a maximum distance of 50 meters in open space and 20 to 30 meters inside.

Its installation is simple, it is only necessary to connect the receiver to an outlet and, then, with the 3.5 mm Jack cable the signal can be obtained in a device that until then did not have the technology.

Therefore, it is suitable for different devices, being possible to pair the signal and connect up to two mobiles to enjoy in speaker mode without wires. Similarly, it is equipped with a button that activates 3D sound when it has been paired.

A hasty decision can lead to a bad purchase. Hence it is convenient to know the details of the product. Below, we summarize the aspects corresponding to this option.


Design: It has a small size available in black, its compact and lightweight design.

Distance: Due to its capacity, it reaches a considerable maximum distance of 50 meters outdoors.

Audio: It has a button that is used to activate 3D Surround sound when it has been paired.

Installation: Its installation is simple and fast, it should only be connected to an outlet and then connect the 3.5 mm Jack cable.


Adapter: Does not include the adapter to connect to the network, only the car cigarette lighter.

  1. Aukey Bluetooth Receiver 4.1 Audio Wireless Adapter

 Whether you are looking for a Bluetooth adapter for PC or a Bluetooth adapter for TV, size is one of the factors that matter when you choose it, and the Aukey BR-C1 has a compact and lightweight design for its dimensions of 55 x 55 x 18 mm and 53gr weight that makes it really portable and easy to carry everywhere.

This device is a receiver that can be used in the audio system of your car, in the computer, Tablet and other wireless devices that synchronize quickly that also has the hands-free function because it incorporates a microphone to answer calls.

One of the most outstanding features of the Aukey BR-C1, is the battery life, according to the manufacturer lasts eight hours and recharges quickly in just two hours and is ready to operate at one hundred percent.

Users highlight the ease of use of this small device, with the press of a button it connects quickly with the equipment to synchronize to play your favorite music, so it includes a 3.5mm connection to connect speakers or headphones. For all these advantages, the Aukey BR-C1 is emerging as the best price-quality Bluetooth adapter.

Surely you let yourself be impressed on many occasions by the price, but this is not the only nor the best indicator of the quality of a product. For this reason we describe the positive and negative aspects of one of the cheapest Bluetooth adapter models.


Battery: It has a rechargeable battery that can work with a great autonomy of up to 8 hours in operation.

Connection: This adapter model can be connected to two Bluetooth mobile devices simultaneously.

Practical: You do not need additional controllers, just connect, press the button and you can enjoy its high quality.

Scope: It is possible to establish a pairing with Bluetooth devices up to a distance of 10 meters.


Audio: According to a minimum of users, their audio and signal systems are not very high quality.

  1. Avantree DG40S Bluetooth USB PC

 The Avantree DG40S is the smallest Bluetooth USB adapter on the market, with dimensions of 2.3 x 1.2 x 0.5 cm and a lightweight of 5gr, it is a device compatible with all the most commercial computer software versions and You can carry it comfortably in your pocket.

The DG40S has the latest version of Bluetooth, 4.0, which translates into higher transmission speed, fast synchronization between devices and minimal power consumption.

In its compact size, it includes an LED light that indicates when it is on, connected or in Stand by.

Despite having a simple and intuitive use, it includes a compact disc with a video guide so that the user can better understand all the uses that can be given to this useful device, it is also one of the cheapest available in the market.

If you already know what your budget is and you want to get a high-quality product that fits your disposition and need, we want to detail the pros and cons of the best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc for 10 euros.


Compact: It has a very compact design that makes your transfer, installation, and operation very easy and comfortable.

Compatibility: It is a model compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, headphones, Bluetooth mice, speakers, among others.

Support: By purchasing this Bluetooth adapter you have the possibility to enjoy telephone support, consultation by mail, personalized or video guide.

Indicator: It has an LED indicator that will allow you to know the operating status of the adapter.


Size: For some users, its size is so small that you must be very careful when storing or moving it from one place to another.

Logitech 933 Bluetooth Audio Receiver

 Considered by our customers as one of the best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc of 2019, the Logitech Bluebox allows you to pair your smartphone and Tablet because it has a multipoint Bluetooth, ideal function to stream with your devices and connect them to your speakers for sound quality superior and enjoy your favorite music to the fullest.

The versatility of the Bluebox facilitates its synchronization with virtually all types of audio systems because it has an RCA and 3.5mm connection.

Users highlight the wide connection range that guarantees a stable link at a maximum distance of 15 meters, that is, you can get away enough to dance or do your activities while playing your playlist, changing the songs or pausing them without approaching.

With a lightweight of 177 gr and dimensions of 15 x 11 x 5.2 cm, the Bluebox is designed as a box, in black with blue flashes on the main button, which also has the function of quick pairing for high connection speed and recognition by the devices.

So that you can acquire a very high-quality product, we invite you to know the most important aspects of this model that has been designed by the best brand of Bluetooth adapters according to customers.


Practical: So that you can use it in a very simple way you just have to press a button and the team will make its pairing in a very practical and simple way.

Connection: It has its connection for RCA and 3.5mm audio so you can take information from your mobile device to the adapter.

Scope: This model can be easily used up to a range of 15 meters with a great high-quality connection.

Acoustics: Within the design of this model it has been considered to provide great superior acoustics for better sound.

Compatibility : It has excellent compatibility so you can easily pair it with different advanced technology equipment.

How to use a Bluetooth adapter

To play MP3 music on a sound system, it is not necessary to have a USB port. To do this, you can connect it to a Bluetooth adapter and from there, play whatever you want. If you have already bought a device of this type and do not know how to use it, in this guide we will help you do things right, so that you can play your favorite files on an analog sound system, without complications.

Verify the connectivity of your Bluetooth adapter

Depending on the model of your adapter, you can check the connectors of your device. Many models include RCA connectors, 3.5 mm cable auxiliary or USB in case you want to play on more modern equipment, among others. This will allow you to inquire about the versatility of your adapter and to which audio equipment you can pair it via Bluetooth. 

Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the desired device

Depending on the connectivity of your Bluetooth adapter, you can connect any sound equipment, speakers, headphones and other digital systems such as computers, tablets, laptops, mobiles, among others.

In the case of connecting some analog sound equipment

Locate on your Bluetooth adapter the RCA connection consisting of two connections, one white and one red and connect the RCA cables of the sound equipment to the RCA connections of your Bluetooth adapter. Select the RCA function of your sound system.

In the case of connecting an MP3 player or headphones

Locate the connection of your Bluetooth adapter identified with the name AUX, which consists of a 3.5mm cable connector.

In the case of connecting a USB digital device

Locate the USB port of your Bluetooth adapter and connect it via a male-male USB cable to any device that supports this. Then, connect the other end of the USB cable to the device you want to pair. There are many models of Bluetooth adapters that allow you to pair several types of devices simultaneously.

Pair the device connected to the Bluetooth adapter

If you want to listen to the music on your mobile on the desired sound system, you must pair that sound equipment. To do this, you must turn on your Bluetooth adapter, audio equipment, and mobile phone. Next, you must activate the Bluetooth function and find the new device, to pair it with the equipment that has just been connected. For some models, you can ask for a password that is generally “1234” or “0000”.

Play the desired music file

Select from the mobile the MP3 file that you want to be played on your paired device and operate it from your mobile through the music application of your choice. This way, this file will be heard on your audio device. Make the necessary volume and sound adjustments and start enjoying your music.

In case of using headphones to receive calls

You can pair the sound equipment of your car to listen to the music of your mobile on that equipment. In case you receive a call, you can answer the call and listen to the conversation on the sound system of your car.

The most popular brands

A Bluetooth adapter is a small piece that is inserted into the USB port of any computer and its function is to pair different devices even though one of them does not work with Bluetooth technology. If you want to make an appropriate choice of this product, it is important to know who your manufacturer is, so we will make a review of the three best brands according to users.

This brand was created 35 years ago and since then, it has remained in constant development and evolution, offering an immense variety of technological solutions for its users, until reaching a catalog of products that without being too wide, offers models with a high level of quality and modernization in its functions and structure.

Kensington is characterized by offering computer and wireless equipment such as Bluetooth adapters, laptop chargers, tablets and mobiles, accessories, headphones, video adapters, USB drives, wireless cards, among other options, always trying to have the right device for your tasks when performing within the digital environment.

To achieve positioning, the brand has focused on various objectives, to which its success formula is attributed. Its products are made with engineering strategies to obtain the highest level of compatibility with other devices. On the other hand, they have an advanced industrial level in order to offer the best performance, measure the quality of each specimen through different tests, offer a level of customer support and package each product in the best way when shipping.

The beginning of the company took place in 2008 and since then, they have not stopped growing, always satisfying their customers, who are happy with the acquisition of TaoTronics products.

The brand is dedicated to the manufacture of various electrical equipment, especially small-sized devices, where we can mention headphones, desk lamps, adapters and Bluetooth transmitters, as well as headphones with this type of technology. As noted, it is a range of options specialized in wireless transmission, which always seeks to offer technological optimization solutions.

Because it is a company that was born in the era of digital platforms, the brand has the registration in various online sales platforms, having its respective registered trademark certificate in Amazon, which gives the user greater confidence when buying.

Its headquarters are in Germany and the United States, thus connecting to the markets of Europe and America. This is how their products reach millions of users every day. Its Bluetooth adapters have received many praises from buyers for having a robust structure and easy configuration.

VicTsing Technology Co, is a company founded in 2012 that is responsible for developing various electronic products aimed at the computer sector, appliances, audio, and entertainment.

As part of their mission, they are focused on providing the world with the greatest amount of products that, in addition to innovative, are practical and facilitate various daily activities. Also, they seek to offer competitive and low-cost prices so that each user can have access to the highest technology and quality. Its main motto is: “Choose VicTsing and create a quality life”.

Among its catalog, you can see a series of devices that are generally called accessories, but they have a key role for a better experience of using larger equipment. Thus, we find accessories for cars, for computers, for the home and for the mobile, as well as equipment for babies and for health, with a quite varied list of products.

Its Bluetooth adapters have a good range of coverage, simple installation and friendly design that seeks to optimize the data transmission experience.

Buying Guide – What is the best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc on the market?

Currently, having a Bluetooth adapter gives you several benefits to maintain connectivity between all your devices with those that do not have wireless technology incorporated, but to choose the right one, there are certain data that you should know and that we summarize in this guide to buy The best Bluetooth adapter, in order to help you invest your money well and acquire a product that is of quality, as well as economical.


Depending on your connection need, you can choose between a simple Bluetooth USB adapter that you connect to your computer that does not have this system integrated, to be able to synchronize with your Tablet or Smartphone to transmit videos, photos or documents between these devices.

Or you can buy a more advanced, dual adapter, which works as a receiver and transmitter, which allows you to give Bluetooth connection to appliances that do not have it as your TV, to listen to your favorite headphones on your wireless headphones or to synchronize the audio system of your vehicle to play your songs list from your mobile.

When you make the comparison of Bluetooth adapters, you can choose the one that suits your connection needs, taking this principle into account.


The design of the adapters varies according to the functionality they have, that is, the adapters for computers are tiny and imperceptible, while the dual adapters are larger and stand out for their modern and avant-garde design to combine with your electronic devices and become, also, in an accessory that complements your entertainment system.

So you have a variety of models, to choose the one that suits your taste and requirement, among which the cube or oval type that looks very modern and elegant because most are available in bright black or matt with details of colored lights.


For any consumer, expert or not, the price factor is decisive and after seeing so many options it is normal that the first thing you look at is how much it costs. And, when making a detailed comparison, you will see that there is a variety of prices as a variety of designs.

There are for all budgets. Obviously, the cost depends directly on whether it is a simple computer adapter or if it works as a receiver and transmitter. What we do recommend is that, in addition to looking at whether it is economical or not, check the reputation of the brand, that is, sometimes it is much better to acquire a brand product and pay a little more, but have the peace of mind of having a Quality equipment and that will resist the use you give it, to buy the cheapest one and that soon it will end up in the trash.


When you decide to buy a Bluetooth adapter in order to expand your audio system or stream with your devices, you must ensure that it has a durable battery and charges quickly to continue enjoying your music without limitations.

In the market, there are adapters of great quality and performance with a battery that holds up to 10 hours of continuous use and has a great recharge speed. There are also some that last less, from 8 to 6 hours. Before choosing, you must be sure of the use you are going to give it and how much autonomy you need, because it is obvious that this type of specifications affects the final price of the device.

In the case of simple adapters, they do not need alternating power other than what they get directly from the computer. That is why, if you decide to purchase one of these types, you should pay attention to the minimum consumption that does not influence the battery consumption of the equipment.

Connectivity and reach

This aspect is specific to adapters that function as receivers and transmitters, which integrate a conventional 3.5mm output to connect speakers and headphones.

As for the scope, this varies according to the brand and model. You can find adapters that work effectively in a range of 10m, enough distance to use your wireless mouse or headphones, as well as the remote control of your video game console. With the advancement of Bluetooth technology, we recommend you purchase an adapter with a version higher than 3.0, which will guarantee you faster data transmission, as well as better fidelity and sound quality.

The ones with greater interface provide greater stability in the connection and a considerable energy saving. Also, before deciding which is the best USB Bluetooth adapter for pc on the market, you should verify that its operation is simple and that the synchronization speed is fast to pair with the devices and offer you a pleasant connection experience.

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