Best USB Wall Charger – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis Of 2020

One of the best ways to charge different electronic devices quickly and safely is to buy the best USB wall charger. This is a versatile product that can be compatible with a large number of equipment. In this sense, USB chargers are accessories that should not be missing in our home or office, since they are very useful and, depending on the model you choose, you can use it with several devices at the same time.

In addition, you can take it wherever you want, since, generally, this product does not take up much space and is light. The current market offers several models with outstanding features, but let’s focuses on some of the best. One of them is the Rampow C01P, which offers the possibility of connecting up to 4 devices in a single charge and has an LED indicator to confirm that it is working correctly. On the other hand, we present the Samsung ETA-U90EWE , this has a single USB port, but it is special to charge almost any mobile device of the same brand. Also, it works with 2 Ah, so it is faster than others.

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Comparison chart of the best USB wall charger

Rampow Mobile Charger USB Wall Charger with 4 Ports 6.8A 

You will have 4 USB ports to charge different devices with a single device, it comes with 2 measures of electricity output, 1 A and 2.4 A; the former serves to maintain the load, while the higher amperage allows fast charging.

A user has commented that this charger could generate annoying noise while it is being used. However, he said the sound can be tolerated because it is not very loud.

It is the best model on our list and the most expensive, but it is one of the most versatile, as it offers 4 ports for different devices and is very fast.

Samsung ETA-U90EWE – Mobile charger (Micro USB, 2000 mAh, 240 V), White

It works with 5 V and 2 Ah, so it is special for Samsung Galaxy phones and other devices that have a micro USB input. On the other hand, we mentioned that it has a compact and lightweight white design, so it is possible to take it with you on a trip.

It would be good to bring another USB charging port, however, only one is enough for most people who have acquired it, because this does not affect its operation.

The connector of this equipment is European, so you will not have to buy an adapter to use it with a house plug.

UGREEN USB Wall Charger with Two USB Ports 5

This charger has two USB ports, one 1 Ah and another 2.4 Ah, so you can connect your devices to the most appropriate. In addition, it supports almost any 5V device, for example, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and many more.

The package does not include a USB cable to charge the devices, so you must purchase them separately. Of course, this does not negatively influence the quality of this product.

Thanks to its 2.4 Ah port it is possible to use it to fully charge an iPad mini in just 180 minutes.


The 4 Best USB wall charger – 2020 Reviews

Charging our electronic or mobile devices wherever we are is essential, so we must have a good charger. One of the most used and recommended today is the USB for its practicality, versatility, and ease of transport, as they are light and small.

Consequently, we will find a wide variety of models in the market, but among the best USB wall charger of 2020 are these five models that we will detail below. These are the most recommended and those with the highest reputation in sales, guaranteeing a successful purchase.

  1. Rampow USB Wall Mobile Charger


Main Advantage:

This USB charger consists of four ports so you can charge different devices at the same time. Thanks to a power of 34 watts, the battery of your smartphone, tablet, and others will be ready in a short time.

Main Disadvantage:

According to a user, the noise emitted by this charger while it is in operation could bother during sleeping hours.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is a great gadget that saves real space by avoiding having to take several chargers, for example, on a trip. As it has three pegs from different parts of the world, it is suitable for foreigners as well.

Main Features Explained

Great power

In addition to being universal and, therefore, compatible with electronic devices of the most prominent brands in the market, this USB charger draws attention for its extraordinary power. Specifically, it offers 34 watts, with a total output of 6.8 amps.

It is, therefore, an article that not only watches over the user’s time (thanks to the fact that it charges the batteries of the devices quickly) but also takes care of the life of the batteries. In this sense, it offers up to 2.4 amps per port, optimal for any device.

The voltage of this model is between 100 and 240 watts, which means that it is compatible with standard plugs from both the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, this article includes adapters from these countries so you can use it almost anywhere in the world.



This USB charger is equipped with a total of four ports, which means that the user can charge several electronic devices at the same time. This translates into a greater saving of time, but also of space, as you will not have to carry several chargers with you.

Specifically, this model has two 1A ports indicated for plugging mobile phones and/or smartphones and two 2,4A ports aimed at charging tablets and iPads. Since each port is marked with a color, it is very easy to identify which one is suitable for each device.

In this way, you will be certain that each electronic device will be subjected to the optimal charge. Not surprisingly, outputs 1A are indicated for those phones that require a slower charge. Of course, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Compact design

One of the advantages of this USB charger is its compact format and, therefore, suitable for moving from one place to another without complications. It has dimensions of 7.2 x 4.8 x 3 cm and weighs 145 grams, which means that you can carry it in your bag or backpack to use when you need it most. It is even appropriate to store in your pocket.

The charger is black and has a robust design ideal for storage in the suitcase without fear of damage. In fact, this model is equipped with internal circuits of the highest quality and resistant to fire.

It also includes a blue LED light indicator that confirms that the charger is working properly. This light is so dim that it does not bother at bedtime.

  1. Samsung ETA-U90EWE Mobile Charger

See more photos!

This is one of the cheapest USB chargers today, so we present its most outstanding features. It may be the product you are needing.

It has a USB port with its respective cable. The latter has at one of its ends the micro USB tip that is compatible with various Android phones and tablets; It mostly works for Samsung devices.

In addition to this, we mentioned that it is fast to load your equipment, thanks to the fact that it works with 2 Ah.

On the other hand, this model is compact and lightweight, so you do not have problems when traveling by plane with it, as it fits in your pocket or handbag. We also mentioned that it is a wall charger, so you can connect it to any plug without any problem. 

This product may be the best USB wall charger for 10 euros. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the cheapest accessories on the Internet, the following features may help you make a good choice.


Design: It is white and has the common design of Samsung mobile chargers. In addition, its tip to connect to the plug is the European type.

Efficiency: This product is capable of providing a full charge to any Samsung phone that has a micro USB input.

Amperage: It works with 2 Ah, so you can use it with various equipment that requires this loading speed.

Compact: It is one of the smallest chargers on the list, so you can take it with you on a trip without taking up much space in the suitcase.


Cable: It is missing that the cable is longer because it only measures 1 meter. However, for most buyers, this is not an inconvenience.

  1. Ugreen USB Wall Charger with Two Ports


According to some users, this is the best price-quality USB charger of the moment, as it does not have a high cost and is capable of charging 2 devices at the same time.

Also, it should be noted that you can charge a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone in just 110 minutes through the 1 Ah USB port and an iPad mini device in 180 minutes through the 2.4 Ah output. This means that it exceeds the speed of other chargers in the same category.

In another order of ideas, we can mention that it is white, but the seller offers the same model in black, so you can choose the one you want or the one that best suits your devices.

To make matters worse, this product will protect your devices from short circuits and overloads, providing greater safety and durability.

This could be the best brand of USB chargers, since Ugreen is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of accessories such as chargers and cables for various devices. Here are the pros and cons of one of their products.


Ports: It has 2 ports, one of 1 Ah and another of 2.4 Ah, which will be used to charge various devices.

Voltage : Thanks to its 5V voltage it is possible to charge various Apple phones, as well as Samsung or other devices that use the Android operating system.

Technology : It has an intelligent charging system, through which it recognizes the connected device to provide adequate energy.

Comfort: Since it is compact you can use it at home, office, workshop or take it on a trip wherever you go.


Accessory : It would be good if it came with a carrying bag, although this does not affect its functionality.

  1. Aukey Car adapter DC 5V output

 This USB car charger has 4 different ports, so it is functional to travel wherever you want without worrying about charging your electronic devices. It has a performance of 2.4 A in each of the inputs if used simultaneously. Its power is 48 W, which helps it to be fast and efficient in each use.

It is very light and compact, so you will not have to worry about taking it with you wherever you want because you can store it in any compartment of the car, without taking up too much space. It is compatible with many mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

It has an overheating and current overload protection system, so your equipment will always be safe when you are using it. Bring a light included so that you are aware of its operation.

If you don’t know which USB charger to buy, the Aukey CC-01 might be the most appropriate answer. We invite you to review its main positive and negative aspects, which we present in this section.


Type : It is a car charger, which you can easily connect to the cigarette lighter.

Technology : It has AiPower technology, which recognizes the type of load that each connected device requires, for greater accuracy and safety in its operation.

Color : It has a black color with the stamped mark, which means that it will combine with most cars.


Dimensions: It is a bit large, but this is offset by the fact that it has 4 ports to charge several devices at once.

USB : It would be nice if it came with a USB cable, however, for the price it has, this does not represent a disadvantage for many buyers.

Rampow USB Wall Mobile Charger

 This may be the best USB wall charger  on the list since it has 4 ports so you can use them with your devices. Two of them are indicated for 1 A, which allow keeping a slow charge, as well as keep some devices charged.

For its part, the two ports for 2.4 A offer the function of fast charging. In addition, you can easily identify them because they are marked with gray and red colors.

It has a power of 34 W, with a total output of 6.8 A. It has various protection mechanisms to prevent damage to the equipment you connect. It has an LED indicator of operation, which comes discreetly located and is soft light, to avoid that at night you can illuminate the spaces where you are using it.

It is compatible with various electronic devices, from smartphones of different brands to tablets. It is very small and light, so it will be easy to take it on your trips or trips home.

According to some buyers, this is the best USB wall charger of the moment, because it has several ports where you can connect devices of different types, such as phones and tablets.


Quantity: It has 4 ports, which makes the task of charging your different compatible electronic devices very practical.

Speed: It is capable of charging faster through the 2 ports of 2.4 Ah. In addition, it has 2 outputs of 1 Ah, which make this task slower, which is very useful for some phones whose manufacturers recommend this type of charge.

Type: It is a wall charger or common power socket, so you can connect it anywhere in the house without inconvenience.

Portability: It is a compact USB charger that you can carry from one side to another with ease, as it fits in your pocket or some small compartment of the backpack.


Weight: According to some users who have bought it, this charger weighs a little, 145 g, but this compensates for the quality of its materials and the number of ports it brings.

How to use a USB charger

Nowadays the presence of a USB charger is essential to charge any electronic device available at home, as well as your cell phone, whether you use it through a connection to the outlet, the car or even your computer. This product has become indispensable over time thanks to its ease of use and transport.

Well, it should be noted that you could even take it with you wherever you are, in this way, after acquiring yours it will be necessary that you use it properly to be able to enjoy a correct load, as well as a great lifespan, so consider Each of our steps to follow will not hurt.

Unpack the USB charger

After receiving your new loaded at home it will be time to unpack it and for this, you will have to take into account the model that you have acquired because it should be noted that since it is a USB braided charger in nylon the most appropriate would be to avoid the use of sharp objects to open easily the box where it is supplied.

In this way, it will only remain to make sure that the tips are in perfect condition, and in case it is a model of connection to the outlet you should make sure that the ports do not have any type of imperfection.

Proceed to use the USB charger

Now it is time to use the USB charger, and for this, you must first take into account the model you have acquired, as some are designed to provide the necessary power through its connection through an outlet, while others are suitable for charging your devices while you are on your computer or even inside the car.

In this sense, if your charger is a wall, it means that you must connect it to the nearest outlet to your location, and then you must have the appropriate cable to connect the cell phone, tablet or any device you wish to charge.

Depending on the number of ports that you have at your disposal, you can charge several devices at the same time without any inconvenience, taking into account that some ports are specialized in fast charging, while the others in providing slow loads, all depending on your needs

On the other hand, we have the USB chargers consisting of a cable that is usually braided with nylon to guarantee the safety and a considerable durability time. These are also super easy to use even to charge your devices from your computer or laptop without any inconvenience.

Finally, if the charger you chose is designed only for use in the car, the only thing you will have to do is locate the entrance of it available in the car, connect it and ready, automatically being said car on can provide you with the energy you need to Connect your cell phone and charge it properly.

Take your USB charger with you

A great advantage offered by this type of chargers is that they are completely portable, that is, that you can have access to an easy loading process wherever you go as long as you have the necessary resources; the important thing is based on the convenience of to be able to carry a said charger with you.

In this sense, you can keep it comfortably in your wallet, purse or even the backpack of the university without any inconvenience, what we do recommend is that you manage to keep it in a case where it does not make contact with the other accessories that you carry in your luggage. Only then could you avoid any damage to the cable or the different ports present in the charger.

Buying Guide – What is the best USB wall charger on the market?

A USB charger is an indispensable device for a large number of electronic devices, as it can be used with smartphones, tablets, music players, cameras, printers, and others. Also, in the market, you will find a variety of models and brands of these devices, which can complicate the selection. Thinking about this, we have developed a guide to buying the best USB wall charger, so you will have a wise choice that meets your needs.


When making a comparison of USB chargers, we can tell you that you are going to get different types. Therefore, we recommend you determine the use that you are going to give it since this will depend on the model you should buy. These electronic items are very useful and versatile.

Among the chargers, you will find the wall models, designed to be used directly in the outlet. These usually have one or more USB input ports to be used with your electronic devices. They are also varied, there are with or without a charging cable, it depends on the one you choose.

You can also find them for cars. These are highly used today, as they allow you to keep your devices charged and active while driving. They are also useful models for long trips or for those users who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

In the same way, you will find those that are a cable, capable of adapting to multiple devices such as computers or mobile devices. In addition, they are compact models that you can easily take with you wherever you want since they do not weigh or take up large space.

On the other hand, there is another type of charger cables that are more versatile, since its connector end is divided into several outputs with different types of charging ports, so you can use it with all the devices you want, from an intelligent cell phone to a camera.

Loading speed

Each charger, as well as each electronic equipment, have their specifications on the amount of energy they offer. In this case, the most basic ones range from 500 mA to 1500 mA.

This is a very important purchase parameter that you must be clear before choosing your charger, to avoid damage to your equipment and prolong the life of the battery, since if you exceed the indicated measure, you can damage your device.

It is also important that you take into account the loading speed, which will be determined by the output current. For this reason, we can notice that our equipment charges faster or slower depending on the charger we use. Consequently, the one with an output of 1500 mA will be faster than that of 500 mA.

In this regard, it is good to consider that some shippers offer to do the job in much less time than normal and this is where we should pay attention. Although it seems very practical, we may be doing irreversible damage to the battery or the entire device, therefore, it is necessary to be very sure of the compatibility of the charger with each device.


On the other hand, you will get models that include a charger operation indicator, which will notify you of the status of the load so you know if it is working properly.

The place of the indicator is varied, but they almost always place it at the top and it is usually a small light, which stays on while you use it. The color it emits will depend on the manufacturer’s brand.

This feature will only be present on some chargers. It is more common in those that have different ports and are connected to an outlet. Some have a very intense light that can be annoying inside the room at bedtime, so it is not recommended to place it near the bed.


You are probably wondering how much a USB charger costs since the price is a determining feature when purchasing the best model.

In a product as indispensable and versatile as this, we can say that you will not have problems with the cost since, with the increase in supply and competition between brands, there are economic models that can easily adapt to our pocket.

Its price is often related to the type of charger. In addition to this, it is necessary to take into account other important factors such as, for example, if it supports several devices at once or the charging speed it can offer.

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