Best Wireless Charger For Multiple Devices – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis

Mobile phones are everywhere, and to operate they need to be frequently connected to a charger to be able to recharge their battery. This is such a recurring activity that there are now plugs everywhere from where it can be recharged. But many people need a battery for longer, and that’s why the best wireless charger for multiple devices came up. Although for many people they are economically difficult to acquire, they represent a great solution.

We have developed a quick guide so you can choose wisely the product that best suits your needs. In case you do not have time, we can recommend the UGREEN 30570, that with a QC 2.0 technology, it can load up to 1.4 times faster than in a normal load and disconnects automatically when its load ends. There is also the Seneo PA046AB charger , which can fully charge a phone in about two and a half hours. In order for it to work, you must rest your phone on the charger and wait.



Comparison chart of the best wireless charger for multiple devices

UGREEN Qi Wireless Fast Wireless Charger

•If what you need is a fast charge, this is the model you have to buy, because this device has a charging speed that is up to 1.4 times faster than other wireless charging devices on the market. •The main complaint of the comparators is oriented to the lifetime of the device. The average lifespan reported by users was 4 months. •Being this one of the fastest charging devices on the market, it becomes a very useful charger for our daily lives, added to its lightweight design and easy transport.

Quick Seneo Qi Wireless Charger Tablet Stand

•It presents a convenient, intelligent charging system that allows you to charge your mobile in any position and you can continue using your phone simultaneously when it is charging. •Some users have reported that the main problem of the device is that the waiting time of the load is much longer than that of any fast or ultrafast speed charger •The confidence shown by the company in making the proposal to give both a refund in the first 45 days and a guarantee of 18 months in case of product damage, show that this device is of good quality

Universal Wireless Charger For Mobile, Pictek Qi portable charger for Samsung

•The measures of this device are of size: 100 mm x 100 mm x 7 mm, a thickness of 0.28 inches and only a weight of 60 g. This makes it the smallest charger on the market, which makes it ideal for a simple and simple transfer when it comes to going outside. •It has been reported that the charging system of this device is not as efficient. Some users say that the percentage of charge does not exceed 85% battery. •The size of the device makes it easy to carry anywhere; this added to the very good reviews that it has received from the users who have bought it, imply the quality, practicality and portability of this product.


The 5 Best Wireless Mobile Chargers – Reviews 2020

Wireless mobile chargers are extremely useful products, which allow a mobile phone to charge its battery at any time and place. But knowing which is the best wireless charger for multiple devices to buy it is not an easy task, especially if you do not have knowledge in the field.

For this reason, we bring you a list of those that, in the opinion of the users, are the best wireless mobile chargers of 2019, using different criteria such as the comfort you have using them, how cheap they are and the time it takes to charge to the mobile phone

  1. Ugreen Fast Wireless Charger 10W QI

In addition to being portable, this product also stands out for providing safe charges to the batteries of various mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

Main Advantage:

To prevent your phone from overcharging and the battery deteriorating, this charger automatically disconnects when the battery has already reached the maximum charge it needs.

Main Disadvantage:

A disadvantage of this product is that the cable that comes with it is somewhat short, therefore, you will have to leave it near an outlet to use it, but you will have to use the cable of your phone.


Main Features Explained

100% safe loads

One of the components most prone to damage is batteries. Either because you charge them longer than necessary, use them while charging your mobile or downloading applications that consume a lot of battery, they deteriorate easily and sooner or later you will have to change them.

To avoid this inconvenience, this charger has a technology that automatically disconnects the device to prevent it from charging after reaching its maximum load.

Another problem that may occur is an overvoltage due to damaged outlets or a bad contact; However, this product is manufactured with multiple protection systems, that way, you can protect yourself and the mobile phone from being damaged when these situations happen. This type of protection can preserve battery life and prevent you from changing it so often.


Versatility and fast loading

This portable charger works with almost any mobile phone if they have integrated QI or a receiver to allow wireless charging; nevertheless, there are some devices that will take advantage of the load in a better way, since the charger has been manufactured for them.

These devices are the Samsung S from 6 to 8+, the Note 8 and 5, the iPhone from 8 to X and various LG and Xiaomi models. In addition to that, this device has 2 charging functions, a fast-charging mode, and a standard charging mode.

The first mode with 10 W power charges 1.4 times faster than other portable chargers and can be used by Note 8 and 5 models and Samsung mobiles from the S6 model to the S8 +. The second mode has a standard load power of 5W, an appropriate power for all devices that have the integrated QI.

Compact design with lights

If you do not want to turn on your mobile screen every time you need to verify how much charge your battery is missing, you will not need to do so. This charger has a smart LED light that will indicate the status of the charge and when your battery is already at maximum charge.

If you are one of those who leave your phone charging at night, this light will not bother you to sleep, because it is a soft light that will not illuminate more than necessary.

This charger has dimensions of 10 x 10 x 0.1 centimeters and weighs only 249 grams, therefore, it is a light and small device that you can take anywhere and anywhere.

You will not feel that you carry it with you because you will not feel an excessive weight. Nor will you have to worry because it is easily damaged while using or carrying it, as it is made of resistant materials such as metal and plastic.

  1. Seneo Qi Wireless Charger

 Wide compatibility is one of the main features that stand out of the wireless mobile charger for iPhone 6 Seneo PA046AB, because it can charge all kinds of Samsung brand phones, in addition to Nokia, Motorola, LG, among many others.

In addition to that, comfort is another of the most important features, as this charger only starts working when the mobile phone is placed on top, being able to charge horizontally and vertically without the need to connect any cables.

Also, the mobile phone can be used without problems during charging, which facilitates its use and comfort, above other similar products. The status of the charge is indicated by an LED light, hence you can view from a distance when the phone is ready to use.

If you do not know which wireless mobile charger to buy and you prefer a vertical charging model, this model has a different and attractive design, to make the charging safe and effective.


Support: The system of loading by means of vertical support, similar to an exhibitor, reduces the risks of falling off the terminal in front of the models of the flat load. In addition, it allows you to use the phone while charging.

Fast charging: The fast-charging system with QI technology allows you to accelerate this charging process up to 2 times compared to normal.

Multi-purpose orientation: If you want to watch a movie while the phone is charging, you can do it, because the model supports loading both vertically and horizontally.


Plug: As usual, the plug is not included, so it will be necessary to use another USB plug that you have at home.

iPhone charging: Since iPhone models do not incorporate a full charge indicator, the included LED also does not notify this detail.

  1. Pictek Qi Portable Wireless Charger

 The Pictek PA013A is another of the great options in the market. This universal wireless mobile charger indicates the status of its charge through a very soft white LED indicator, which does not represent any visual impact.

Comfort has a high value in the case of this mobile charger because neither USB or other cables are required because the mobile phone starts charging only after being placed on top of it.

There is also no risk of falling because it is non-slip. It works with all mobile devices compatible with the Qi system. Its measures are 15 x 2 x 10.9 cm and its weight amounts to 118 grams, which makes users feel comfortable to use.

Since there is no agreement when deciding which is the best brand of wireless mobile chargers, it is difficult to see which one we should choose. In any case, with models like this you have interesting alternatives within the cheapest models of the moment.


Non-slip material: The non-slip material prevents the mobile from sliding off the base and, therefore, can fall during the charging process.

LED lighting: To give a different image, the product has beautiful lighting with an outer ring, giving the product a subtle touch.


Efficiency: The loading efficiency is approximately 75%, which is somewhat smaller than in other market models, delaying the charging process.

Compatibility: Some user comments that he has had problems with the compatibility of the product charging system, although only in certain isolated mobiles.


  1. Choetech Wireless Fast Wireless Charger

 If what you are looking for is the best wireless charger for multiple devices for value for money, it is quite possible that the CHOETECH T511 is one of your best alternatives. What stands out is that it is easy to use, because no cables are connected to the mobile phone and it works with all Qi devices.

The safety and the increase of the useful life are also some of the main qualities of this product because it can remain connected after the end of the load without diminishing its useful life.

At the same time, it has non-slip tires that are located in the central part of the wireless mobile charger, due to the protection of the pad responsible for carrying out the charging process.

It is much smaller than many of the competition because it measures 9.1 x 9.1 x 1 cm and weighs 77 grams, a figure that indicates its lightness to take with you wherever you want.

If you do not have much budget or do not want to spend more, surely you are interested in knowing the best wireless charger for multiple devices for 10 euros, or a little more, that you can find. Let’s see its characteristics.


The shape of the base: Unlike most chargers, this model has a square format, so you have more surface to place your mobile.

Padding: The padding of the product also maintains the adequate stability of the base, while avoiding slippage.


Fast iPhone charging: Some iPhone models may not charge at full speed, due to limitations set by the manufacturer.

Accessories: To load certain models, such as some from Samsung, you may need additional items that activate this wireless charging format.

  1. Nillkin Wireless car charger

 Finding a wireless charger for an Apple brand mobile phone is usually not the easiest thing in the world. But there are many good quality products such as the Nillkin CM-WCP II, which is a wireless mobile charger for iPhone 6.

Although it is not among the cheapest options, this charger is very versatile because it also has an option for the phone to be charged in the car.

It is also compatible with all Qi products, and for it to work it will be necessary to introduce a cable in the mobile phone and another one that can be connected in the car, representing this one of its options by which users more require.

For those who need a wireless car charger, this model has that capacity and everything you need to do without charging cables even inside your vehicle.


Magnetic clamping: The magnetic clamping system prevents the phone from falling, keeping it in addition, in a comfortable position to use it during the route.

Support: The product also serves as conventional support, so that when the mobile is charged, the charging process is cut. Something you can also do by unplugging the charging cable.


Compatibility: The product is compatible with all types of equipment, although for non-iPhone terminals it is necessary to add some elements to the mobile, which are accompanied by the product.

Mounting the bracket: The bracket must be mounted on one of the car’s ventilation grilles, so be careful when using the heating or air conditioning.

Ugreen Fast Wireless Charger 10W QI

 If you are looking for the best wireless mobile charger, the UGREEN 30570 is a great option that you should consider. Its technology is one of the most appreciated by users because it works under the QC 2.0 system, which can charge up to 1.4 times faster than other types of wireless chargers.

Although it has this fast option, it also offers its users a moderate load, which is five watts. It is protected from overload, so it can remain connected after the load ends without causing considerable damage.

Its measures are 10 x 10 x 0.1 cm and its weight is 272 grams, so both its transfer and its handling, in general, are quite comfortable. The design is circular and black in color, so it has an ideal neutral appearance for this type of device.

For those who want to know the best wireless charger for multiple devices on the market, this product is a good candidate. Something that you can surely assess better knowing more about its characteristics.


Fast charging system: The fast-charging system improves speed improvement and reduces waiting time, with a load up to 1.4 times faster than usual.

Contact surface: The circular design of the base, 10 centimeters in diameter, makes it easy to place the mobile on it while allowing it to be carried with simplicity wherever you want.

Insurance: The charger has safety measures such as protection against excess voltage or overload, thus preventing damage to both the mobile phone and the charger itself.

LED indicator: The smart LED indicator indicates the state of charge of the product, having a subtle design that does not bother the eye.


Plug: To find a but, the product does not include the power plug, so it is necessary to have the own power plug of our charger.


How to use a wireless mobile charger

The practicality offered by wireless connections has invited companies to develop solutions of this type for different needs and now charging your mobile phone without the need for a plug as we knew it is a reality. Here we offer more information about how to use these practical devices.

Identify a power outlet for the charger

Whether you are going to connect the charger in the car or in your home, you will need a plug to transmit energy to the charging base and that the electromagnetic field responsible for transmitting the energy to your mobile is generated. Verify that this outlet is working and simply connect the plug cable to the base of the wireless charger.

Make sure the charging base is free of insulating films

It is common for the manufacturer to cover some surfaces of the charging base with a generally plastic protective film. Remove these protections so that they do not interfere with the magnetic field and the load can be transmitted properly.

Place the mobile in the base

If your mobile is compatible with Qi technology, then it will only be necessary to place the smartphone on the charging base taking care to make good contact. Then verify that the load is actually being carried out.

There are no restrictions regarding the use of the mobile while the battery is being reset so that answering a call or viewing your messages, among other actions, are allowed.

Use of covers

It is likely that you use a protective case for your mobile, this is not usually an impediment to the charging bases unless in its composition they have elements that interfere with the magnetic fields, however, you have to take into account that the more separated you are The base mobile phone, the charge may be affected making the transfer slower.

Therefore, if your case is very thick, the difference could be remarkable. However, it is your decision to remove or not remove this protection while loading.

Set the load quickly

If your charging base provides you with the function of charging your mobile quickly, you need to verify some data, so that you can effectively enjoy this function.

On the one hand, you must go to the smartphone configuration section to confirm that this type of charge has been selected. In addition, you will also need to make sure you use a power adapter that gives you fast charging; If one of the two parts is missing, you will not notice any difference between a normal and a fast charge.

Disconnect the charging base

When you are not using the charging base it is recommended that you disconnect it from the mains, this will not only avoid unnecessary energy consumption, but it can extend the life of your wireless charger and can protect it against voltage changes that could introduce oneself.

The most popular brands

Wireless mobile chargers offer you proper operation to recharge your cell phone battery as many times as necessary without any inconvenience. In this way, you could not miss any of these among your belongings. That is why at the time of purchase you could take into account some brands such as UGREEN, PICTEK, and CHOETECH so you can have at your disposal a wide range of options to carry out your purchase easily, quickly and safely.

Ugreen is a brand specialized in the production of articles intended to provide professional audio and video connectivity solutions, as well as multimedia converters. It has been founded in 2009 and since then has been responsible for meeting the needs of each.

In the beginning, this brand offered OEM / ODM services specially designed for international brands. They also offered online channels such as Jingdong Mall and Tmall.

Thus, in 2012, taking into account all the needs of each client, they decided to integrate into the development and design of all those products that maintained the most demand in the market.

All this with the help of their faithful engineers always focused on the mission of developing improvements that will contribute to the production of a suitable and quality product that, of course, would offer an excellent auditory and visual experience.

Due to the constant innovation that the company maintains, in terms of creating its best products, it should be noted that it has been recognized in the market as an integral brand.

Among so many brands available in the market, PICTEK is characterized by offering the excellence and quality you need for each choice you decide to make.

In this sense, it is responsible for the manufacture, distribution, and sale of products for the whole family such as keyboards, wireless charging items, exclusive lines such as White noise, even different types of mice so you can use the computer properly.

It should be noted that thanks to the reliability offered by this company, there are more than 5 million users who visit their physical stores and more than one million who make purchases via the internet through the different online sales pages such as eBay and Amazon

The best of all is about the types of services offered by the brand to please each client, as well as innovative help to considerably facilitate the life of each of these by shipping their products with their Fast Delivery service if you want or Fast Track in the store.

CHOETECH has been offering its services to the general public for about 6 years, however, it has maintained an excellent position thanks to the quality it offers to each product that thinks, designs, manufactures and sells.

Thus, its foundation has been in 2013 and since then it has offered high-tech products such as USB cables, chargers, digital AV devices, USB 3.0 connectivity devices. It also has headphones for sale, as well as other mobile accessories.

In this sense, its specialization has to do with 3C products, that is, with those articles of a computer, communication, and consumer electronics nature. It should be noted that said trademark is duly registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, therefore, its products are reliable and appropriate to meet your needs.

For its part, to consent to each of its most demanding clients, as well as other brands, it also has certifications or authorizations that make each of its articles the most recommended to carry out extensive, comfortable and safe use without any inconvenience.

Buying Guide – What is the best wireless charger for multiple devices in the market?

Nowadays, most people have a cell phone in their pocket that constantly needs their battery to charge and people don’t always have access to a plug. Currently, due to its use, the battery life of the phones is quite short, which causes the inconvenience of many customers.

That is why wireless mobile chargers were created, which are a great help for those who need to have a longer battery. Here is a guide to buying the best wireless mobile charger, with several very important criteria.

Through the comparison of wireless mobile chargers, we have been able to develop a guide, identifying the aspects that the users most request, among which is the charging time and how much it costs.

Loading time

One of the first things that users see in wireless mobile chargers, in addition to being economical, is how fast you can charge your mobile phone. When a phone can be charged in just a couple of hours, customers are very attracted.

There are many different chargers. The fastest ones can charge the entire battery in just over an hour, but there are others that may take a little longer. There are even chargers whose charging time depends on the mobile phone with which it is being used, because not all batteries have the same size, they cannot be charged at the same time.

Before buying, it is advisable to see what the capacity of the charger is to complete the battery of the specific mobile phone in which it will be used. Generally, manufacturers indicate the charging time corresponding to each compatible mobile phone.


It is essential that before buying a wireless mobile charger, you know if it will be compatible with the mobile with which the charger will be used. Frequently, many of these chargers can be used by a vast number of mobile phones, which usually correspond to larger brands.

Also, you have to see specifically if it will work for the mobile phone model because brands have different creations that may have different designs in regards to batteries. The best-rated chargers by customers usually have the ability to operate with a large number of mobile phones, so this should not be a major problem at the time of purchase; It just requires a little more attention.


Generally, when the equipment is charging, they can be used comfortably, only having the additional presence of a cable. In the case of wireless mobile chargers, convenience is one of the most important features, because the idea of using these chargers is to be able to use the phone while charging. For a charger of this type to be comfortable, it must have a suitable weight and size, in addition to a pleasant shape.

The exterior design of the chargers must correspond in a certain way with the mobile phone so that while it is taken by hand, it is not unpleasant or annoying. In addition, if the charger is extremely heavy, it can make its use very annoying, which has been a factor for many users to reject several models. Therefore, it is important to know the weight and size of the loaders before buying any model.

Possibility of overload

One of the factors that most hurt wireless mobile chargers is when it has just been charged and continues to operate. When this happens, many chargers end up deteriorating and decreasing their useful life. When these chargers are used, users should be aware of disconnecting it after the total battery charge has ended, which means spending more time.

For this reason, most users today prefer wireless mobile chargers that do not decrease their useful life after overload. That is, there are many chargers in the market that can remain in operation after the end of the load without representing any problem for the development of a useful life.

That allows people to detach themselves in the use of the equipment and should not be monitored when they have just charged to the mobile phone, which provides more comfort in time and comfort.

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