This Is How Headphones Are Worth 6,500 Dollars


In every consumer product there is always a model that stands out above all for its price. Products that, in many cases, have luxurious designs and loaded with diamonds, pearls and other elements of jewelry and that, beyond giving them glamor, even end up bordering on the land of the tacky. However, when it comes to looking for the best and most expensive headphones in the world, the truth is that this is not the case, since its design is quite conventional, as far as its appearance is concerned. So what justifies its price? Well, this is what we are going to talk about.


HiFiManSusvara, what are we talking about

The HiFiManSusvara are the idea of an audiophile of Asian origin and have been manufactured by a company based in New York trying to pursue the highest quality sound standards. As much as to reach the high fidelity level that this product promises. Although the truth is that the range of this manufacturer is not entirely focused on luxury, since this manufacturer has more accessible proposals that start at prices from approximately 50 euros, with considerable quality. So it would be time to analyze this product and know what we are talking about.

The first look at the product helps us to verify that we are talking about headband headphones and circumaural design, this being the most common format when it comes to products that aim to generate sound in high fidelity. This format translates into a high insulation capacity, which is capable of preventing external noise from penetrating inside the headphones and causing problems when enjoying this quality sound. A closure that is also very comfortable, thanks to the quality of the materials with which the product is manufactured.




Sound quality

But perhaps what we want to know is if the sound quality of this product justifies its high price. So let’s see what’s inside these headphones. Specifically, each headset has a planar magneto transducer. A piece constructed in two separate elements such as the diaphragm, which moves the piece as the sound is reproduced, accompanied by a magnetic motor that translates the signal and, therefore, reproduces the sound.

Since we are talking about a high fidelity product, it is reasonable to think that this ability to transmit sound must be more than high. And the truth is that in this section the product complies. And it is that the ability of the magnet to interpret any variation in the electrical signal that is produced, however small, translates into a high quality sound and in which it is possible to perceive almost any change, however small. But since detection is not everything, the diaphragm is also up to par, with the ability to move optimally and, therefore, be level.

A movement that, in addition to being precise, is also symmetrical, so that each small variation moves accordingly, thus improving the sensations generated by the product. Precisely now we can understand the importance of exterior design and the high insulation offered by the device. Because a high quality sound is useless if it escapes due to poor insulation.


Technical data

Once we have analyzed both the interior and exterior of this product, it is time to take a look at the technical parameters of the product, which justify the high cost of these high-end headphones.

One of the details that most attracts attention is the frequency response or, in other words, the range in which these headphones can work. And is that the range of these headphones ranges from 6 to 75,000 hertz. As a reference, the highest-ranking models within the conventional segment usually range from approximately 10 to 25,000 hertz, so the difference is more than considerable. And although some experts claim that the product covers frequencies that the human ear cannot manage, the truth is that the range of work is above what any other model can offer.




But, as if that were not enough, the product also includes an impedance of 60 ohms, so the level of listening of the audio continues to emerge compared to conventional models. Not so much for power, but for its ability to reproduce sounds, although for this it is necessary to have an amplifier that is level. Something that is also perceived in a sensitivity of 83 decibels, which is also not particularly high. However, it is enough to enjoy pleasant sensations, especially because of the level of response that we have commented previously.


Is it worth the price?

At this point we can ask ourselves if the price of this product is justified in relation to what it offers us. And as always happens, the answer is relative. And it is true that the product offers us an audio quality that is above almost all the products we can find, but the truth is that the price is also much higher than other products of top-level manufacturers such as Auna.

Additionally, it is key to keep in mind that this product requires a stereo that is up to par, with the appropriate amplification capacity to cover what the equipment demands.

So, unless you have the finest ear in the world, a top-notch music system and a checking account with many zeros, you are probably interested in using other models. Anyway, the truth is that these products are releases that are more designed to create brand image and facilitate the sale of the most conventional manufacturer products. Such as the RE300, manufactured by the brand and whose price is about 50 euros.




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