The Electronic Cigarette Is Less Harmless Than It Seems

When the electronic cigarette was launched, and even today, one of the main selling points used by the brands was the innocuous nature of this product. According to this theory, the use of this type of cigarettes eliminates all the problems of conventional tobacco, such as a good part of the harmful substances that conventional cigarettes contain, the risk of cancer and almost all the other problems that tobacco always has.

And although it is true that these products have certain advantages over the cigarette of a lifetime, the passage of time and different epidemiological studies have come to demonstrate how these vapers, electronic cigarettes and other similar products are not as harmless as they seem.


Lung inflammation

One of the aspects in which the smoke of this type of cigarettes most influences is in pulmonary inflammation, which conventional cigarettes also generate. Specifically, the use of these types of devices affects the activity of the alveolar macrophages, responsible for removing all types of harmful elements from the air we breathe, such as dust, bacteria or allergens. In addition, we are talking about one of the last lines of defense of the organism before all these contaminants pass into the lungs, so that if the alveoli do not work properly, there are many options for these harmful elements to pass to the organism.

As if that were not enough, the condensates generated by electronic cigarettes significantly increase cell death in this area of the lungs, which can have serious effects in keeping the smoker’s immune system healthy. An aspect that intensifies in those products that contain nicotine, although the effect on conventional liquids or condensates is also considerable.




The ingredients under suspicion

Another controversy that has surrounded this type of devices has to do with the different ingredients used in its preparation. We no longer speak only of nicotine, but also of glycerin, propylene glycol and other additives that are common in these types of compounds. Ingredients that some agencies identify with problems such as throat and respiratory irritation and even redness of the eyes.

However, the biggest problem has to do with the presence of nitrosamines and other heavy metals in some nicotine cartridges sold by certain manufacturers. These elements not only have harmful effects on health, but can even have carcinogenic effects, such as with compounds such as formaldehyde or acrolein, which has been found in some of these cigarettes.


Heart Risks

In addition to the risks that we have already commented, focused mainly on the respiratory system, nicotine and the process of heating it at the time of smoking can also cause cardiovascular problems. A study carried out by the University of New York could prove how exposure to an amount of this smoke equivalent to that a person who smoked for 10 years had serious effects on the heart.

Specifically, these effects not only affect as conventional nicotine, but also involve a modification of the cellular DNA present in this area of the body, which translates into a destruction of repair proteins, necessary to maintain good health. from the heart. This process is related to the so-called nitrosation, which occurs when the body assimilates inflamed or vaped nicotine from this type of electronic cigarette.


DNA risks

In line with the above, this same study also detected similar problems at the lung and bladder level of mice treated with this procedure. The explanation is simple. At the pulmonary level, we have already seen how the smoke of these types of vapers has harmful effects on health. As for the bladder, we must remember that it is one of the organs of the body that are used to discard what the body does not need. Therefore, it also makes sense that the most harmful components of these electronic cigarettes are concentrated here.

This concentration causes effects similar to those we have mentioned for the rest of the organs, so that alterations in the DNA and the reduction in the body’s ability to regenerate properly are also produced. Effects that, in the long term, can end up leading to different types of cancer, in an approach that seems to be quite similar to the effects of conventional cigarettes.




How to avoid these effects

At this point, you may already have some qualification about how these liquids and cartridges for electronic cigarettes influence your health. In parallel, you probably wonder how to avoid the pernicious effects of the different elements that we have been commenting on in this article.

Well, we have bad news for you. The only way to completely avoid the risks that this type of products generate in your body is to completely eliminate the electronic cigarette and its liquids or cartridges from your daily routine. It is the only way we can completely avoid these effects and the rest of the risks that we have been commenting on.

However, if you do not see yourself capable or are not in favor of such a radical solution, there are always alternatives. One of them happens to eliminate, at least, the nicotine of your electronic cigarette. This does reduce a good part of the risks of the smoking process, given that the components we have been talking about are one of the most harmful. In addition, if you take the precaution of also avoiding the ready-made cartridges that many tobacco companies sell, the better. Among other things because these cartridges also contain a lot of additives and other elements that are not always healthy or healthy. In this regard, liquids will always be better than ready-made cartridges.

As a last tip, we have to talk about moderation. If we are not able to quit completely, moderation in use is the last key with which to fight the effects of this type of cigarette on our body. If we are able to minimize consumption, we will do our body a good favor.



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