They Used Lasers To Prevent Images Of The Rescue Of Julenroselló’s Body From Being Captured



JulenRoselló was a child who fell into a well in January and, despite the rescue efforts , did not survive. However, the persecution of the media impacted the public, who saw how it was about obtaining the scoop by capturing the moment when the body was removed from the well. However, they were frustrated by the Civil Guard.


The accident of JulenRoselló

On January 13, 2019, the Roselló family was sharing when, in an oversight, the child under 2 years fell through a prospecting well. This one had a depth of approximately 71 meters and the diameter of its entrance was just 25 centimeters. It had been excavated in December 2018 by order of the owner of an estate adjacent to the family’s property. Unfortunately, due to the event, the boy lost his life and his body was removed from the well on January 26 after an arduous and complex task involving miners, geologists, engineers, doctors, guards, among many others.

According to the statements of Antonio Sánchez, the author of the well, he had left the well with the lid in place, as appropriate, which is why a thorough judicial investigation was conducted that reconstructed the facts with the parents of the child , as well as with the owner of the farm to determine how the event occurred.




The rescue and its complications

One of the complexities of the case occurred when on January 14, a camera was lowered to the end of the well and the rescue team found an earth plug that precludes a vertical rescue, given that the child is supposed to I found below.

This forced the team to design a plan to access the chamber where Julen was, so it was decided to dig a parallel well 80 meters deep and 50 meters long, in order to maintain the stability of the first by the child safety

However, it was not all good news, since, when digging, the rescue team encountered several inconveniences and could not advance at the necessary speed. In addition to this, they also had to work carefully due to the type of rock they encountered.

It is necessary to mention that several decisions were made regarding how it would proceed due to the aforementioned problems, for example, on January 18, the miners encountered a rocky slate massif 18 meters deep, so they would have to use heavier machinery to continue drilling the lateral well.

Then, upon reaching the agreed depth, the vertical tunnel that would bring rescuers to the chamber was constructed, but a calculation error regarding the diameter of the tunnel forced the miners to reduce the diameter, thus adding more work time , in addition to having to jack and reinforce the sides, to avoid possible landslides during rescue efforts.

When they were already a few meters from the chamber where the child was supposed to be, the miners found themselves again with another difficulty: a quartzite wall. This type of rock is quite hard, so four microvoladuras had to be used to extract it, which took several hours of extra work.

All the complications added delayed the rescue work until January 26, 13 days after the accident. It was finally until 1:25 AM that after much effort it was possible to find JulenRosello’s lifeless body between two layers of compacted earth.

Details have not yet been given about whether the child died due to the fall or subsequent to it inside the well, what could be noticed was the pain and impact shown by his relatives who, until the last moment, maintained the hope of to be able to recover Julen alive.


Media treatment and the response of the Spanish Civil Guard

One of the most criticized aspects regarding the case of JulenRoselló was the little delicacy with which the media handled the information obtained, since many consider that some details are unnecessary, such as trying to obtain the moment in video at which time The child’s body is removed from the well.

To avoid that the media could achieve their goal, the Civil Guard itself, making use of what could be the best laser pointers of 2019  were in charge of frustrating their task.




Basically, during the time the operation was carried out, there were officers designated to place the journalists near the scene and direct the laser pointer towards the objective of the cameras, so that they could not record anything.

This has been applauded by the majority of the spectators, who consider that to reproduce in a newscast, for example, that particular moment would be a complete disrespect for the relatives of the child. Others have also raised their voice and comment that even the presence of the reporter in the place is disrespectful, already knowing that the child was lifeless.


Case Controversies

One of the complications that occurred during the study of JulenRoselló’s case is that, according to the specialists’ statements, the earth cover that covered the chamber where the body was located was too compacted to have fallen at the time of the accident.

On the other hand, the distance from the compacted lid to the bottom of the well was 39 meters, which is why some users think that, probably, the lid has been poorly balanced and the little one walked on it, so perhaps it gave way and fell along with him. However, there are no official reports in this regard.



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